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Tina Muir And Relative Energy Deficiency In Sport on the Endurance Podcast with Ian Sharman

Former elite marathoner Tina Muir discusses her experience with disordered eating, the warning signs for RED-S and what to do about it.

Endurance Podcast fall highway
Ian Sharman

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The PodiumRunner Endurance Podcast is hosted by Ian Sharman, a professional ultra runner and coach with over 200 marathons or ultra finishes and more than 50 wins (www.sharmanultra.com@sharmanian). We discuss training and racing topics with leading sports scientists and how to practically apply research findings for marathoners and ultra runners.

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New episodes drop on the first Wednesday of each month.

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Here’s Episode 7:

Episode 7: Tina Muir and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)

Tina Muir who is a British International elite runner living in St Louis, Missouri, a keynote speaker, and host of the Running For Real Podcast, which has amassed three and a half million downloads. Tina founded Running For Real in 2017 as a support network and community for runners to have a place to share struggles and empower other runners.

Tina Muir
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This show delves into Tina’s experience as an elite, 2:36 marathoner, in particular:
– Not having a period for nine years, called amenorrhea, then realizing she had disordered eating.
– The broader concept of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), plus the warning signs and what to do about it. This is especially relevant for female athletes, but the over-training and under-eating elements apply to everyone.
– Life beyond competitive road running, including trails and adventure racing.
– Her business, Running For Real, and her podcast.

Tina Muir is on Twitter, Instagram and her Running for Real Facebook group is very active. We mention a couple of resources in our discussion: Her podcast with Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani and her nutrition page.

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