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Sundays Are for Getting Social

No, we’re not talking about nailing the perfect Instagram story or crafting a funny Facebook post


This Sunday, make it a point to get outside with friends and family to explore together, do some good, or just share a meal. Here are five ideas for getting the gang together this weekend. 

Host a Lawn-Game Tournament 

Pick a public park close to home, pack a cooler with beverages and snacks, and invite your crew to participate in a series of light competitions, such as bocce, cornhole, and KanJam. Pair up and work your way through the games until you have a champion. 

Be a Trail Angel 

“Trail Angels” are volunteers who show up deep in the backcountry on long trails like the Appalachian Trail to help through-hikers on their multi-month adventures. Some of them bring a grill and cook burgers, some bring a sewing kit and fix torn backpacks and clothing, some just show up with candy bars and hugs. How you decide to give to these through-hikers is up to you, but you pick a spot that's accessed by roads that allow off road vehicles, imagine the setup you could drive into the woods with a Honda Talon. We’re thinking a portable grill with burgers and a blender with a and solar-powered generator so you can make daiquiris. Check out the American Long Distance Hiking Association for a list of long trails. 

Lead a Group Hike

It’s easy to get lazy on Sundays, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, no one will ever regret going for a hike instead of watching sports on the couch. And sometimes all folks need is an invitation. That’s where you come in: find a peak or river you want to share with your friends, research the history and geography of the area (so you can drop knowledge during the outing), and send out some invites.

Join a Trail-Work Crew 

Chances are very high that there’s a trail crew doing good work near you. For example, IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) has chapters in every state performing trail work throughout our national forests and state parks. Friends of the Smokies is a volunteer organization that maintains the trails inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the busiest park in the country. The list goes on. Check out IMBA’s calendar of trail-work days or the National Park Conservancy’s roster of volunteer events. 

Plan a Big Group Camping Trip 

The only thing better than marveling at the stars during a night in the woods is if your ten best friends are staring up there with you. Pick a date and a destination, but then invite friends to share some of the logistics so everyone feels like they have ownership of the trip. Set up a Google Doc to organize and share gear (there’s no reason for three people to bring two-burner stoves), and treat dinner like a potluck, with each camper signing up to bring a different dish. Bonus: pick a campground with roads that allow off-road riding nearby, and take turns showing your friends around the surrounding area in your Honda Talon.

America’s a big and varied country, with tons of off-road trails. One of the most fun and family-friendly ways to explore is in a side-by-side. Which one is right for your family or preferred terrain will depend on a lot of factors, which is why Honda’s Talon 1000 family of sport side-by-sides includes both two- and four-seat models. To learn more, and find a demo ride or event near you, click here.

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