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Whether you’re looking for a breezy podcast to keep you company on the trail or a hefty novel to pack on your next big trip, you’ll want to move these new releases to the top of your queue

Max Lowe made a big splash in 2021 with ‘Torn,’ a documentary about the death of his famous father, alpinist Alex Lowe, and how it shook and shaped his family. These days, he’s forging ahead with ambitious projects—including a new film about the restorative power of climbing—in the next stage of his career.

A podcast exploring solutions to the Colorado River crisis, a film about a leading advocate of Title IX, and more

I want my two-year-old to grow up loving the outdoors, but I also want him to be safe. ‘Scouts Honor,’ a powerful new Netflix documentary about the horrific history of child sex abuse in the Boy Scouts of America, left me feeling angry, sickened, and permanently doubtful that the organization should be part of his life.

In an adaptation from his new book, ‘Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything is Changing—Including You,’ Outside contributor Brad Stulberg outlines a path for longevity and persistence in sport

Yes, we saw the Barbie movie. But we also got caught up on other recent film releases, enjoyed some summer tunes, and knocked a few books off of our reading lists.

When college gymnast was cut from her dream sport, she was still determined to be the hardest worker in the room

The history of freeride mountain biking takes center stage in the new feature documentary from Outside Studios and Freeride Entertainment

DiGiulian just wrote her memoir while running her own business, making movies, and chasing tough climbs. Here's how she balances it all.

The new documentary on freediving is gorgeous and thrilling. But it won’t transform you into a freediver, writes our articles editor.

A documentary about a historically Black summer camp, the new podcast from Serial Productions, essential books about pirates, Netflix specials featuring Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Viola Davis, and more

There’s a reason the acclaimed author wrote his latest book in the voice of a stray dog: it enabled him to run free all over an imagined seaside park

We talked to one of America’s best young writers about race and culture. The subject was an essay that helped fundamentally change our understanding of the challenges that historically marginalized people face in the outdoors.

The executive producer of Netflix’s new cycling docuseries explains how hard it was to film at the Tour, and whether or not women will appear in future seasons

The new Netflix series is road cycling’s best opportunity in decades to expand its audience

A collection of essays about agriculture and water pollution, the latest survival reality show, a podcast about clothing, the new ’Legend of Zelda’ game, and more

In his new book ‘The Swine Republic,’ environmental scientist Chris Jones tells hard truths about Iowa’s agricultural industry and how its farming practices contaminate water thousands of miles away

Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi’s new film, ‘Wild Life,’ captures the saga of Doug and Kristine Tompkins, whose devotion to conservation and each other led to the creation of extraordinary national parks in Chile and Argentina

Virginia Sole-Smith’s new book, ‘Fat Talk: Parenting in the Age of Diet Culture,’ takes an unflinching look at fatphobia and how it affects our collective ideas about health

The iconic film festival is celebrating its 45th year this weekend. Here are the documentaries we’re most excited to watch.

The latest chapter of the thrilling surf docuseries may lack the narrative cohesion of the first. It will still leave you feeling stoked.

Our editors listened to a podcast about Indigenous resistance, watched a film about Palestinian climbers, and checked a few more books off of our reading lists

‘Wild and Precious’ is a memorial to the beloved American poet and a celebration of her work

A warming planet is the enemy in ‘Terra Nil,’ the new video game for eco-friendly players. We tried it and came away inspired.

‘Wild Life,’ a new film by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, chronicles Tompkins’s life as one of the world’s most influential conservationists

New music by boygenius, a text exploring the governance of natural resources, ‘South Side,’ ‘She Said,’ and more

A difficult breakup had the musician worried he’d lost his identity. A solo road trip reminded him of who he is.

Director Robin Van Gyn discusses her new documentary series, which is playing on Outside Watch now

Katie Burrell has developed a brand around teaching winter-sports experts and strivers to chill out and share a laugh. Her upcoming film, ‘Weak Layers,’ revives the old party-hard ski comedy—with women at the center of the action.

Executive producer Grant Kahler explains how the outdoor reality show went from a social experiment to survival of the meanest

The eight-episode series ‘Outlast’ pits survivalists against each other in a cruel game of psychological torture

The alpine guide’s new memoir gives readers an honest take on the highs and lows of parenting as a full-time climber

Professional runner Lauren Fleshman’s memoir, a climbing survival story, a new Outside podcast, a sci-fi video game, and more

Filmmakers have bigger budgets, smaller cameras, and new editing technology at their fingertips. They’ve also gotten better at telling nuanced stories.

Two Academy Award nominees, books of poetry and sound, Korean American cooking, and a learning app

Director Mikey Corker discusses his new adventure film, which is playing on Outside Watch now

From a 1970s classic to a sinking ship blockbuster, a disaster-film superfan rates the six best ever

After more than a decade in the spotlight, the Hollywood star has a new HBO Max project, ‘The Climb,’ that lets him do what he loves most: scale gnarly cliffs alongside climbing icon Chris Sharma

Eighties throwbacks, new Netflix series, a bird board game, and kids’ music that isn’t by Raffi

Epic tales of survival, a delightful dive into the experiences of animals, and everything in between

From the whimsical to the epic, these are our favorite stories of the year

In ‘Sacred: In Search of Meaning,’ renowned photographer Chris Rainier chronicles his decades-long journey exploring the world’s spiritual sites

From President Obama to Kevin Costner, celebs are lending their voices to outdoor documentaries. Who would you choose to narrate yours?

