Use the best open space NYC has to offer—the water.

The Outside Guide to Urban Adventure

Think you need to live in remote towns to get after it? Think again. From city-by-city guides on where to play in concrete jungles to expert tips on squeezing adventure into every day, consider this proof that you don't have to live in the mountains to embrace the outdoor lifestyle.

City Guides


Four urban centers that have all the makings of an epic adventure town—without the hype


The Emerald City is surrounded by mountains and has access to the ocean, but some of its biggest outdoor draws can be reached by public transportation

The best runs, rides, climbs, and places to refuel in the city that never sleeps

With most of the area’s adventure offerings within an hour’s drive from the city, it's easy to fit in some outdoor fun in between your requisite eating and drinking


Most of us would groan at the thought of a two-hour one-way commute. Not Chris Schierholtz. Every day he rides 35 miles to and from his office at Mission Workshop, in the heart of San Francisco.

The best runs, rides, climbs, and places to refuel in the Windy City

With thousands of acres of parkland, 13 lakes, and hundreds of miles of biking and hiking trails that can be found all across town, it's no wonder the Twin Cities is active year-round.

The best runs, rides, climbs, and places to refuel in the city of eternal summer

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From route planning to stargazing, here’s how to transform your phone into a more functional piece of gear

Easy Escapes


Beat the crowds and head for fresh climbing, mountain-biking, and chill-out spots within easy driving distance of eight burgs

Kaelyn Lynch

The famed free soloist gave us the beta on the country’s best rock-climbing mecca


Use the best open space NYC has to offer: the water

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It may sound counterintuitive, but social media might just be the key to more time spent outside with friends

Metro Living Hacks


The best, most creative, time-saving ways to fit (and organize) all your gear into a tiny apartment

Michael Beck

These eight items don't take up much space. Buy them all and you'll be better outfitted than any pricey gym.


Health and fitness columnist Brad Stulberg shares his tips on how to ensure that an active life and city life are not mutually exclusive

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Work a nine-to-five? Try these quick-fix adventures to spice up your workdays and spend more time outside.