In 1966, a group of gravediggers in West Virginia reported seeing a flying humanoid figure with glowing red eyes. A year later, a nearby bridge collapsed, killing 46 people. Coincidence? Probably, but who knows.

Katie Heaney fell off a horse. Years later, she got back on. You can decide whether or not this works as a metaphor for something else.

Katie Heaney tries to figure out the difference between "shriveled dead thing" and chupacabra

Did Katie Heaney actually go dogsledding? It seems like it—or this whole thing is just an extremely detailed fever dream.

Katie Heaney went snowkiting. She didn't fly.

Katie Heaney goes looking for the dead in Minnesota's (possibly haunted) St. James Hotel

In which Katie Heaney discovers the Fountain of Youth, sort of

Katie Heaney recounts the history of the most famous Midwestern Yeti

A graceful ponytail helps ease the pains of a childhood long gone

It snowed in the Twin Cities on Thanksgiving, and Katie Heaney went to a dog park

Katie Heaney confronts her two greatest fears: going up and going down

After a few switchbacks, Katie Heaney was pretty sure she was about to die

Katie Heaney learns that rivers really don't care how many times you've kayaked on a lake

Katie Heaney walks into the longest cave in Wisconsin and, despite the bats, the darkness, and the bats, makes it out alive

Sometimes winning just means not losing any blood

It's a lot easier to imagine you're a colonial settler when you're not 25, Katie Heaney learns

What made Katie Heaney feel like a combination of Pocahontas and Jesus Christ? Standing on a board and holding a paddle.

Katie Heaney won't ever climb Mount Everest, but she's ready to step outside and try some things—like looking for a moose