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The End of Muscle Cramps?

It sounds too good to be a true, but a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist just developed a new product, HOTSHOT™, the first-ever scientifically proven sports shot to prevent and treat muscle cramps. Here's everything you need to know about 1.7 oz of Neuro Muscular Performance.

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1. How Does Hotshot Work?
By targeting the nerves that control our muscles. When you stress your body—be it from overheating, fatigue, or electrolyte loss—nerve function can deteriorate and cause your motor neurons to fire excessively. It’s this excessive firing that causes your muscles to cramp. Drinking HOTSHOT—formerly codenamed #ITSTHENERVE—helps modulate the activity of those neurons by activating TRP (transient receptor potential) ion channels in the sensory nerves in the mouth. That triggers a calming response throughout the nervous system, preventing and treating muscle cramps.

2. How is it different than traditional “remedies” like bananas or sports drinks?
While foods like oranges and bananas, sports drinks, magnesium tablets, and other concoctions can have all sorts of beneficial ingredients, they offer no scientifically proven relief for muscle cramps. HOTSHOT is the first and only scientifically proven formula that prevents and treats muscle cramps where they start—at the nerve.

3. When Should I Take It?
HOTSHOT can be consumed before, during, and after exercise. To prevent cramps, drink a 1.7-ounce shot 15 to 30 minutes before you exercise. To treat cramps during a workout or race, drink a shot at the first sign of cramping. After activity, drinking a shot can also help you prevent post-exercise cramping. For best results, avoid food or beverages that may coat your mouth (like peanut butter or dairy products) ten minutes before drinking a HOTSHOT. A clean palate allows HOTSHOT to activate TRP ion channels. It tastes even better cold.

4. What’s in it?
It’s a proprietary blend of organic ingredients. It’s USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, low-calorie, and gluten free with all ingredients recognized as safe by the FDA. It’s also NSF Certified for Sport®, which means it does not contain any of the 200+ substances banned by major sports organizations.

5. Where Can I Learn More?
Team HOTSHOT’s website has more information about everything from the science behind how HOTSHOT works to how founder Dr. Rod MacKinnon first got interested in the topic. It’s also where you’ll find testimonials from elite athletes like professional tri-athlete Craig “Crowie” Alexander. Crowie is a 5x Triathlon World Champion and one of several elite athletes who have signed on as a brand ambassador. “I have been an endurance athlete for over 20 years. Muscle cramps are a source of concern for me because they put a brake on your momentum. They can strike at the beginning of the race or when you are meters from the finish line. A cramp can paralyze you mentally, and physically, and cost you crucial time. So HOTSHOT is a big confidence-builder and game changer in endurance sports. With HOTSHOT, you know you won’t be stopped in your tracks by cramping.”