Active Families

When your most cherished childhood experience becomes impossible for your own kids, there’s only one choice: recreate it for them yourself
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A Sugarbush ski and bike patroller shares his blueprint for living well in Vermont's Mad River Valley

Microadventures are short, sweet, simple, and above all, accessible. Build more of them into your life this year.

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Yes, you can visit your bucket-list outdoor destinations without breaking the bank

Having a child doesn’t mean the end of exploration outdoors. These women writers modeled that for me—and taught me new ways of thinking about risk and reward.  

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Hitting the road with your family offers plenty of good times in the moment—plus important takeaways for the future

Am I being overprotective, or dismissive of something my wife finds meaningful?

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It turns out everyone loves riding in a Defender—even black bears

Dogs explore the world with their mouths. That can be dangerous on the trail.

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Chasing whitewater around the country has taught this couple how to maximize joy on the road to adventure

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Head to South Dakota for an outdoor-centric road trip the kids will be telling stories about for years to come

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Follow this meandering point-to-point tour through Southeast Montana’s most otherworldly and storied landscapes

Our beloved pups have caused countless accidents, moments of horror, and sleepless nights

Nature and nurture both contribute to a dog’s lifespan. Bobi, the world’s oldest dog, is a perfect example.

Barking and lunging outbursts can put a damper on life with your pup, but there’s hope for calming your canine

Chinese Crested dogs are speedy, high-energy, always ready for adventure, and… well… naked

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Adventure dad Jacob Moon shares his advice on the most important part of parenting—spending time together outdoors

Fishing can help your young ones cultivate confidence and develop patience in the outdoors. Here's how to pull it off.

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These five destinations deserve a spot on your Central U.S. bucket list

After the death of their husband and father, the world felt irreversibly transformed. Skiing would offer a lifeline.

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Take the plunge and explore dog-friendly fun in and on the water

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Adventures are always better with man’s best friend by your side

A recent ‘New York Times’ story has three outdoor dads wondering how they would spend lavishly on a fancy bash for tots

We love our dogs as much as we love the outdoors

A new study found that humans are terrible at reading canine body language. But with the help of a few experts, you can learn.

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Dogs join their humans in all kinds of outdoor pursuits. Shouldn’t they fuel the same way we do?

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Situated on the banks of the Yellowstone River, Montana’s most populous city is also a cultural and economic hub

My husband and I have hosted four different foster children over the past four years. We've found that we all benefit from time outdoors.

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The secret to an exciting family adventure? Bermuda.

Want to raise kids who love the outdoors and aren’t afraid of a challenge? Try a little friluftsliv.

Schools invested in outdoor ed during the pandemic, but the growth was disproportionate to high-income communities

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Adventurous families, Bermuda is the unexpected vacation you didn’t know you needed

When the outdoor writer organized a long-distance bike trip for her struggling brother, she learned the value of sharing things that bring us joy

After retiring from sled dog racing to raise her children, she thought the adventurous part of her life was over. Then she learned to pilot a bush plane.

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Katie Cahn is inspiring the new spirit of fly fishing

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Famous for its rowdy buccaneer history that lives on today, Key West also offers plenty of outdoor adventures and chances to disconnect

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Respect for nature is just as important in winter as any other season

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The key to staying energized? Eating and hydrating.

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The Land Rover Trophy off-roading competition invites drivers to join a storied 4x4 legacy

Last season, Rahlves brought his son on his first Alaskan heli trip, and Warren Miller chronicled the journey for their latest film, ‘Daymaker.’ Spoiler alert: they both rip.

Pro tips on preparing a lot, annoying your friends a little, and really shining as the caretaker of all

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We caught up with two of RVing’s most seasoned pet parents for their best advice

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Meet three anglers who are redefining the sport for the better

Mentorship programs like P1440 and Voice in Sport are helping young athletes connect with a more experienced cohort who can guide them through a wide range of challenges

Teach these to your dog, and both of you will be safer and happier outdoors

In his new book ‘Outdoor Kids in an Inside World,’ the author and TV personality prescribes “radical engagement” for kids everywhere

A study of 20,000 pure breeds and mutts rules out breeding as a major determining factor in a dog’s personality

Night comes alive when you let your voice and imagination lead you—and your rapt audience—somewhere surprising

Kids learn best through stories, and these books weave gripping tales with messages about caring for the planet

Is there anything better than seeing kids having fun outside? 

After months of pandemic-induced isolation, one Vermont family dove headfirst into a 272-mile adventure

Whether on the Olympic stage or the home hill, women on skis demonstrate what sportsmanship, bravery, and self-love could look like

Let your grom take the lead and you’ll both learn new tricks and become better skiers for it

The messed up rugs, destroyed childhood mementos, and complicated travel plans? Completely worth it.

By portraying predators as villains, we are influencing how our children perceive the natural world

America’s youth are in desperate need of real-life human connection. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame bassist says there’s no better place to provide that than a skate park.

After moving to San Diego, one writer took her husband and sons on a five-day urban hike to explore and better understand their new stomping grounds

Want your children to have a deeper relationship with nature than you do? So did this writer. She found an entry point in Tinkergarten.

Stories about kids who break hiking or climbing records feel like the continuation of an outdated and unhealthy attitude toward outdoor recreation

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Why? Because when more kids reap the benefits of time spent in nature, the world will be a better place.

Having a green lawn doesn’t make sense in many parts of the country. But that doesn’t mean kids have to sacrifice their backyard adventures.

Eco-conscious parents are turning to electric utility bikes to haul their most precious cargo: their children

It’s never too early to help your kids develop a healthy mindset around food. Here’s where to start.

The South American pack animal is the perfect companion for getting deep into the wilderness with little ones

Stories are about how human connections are made and kept in the outdoors, and how they’re evolving now—when community has never been more important or more at risk

For one pandemic-worn parent, the key to staying close to her family is getting some distance

We asked a pediatrician for advice on getting outside safely when temperatures soar

The pandemic forced schools to teach outside. Many teachers, parents, and kids want to keep it that way.

Whether you’re stuck in the city or counting down the days to a summer road trip, we have a few expert-approved tips for exploring nearby nature

Your family’s next adventure begins when the sun goes down

Personal-finance guru Mr. Money Mustache breaks down how Outside readers can stop wasting hard-earned cash on expensive gear and trips and start putting it toward real freedom: the financial kind

I gave my 12-year-olds the Rand McNally on our 300-mile drive from Atlanta to the South Carolina coast to impart the joys of reading an old-school physical map

Here’s what to do when your little one brings up sea-level rise, extinction, wildfires, and other ecological griefs

He wanted to be the best man he could be. This required some bold and questionable choices.

The newest collection of recipes from James Beard–nominated chef Sarah Glover is geared toward parents looking to improve their outdoor cooking game. We’ve included two of our favorite recipes from the book.

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Ready to dive into some of the most rich culture in the United States?

Facebook is developing a new app for children, and advocates think it’s a terrible idea