Say goodbye to the 'wrap and pray' method of carrying glass home.
Say goodbye to the 'wrap and pray' method of carrying glass home. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Worry-Free Way to Fly with Beer

With the JetBag, flying with glass bottles no longer means risking the destruction of your luggage

Say goodbye to the 'wrap and pray' method of carrying glass home.
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Alex Aciman

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Arriving at the trailhead, somewhere in upstate New York, I might start thinking of the Wicked Weed double IPA sitting in the bottom of my bag. One thing not on my mind, however, is breakage, thanks to something called the JetBag.

The JetBag ($20) is an invention that seems so simple, so intuitive as to almost be a gag gift. It’s a tall, narrow, padded sleeve intended for holding glass bottles and keeping them intact in your bag. Whatever one may say about its loads of thick padding, I can assure you it’s certainly more effective than wrapping your bottle in a Hanes undershirt. Designed for protecting glass bottles—full of beer or wine or what have you—in checked luggage, the JetBag has a whole list of other applications, like carrying liquid toiletries or providing a little extra shelter for fragile souvenirs.

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The JetBag is also particularly helpful for those who, like me, have foolishly poured beer into a Hydro Flask before shaking it around at the bottom of a bag for several hours, only to have the cap fly off and hit you in the face later on. The JetBag also has the benefit of being sealable and highly absorbent—if the worst should happen and your bottle breaks, the bag will both contain the mess and absorb the liquid, ensuring that it doesn’t spill out and gum up your gear and ruin your clothing.

And because it’s illegal to carry open alcohol anywhere but the trunk of a car, the JetBag is also an excellent tool for those who prefer to do their drinking back at the campsite instead of at the summit.

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