We may have botched the relationship reveal, but I care deeply about my friend and don’t want to lose him

We first connected over a love of riding bikes—is it possible for us to find a compromise here?

I’m an experienced solo backpacker, but she’s a marathoner and a natural athlete

She’s always asking me to volunteer in our community. I wish I could help, but I have a busy job and two young kids. 

Am I being overprotective, or dismissive of something my wife finds meaningful?

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5 tips to help you feel less critical and embrace your body

He’s a big fan of survival shows, and I have a hunch he’s trying to recreate one on our trips

I used to be the life of the party, but now I’m having trouble meeting people

Our difference in perspective is causing tension as we plan the next big adventure

What do you do when the mind wants to heal but the body has other ideas?

I want to add a storage unit, but he says it will sully the view

I know he means well, but I hate to see him waste money on something I'm not that into

My friend is building a yurt and asked me to live with him, but I’ve always thought there might be something more between us

Traveling with a mix of people can lead to tension. Here’s how to defuse a tough situation.

In an excerpt from ‘Small Game,‘ her first novel, Outside contributing editor Blair Braverman introduces a cast of characters who will be dropped in a remote landscape for a survival competition. An ominous future awaits them.

He likes to cozy up to animals and take their pictures. I prefer to keep my distance.

From herding to hammering, this rough and tumble gear is just as capable as you

I think she may be in it for appearances. Plus, I really miss paper towels.

When it feels like each choice leads you down a different path, it can be challenging to choose one at all

We worked seasonal jobs to make enough money to spend the rest of our time traveling and feared a white-picket-fence life. But now they've all put down roots, and I still have the same lifestyle.

She wants to show me the ropes. I want to cheer her on from the sidelines. What should I do?

Is one person’s way of having fun inherently better?

And what to do when your girlfriend won't hike with you but plans to hit the trails with her friend

You've spent ages preparing for a trip, but now it's right around the corner and you're having second thoughts

Weight-loss discussion in outdoor forums can inadvertently reinforce the idea that there's a "correct" kind of outdoors body. What should you post about where?

“I went into this relationship happy to share my experience with someone new to the sport, but lately I just feel like an unpaid guide when what I want is a partner”

It doesn't matter why he's not showing up. It just matters that he's not there.

My buddy switched the price tags on a tent to pay a lower amount on a more expensive setup. I was unaware, and now I feel terrible.

If chronic overthinking is getting in the way of your next adventure, ask yourself these two questions

I took my dream job in a foreign place. I'm worried about leaving my local woods behind and connecting with a new landscape overseas. Help?

I’ve lived in a van for a year. It sucks, and now I’m ready to change things up.

On February 3rd, a moose charged and trampled Bridgett Watkins' dog team near Fairbanks, Alaska when they were on a training run to prepare for the Iditarod. Here's what happened in her words, as told to Blair Braverman.

I’m on a quest to learn to love the body I’m in but afraid to push my limits outside

I want to thru-hike part of the AT or PCT, but I’m the main caregiver in my household

I’m not convinced I can be with someone who isn’t into the same kind of adventures as me

Watching your dog age is one of the hardest parts of having a pet. Make their life comfortable and full of joy, and they’ll know how much you love them until the very end.

Go sledding, slow cook a hearty stew, sip on a rich cup of hot cocoa. Just because the days are shorter and colder doesn’t have to mean they’re any less fun.

People are disabled in countless different ways, so there are few practical tips that will apply to everyone. Yet a few key things can improve your experience.

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What to do if you followed your dream, only to realize it wasn’t what you wanted after all

How to balance freedom and adventure with safety and security

If you sent me this question before the pandemic, I probably would have a very different answer. But we’re all in a different time now.

Please give me some kind of hope that I’m not raising a kid who always will prefer computers to canoes

The outdoors are all around you, no matter where you live

Your style, no matter the reason, is your choice. Period.

Breathable, stink-free, and softer with wear. What's not to love?

Smart tips to make sure your new adventure partner has a blast and feels welcome outside

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What to do when a significant other, or a friend, doesn't respect your decisions

What to do when you can’t be active in the same way

It might seem embarrassing at first, but putting a costume on your dog will likely result in more pets for him and more laughs for you

You’re actively running and cycling, but your partner’s on the sidelines. Here are tips on coping with this challenging dynamic.

It's not just about saying you're sorry. You should also explain how you'll do better next time.