It feels like you're wearing a pile of sleeping puppies, and the puppies are all dreaming about lambs

The key to an adventure that's fun for everyone: lower your expectations, squash insecurities, and bring along plenty of creature comforts

Expanding your community is always tough. Throw in a pandemic and a move to a rural area, and it could feel impossible. But a shift in perspective might be all you need to (safely) fill that social void.

Getting outdoors in the winter doesn't have to be miserable. Here, musher Blair Braverman shares her top ten tips for keeping cozy in frigid temperatures.

Feel safe and embrace your time outdoors alone

The key is to go all out on the things you feel comfortable doing

By setting boundaries around what you post, when you're online, and who you surround yourself with in real life, you can strike a better balance between Instagram and reality

What happens when your ski and river guiding partner isn't able to work during the pandemic?

These items will keep you comfortable and protected while you tend to your flowers and veggies

They're a connection to our wildest selves

A lot of people get recognition because they do groundbreaking, brilliant, and deserving work, work that rises to the top through merit alone. But there are other groundbreaking, brilliant people who don’t always get recognition.

Sometimes the best thing for a relationship is to let it go

Staying home as much as possible is the most useful thing we can do

You're taking the virus seriously, but someone in your household is still grabbing beers with buddies. Here's how to handle it.

When the Discovery Channel invited me to audition for its popular survival-challenge reality show, I knew it was going to be rough. What followed was one of the most intense experiences of my life.

Musher Blair Braverman tested 20 gloves and mittens head to head to find the warmest handwear that fits in your pocket

Don't let your insecurities stand in the way of what you want to do

Stop trying to trick us, gear companies. We know a parka when we see one.

Adventures take a lot of planning. But what if all that stress means you don't go at all?

Disney Plus's 'Togo' and 20th Century Fox's 'The Call of the Wild' deliver as feel-good dog stories, but their portrayal of the human history of mushing is flawed

The queen of wool on what she'd wear if she were forced to never wear wool again

What do you do when your parents' political views directly impact your life?

And what to do when it's time to break up with your climbing partner

There's no right way to grieve the death of a beloved pet

Getting hurt outdoors means you're exploring your limits

You can’t spend every day chasing powder stashes

Better to drift apart with love than to strangle a friendship by trying to make it work when it doesn’t

How to handle the ups and downs of nomadic life

How to handle ego in its many (sometimes potentially deadly) forms

What do you do after getting turned down by a dream job? Keep getting turned down.

It's not easy, but you don't have neglect your love of being outside to have a fulfilling career (and not go broke)

Sweat, lounge, and live in these comfy frocks

What to do about a friend who's uptight about splitting expenses and a date who's uptight about bodily functions

You can teach confidence and a love of physical activity—but it starts with keeping weight out of the conversation

Blair hates to be cold. She also hates to be hot. But our grouchiest gear reviewer doesn't hate these clothes.

How to share your passion for solo adventure without feeling judged or defensive

For Blair Braverman, physical activity was a given. Until it wasn't.

Sometimes, able-bodied partners need to be sat down

An environmentalist grapples with a common question in an uncommon time

Nothing completely prepares a rookie for mushing a thousand miles across Alaska in the dead of winter. But when it comes together—thanks to your dogs, your friends, and your own hard work—it's magic.

Plus, should you take someone else's spot in a race if you know you won't finish?

You feel like you've got it together. So why haven't you found the person for you yet?

Blair Braverman answers your countless questions (How did she choose her parka? What are her favorite insulating materials? How does she pee?) about her Iditarod wardrobe, which is both lifesaving and affordable.

Among other things, my 14 sled dogs will need 12,000 calories a day—bagged and cached along the race’s entire route—and 1,000 very adorable paw booties. This team is ready to roll.

Featuring that time when our Tough Love columnist got dumped because of a dream about cinnamon rolls

We all know what the dogs do—they run—but the person driving the sled has to get ready for a brutal challenge, too. The labor required to manage and train a team is like CrossFit on ice.

Weather-ready footwear with street-worthy good looks

When your backcountry partner was your romantic one, a breakup can totally alter your relationship to the outdoors—but don't let it

Avoiding the awkwardness of the poop zone and other early-relationship concerns

Close friendships can and should develop in intense situations—but you don’t need to stick around if they get toxic

Our favorite musher will be at the start line when the Last Great Race kicks off in Anchorage on March 2, 2019. In the first of a pre-race series of dispatches, she talks about the remote Alaskan lodge where she's training for the big event.

The social dynamics of swiping, ex-forgetting, and crush-Instagramming are harder to navigate than the backcountry

Here's how to gently tell your friends that you're good with ramen all week, thanks

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Our most skeptical tester on the products that changed her mind

Burly clothes can still be comfy

How to break it to your risk-averse family that you're trying the whole "quit your job and travel the world" thing

In a world of sexist social norms, how to be respectful of what you're into while being respectful of other people's choices

New versatile pieces for summer, fall, and winter

How to support a loved one who has witnessed something awful that changed their relationship to the outdoors

When it comes to picking the ideal outdoor buddies, it doesn't matter at all

Now is not the time to mourn the end of all-day playtime, especially if you're not the one giving birth

Clothes and tools for toiling at the ranch, on the trail, or in your backyard

Especially if you don't share the same interest and it involves lots of time, money, and travel

What to do when you start dating someone who isn't ready to join you on dawn patrol?

We answer your cohabitation and codependency questions this week

Trying to figure out how to show both of your dogs—with different energy levels—exactly how much you love them? We have answers to this dilemma and more in this week's lightning round.

And also, when to stop being a baby and learn to enjoy yourself

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