The polymath snowboarder has a new book about the art and philosophy of being in the mountains

A selection of recent titles to keep you warm by the fire 

Music inspired by birds, a volcano film for the big screen, a spiritual manifesto, and more

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A fresh breed of adventure film tackles life’s biggest questions. We caught up with director Ben Sturgulewski to find out how he got snowboarders to think about Einstein.

The real story is weirder and sadder than what we saw in the film’s bonkers preview

We asked pro skiers Cody Townsend and Glen Plake which classic ski movies they could watch over and over again. Get ready to hunker down on the couch and revisit these throwback gems.

When professional skier Rian Zetzer got the opportunity to stunt-double for Lindsay Lohan in a new Netflix movie, she jumped at the opportunity

The Covid-19 pandemic is a survival story—but instead of one human versus a wild animal or a snowy peak, it's all of us against one tiny virus.

Here are the shorts and features screening at annual celebration of outdoor books and movies that we think should be on your radar

A scary movie and novella for spooky season, ‘House of the Dragon,’ ‘Rings of Power,’ an Outside columnist’s first novel, and more

We asked the Outside contributing editor how she got the idea for her much anticipated new book, ‘Small Game,’ and how she used her personal survival experience to make it come to life

Scary movies have a rich tradition of being set in creepy forests, caves, and swamps. We rounded up our favorites of the genre.

Thinking about winter kinda makes our day. Here are the film tour dates that are sure to be good days for you, too.

Get your tickets for the worldwide film tour now or get prepped for the virtual screening on Outside Watch. Just don’t miss it.

In an excerpt from ‘Small Game,‘ her first novel, Outside contributing editor Blair Braverman introduces a cast of characters who will be dropped in a remote landscape for a survival competition. An ominous future awaits them.

The new Netflix docuseries examines the 2015 Nepal earthquake. The film’s director explains why Mount Everest is just one component of a bigger story.

We binged ‘Human Playground,’ narrated by Idris Elba; ‘Aftershock: Everest and the Nepal Earthquake’; and ‘Thai Cave Rescue,’ a dramatized account of the 2018 ordeal, to figure out which ones are worth your time

The acclaimed science writer answered audience questions about reporting on the race to understand the SARS-CoV-2 and how the COVID-19 pandemic began

‘The Last Chairlift,’ the iconic author’s most recent major novel, is a sweeping family saga about sexual identity, risk, and the storied history of Aspen, Colorado

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Female snowboarders have been fighting for gender parity for decades. Olympic snowboarder Zoe Kalapos shares how it feels to be in the trenches.

The acclaimed nonfiction writer talked to nearly 100 scientists to tell the story of how the virus that caused COVID-19 spilled over into humans and spread across the globe

Join us for a live Zoom Q and A with the acclaimed science writer and longtime Outside contributing editor, who will discuss his new book about the SARS-CoV-2 virus on Thursday, October 13

‘Alone: Frozen’ wrapped up on Thursday, and the series crowned a female champion for the first time

The new documentary ‘Buried’ looks back at 1982 tragedy at Alpine Meadows ski resort, and finds lessons that are as relevant as ever about surviving a traumatic event

After 12 boys and their soccer coach were saved from a flooded cave in northern Thailand in 2018, Hollywood descended. Many feared filmmakers would exploit and mishandle the story, but something else happened.

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An inside look at Black Diamond Ambassador Chris Burkard’s hike through Iceland in pursuit of the perfect photograph

A new National Geographic series streaming on Disney+ features everyone from Conrad Anker to Justine Dupont going deep about their most pivotal close calls and mistakes

Whether you love scaling big rocks or just watching others do it on the big screen, these films capture climbing at its best

In ‘Missed Fortune,’ a series inspired by a story he wrote for Outside, host Peter Frick-Wright shines a spotlight on the fanatics who chased an eccentric art collector’s hidden riches at all costs

‘Prey,’ ‘Fall,’ and ‘Beast’ are all in theaters or streaming now—we break down which ones are worth your time

Ten years after the publication of ‘Wild,’ the beloved author shares her thoughts on the haters who thought she was unprepared, the transformative power of doing big things, and where Monster is now

We can’t get enough of The Rock glistening and swinging machetes in a tropical forest

The latest ‘Alone’ winner shares stories from surviving in Labrador and details behind preparing for the show

To portray the hero of the Thai cave rescue in the new film ‘Thirteen Lives,’ the Hollywood star had to go deep—literally

Jordan Peele's latest film explores how Hollywood has tokenized non-white people and commodified landscapes and wildlife, nowhere more than in westerns. Can the genre reclaim those marginalized stories and all their complexity?

Season nine became a starvation contest, and the cast member who could conserve the most calories won

We pitted the fictional Netflix miniseries against the reality survival game show to see which came out on top