Desert Storm

The Outside Guide to Weather

When it comes to enjoying the sports we love, weather is king. Here's some of our favorite advice and inspiration for enjoying the outdoors—rain or shine.

Storm Chasers


Josh Morgerman is an obsessive stormchaser. As hurricanes grow fiercer and more destructive, what does it mean to be someone who loves them?


With stormchasing tours more popular than ever, our writer set out to discover why this risky pastime is once again taking off

Mike Olbinski

Mike Olbinski is a photographer with an obsession—chasing storms throughout the southwest. It sounds crazy, but when you see his photos you'll understand.

Ryan Knapp

Ryan Knapp is a weather observer and meteorologist at the Mount Washington Weather Station in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Winters are windy, icy, and frigid. Summers aren't much better. We called him up to ask what it's like to be knocked down by wind and how he endures working in some of the world's worst weather.

Don MacGorman

For almost 40 years, Don MacGorman has launched truck-sized data balloons into storms while enduring drenching rain and potentially lethal hail. For the National Severe Storms Laboratory physicist who literally wrote the book on lightning, it's all just another day's work.


When Hurricane Sandy closed in on New York City, the Weather Channel dispatched (who else?) Jim Cantore. Nick Heil tagged along for a wet, wild adventure that quickly became something else—a survival challenge in the darkest hours of a killer storm.

Michael Behar

The Colorado skier puts out winter storm alerts that track the essentials: Where exactly the snow will fall, how much, and when. As fellow weather nerd Michael Behar finds out, it’s wonderful when it works.


A remote car accident, a broken ski, a tumble in the snow, and a slow descent into hypothermia

Your head is pounding, your muscles are cramping, and your heart is racing. Then you get dizzy and the vomiting starts. Heatstroke kills thousands of people every year. This is what it feels like—and how to know when you’re in danger.

Jason Daley

With his leg stuck and temperatures dropping, one hiker thought he'd never get out of a remote Utah canyon alive

K. Ackerman

As the hurricane raged toward Turks and Caicos, our writer desperately looked for a way off the island


Survival isn't about copying the stuff you see Bear Grylls do. Here's what should you do if you're caught outside in extreme weather.

Megan Michelson

Yes, that is frostbite on your earlobe

Read the Weather

These maps are packed with information about current conditions. All you need to know is how to interpret them.


Reliable weather apps are crucial for summer adventure-planning, so we spent a month testing dozens to find the best ones


After thousands of trail miles, here's how our columnist makes sure he's prepared for whatever the terrain throws at him


As wildfires get worse, these powerful new tools will help keep you safe

If you're going to be outside, get yourself a good weather-radar app and learn how to use it

You’re deep into a long hike and the clouds start rolling in. This is how you interpret the signs—all on your own.