(Inga Hendrickson )

The Best Fuel of 2017

Inga Hendrickson

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Performance snacks get a natural makeover.


AlpineAire Guacamole

Thanks to the geniuses at Alpine-Aire, guac is no longer a luxury reserved for glamping with a well-stocked cooler—it’s a trail-ready hors d’oeuvre you’ve earned after hiking miles in the backcountry. Just add water to the 1.4-ounce package, filled with freeze-dried avocado, onion, and serrano pepper. Don’t forget the chips.

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(I Heart Keenwah)

I Heart Keenwah Sweet Chili Quinoa Puffs

Sure, you can cook quinoa while backpacking. The seed is easy to prepare and protein-rich, but it’s also bland on its own. That’s why we like these snackable puffs, infused with zesty jalapeño and habanero flavor. 

Price $3.50

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33Shake Chia Energy Gel

Chia seeds—packed with carbs, protein, omega-3’s, and antioxidants—are tiny performance enhancers for endurance athletes. We slipped a few of these 21-gram packets into our jersey on race day for quick energy.  

Price $27.50 for 10

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Barnana Peanut Butter Banana Bites

This is basically a peanut butter and banana sandwich without the bread. Barnana bites, loaded with potassium and carbs, taste like real food, which is why they quickly ­became our pre-workout go-to.

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(Honey Stinger)

Honey Stinger Gluten Free Organic Cinnamon Waffles

No one does winter fuel better than the Dutch, inventors of the stroopwafel. Honey Stinger’s take on the classic: two thin, gluten-free wafers layered around a sweet honey filling. Warm over a cup of coffee and enjoy. 

Price $24 for 6

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Wildway Grain Free Vanilla Bean Espresso Granola

Wildway created the Platonic ideal of gorp by adding organic dates, fair-trade espresso, and vanilla beans. Artificial sweeteners, you’re not invited.

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From Winter 2017 Buyer’s Guide Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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