When it comes to fitness, take the home-field advantage

To simulate the unpredictability of your sport, add elements of randomness—and downright chaos—to your exercise regimen

Sure, you could swim laps. But you can also enhance your performance with this in-the-water workout that will burn calories—and rejuvenate your body.

It just takes a little creativity to challenge your muscles—and mind—in new ways. Allow us to enlighten you.

Simulating combat will whip your own butt into shape, while helping you build power and endurance

The resistance—and softness—of the sand and water will make you more versatile

The best tool for building strength is the sandbag—so long as you're prepared to suffer.

Challenge your friends to a grueling drill-based challenge, then whoop their butts.

Your legs are your foundation. With this quick-paced routine, you'll build the explosiveness and durability to conquer any mountain.

Featuring two of the most effective but underrated fitness tools: a medicine ball and gravity.

You don't need the gym. In less than an hour and with minimal equipment, you can have an intense workout that delivers full-body fitness, without the monthly dues.

You need nothing but a cooling pool for a core-burning, heart-rate-raising fitness session.

Fit should be synonymous with fun. So stop working out and start acting like a kid again. With help from fitness experts, pro athletes, and groundbreaking coaches, we'll show you how playing your favorite games leads to a lifetime of high-energy health.

As if all the hype about “natural male enhancement” weren’t enough of a challenge to men’s self-confidence, a recent study at the University of Central Florida found that ads featuring muscle-bound male models can distort men’s body images the same way rail-thin swimsuit models do women’s. Look, guys: “Fit” doesn’t…

Ramp up for winter thrills with counterintuitive cross-training

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Meet your secret muscles—and find out how these hidden assets can leverage your leap to peak performance

Let one of America’s best sport camps propel you toward a bigger, richer life. Because nothing beats the buzz of learning something new.