The climber is in critical condition following gear-ripping fall on pitch four of The Great White Wall

Climbers reported on the new crack that broke open near Royal Arches—but not before they climbed it

A climber dealing with severe mental health issues finds solace in a rescue dog—who has terrible manners at the crag

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Competitors expose the roots of their outdoor passions and push to bag more points in episode three of Wildly Wyoming

After watching ‘Free Solo,’ the social worker knew he wanted to try climbing. Only his own doubts stood in his way.

Retreating ice continues to yield bodies across the Alps

The 26-year-old woman fell nearly 500 feet from Blitzen Ridge

Writer Andrew Bisharat explains how a legal fight between a climber and local politician in France is a harbinger of future tensions in the warming Alps

After his brother was paralyzed from the waist down, the climber was determined to make big adventures accessible for everyone

When veteran climber Mark Jenkins came up with a plan to witness a solar spectacle from the summit of a 20,000-foot peak, he had little idea what he was getting himself into

Austin Howell soloed harder and more often than almost anyone else in the country, documenting his exploits on Instagram and a podcast. But behind the scenes his mental health was faltering.

The dog trainer developed disordered-eating habits in college. Sitting under the stars brought her back into her body.

The transgender athlete found his strength in an unlikely place: on the reality competition show ‘The Climb’

Kaitlyn Brann, 34, died after being struck on a popular route on May 12

The American, who attained legend status for his 1963 ascent of the West Ridge, died at age 93

Cohen Schaumann is recuperating in a hospital after suffering a brutal fall on April 21

Visiting the indoor crag during peak hours helped me cultivate a community

How have these indoor spaces have become hubs for the outdoor community?

When it comes to advocating for adaptive athletes, the climber and National Park Service employee will never hold back

After over a year of effort, Sharma clipped the chains on Sleeping Lion, his second 5.15c. We caught up with Sharma to hear more about his process, training, and how he’s managed to balance his family, career, and climbing goals.

Bishop recently suffered catastrophic flooding, and officials are asking visitors not to travel to popular crags

During a climbing trip in Greece, the adaptive athlete saw the possibility for shared experiences that can truly change our way of thinking

Friends pay tribute to an icon of the Yosemite climbing scene

Last month the company discontinued its Guide Built program, letting go of over 20 athletes in the process. Who’s left? Influencers.

Basque climbers Amaia Agirre and Iker Bilbao were descending the peak when a wet slide swept them into a crevasse

Writer Chris Van Leuven shares memories of Milligan, who was killed in a fall last week in Banff National Park

Indoor gyms are en vogue. One veteran climber and editor argues that the community has lost something amid the popularity.

When one of the world’s best crack climbers was grounded by chronic fatigue syndrome—a mysterious illness with disabling symptoms that can include a mix of confusion, headaches, and sensory overload—his life became an uphill struggle just to feel human again.

Runner, 24, discusses his victorious effort on the reality show, and the hurdles he’s overcome as a transgender athlete

The Wisconsin native had just climbed Aguja Guillaumet in Patagonia when she was trapped by a storm

This unlikely climbing crew hasn't let age stop them from having a good time. In fact, some things are better than ever. We asked them how they do it.

The American Alpine Club has chosen a new title for its annual honor, which was previously named after mountaineering pioneers Robert L.H. and Miriam Underhill

La Fuerza de la Gravedad in Spain was given an original grade of 5.14a

The climbing great runs a few times a week to improve his endurance on the crag

The author imagines a lineup of wants and needs suited for a life spent at the crag

River Barry’s quick thinking likely saved the jumper’s life after he crashed into a cliffside near Moab, Utah

Nathaniel Masahi Takatsuno, 22, fell about 200 feet on El Cajon Mountain

The Norwegian mountaineer explains why women deserve equal support on the world’s highest mountains

Sasha DiGiulian, Brette Harrington, and Matilda Söderlund traveled to Spain to send one of the hardest such routes. Rayu marks 16 pitches of biting limestone and a 5.14b crux. For DiGiulian, it also signaled a return to the height of her athletic career.

In October, Rekabi made headlines by competing without a hijab. Now, outlet IranWire reports that a new video shows the crushed ruins of her home.

Coloradan Bayes Wilder had a massive day of climbing in Spain

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Watch to learn more about Alex’s story, the Rainbow Wall non-alcoholic beer, and LGBTQI+ advocacy

Dave Graham started getting messages from the crystals he was hunting. What did it mean?

When Harrington and Nelson met on an Everest expedition, they formed a bond that carried them through some of the toughest and most rewarding experiences of their lives, including dangerous expeditions, big romances, and motherhood

California’s Suprême Jumbo Love is the only 5.15c route to be completed in the U.S.

Massacre Rocks were the traditional wintering grounds for the Shoshone-Bannock people

It took Honnold 32 hours to complete the HURT, which covered 35 miles and 24,000 feet of vertical gain, and crossed 23 summits and 14 classic rock routes in the Nevada canyon

Under Mateschitz’s direction, Red Bull became a dominant player in outdoor and action sports

The Moonwalk Traverse and Saraghrar’s Northwest Face, as well as Annapurna III’s Southeast Ridge, will be awarded in Briançon, France, in November

Ten years ago, Findlay took a fall that nearly killed her. Now she’s back on the notoriously difficult English trad route for round two.

Concerns are mounting for the Iranian climber, who competed in this past weekend’s Asian Continental Championships without a hijab amid high-profile protests in her home country

One editor defends those individuals who sleep in vehicles and dive into the occasional dumpster while pursuing their passion for the crag

A new book examines the history of free soloing, and tries to explain why climbers do it

New details have emerged about the deadly avalanche that buried dozens of climbers in India on Tuesday

Escobar, 31, and climber Chelsea Walsh, 33, were found at the base of Tahquitz Peak near Idyllwild, California

The death of Hilaree Nelson highlights a double standard that still exists with mothers in the adventure world

Since 2007, Paradox Sports has run climbing trips, community nights, and training programs for veterans and adaptive athletes

Hsin started climbing at a gym outside Denver, Colorado. Now, he’s completed some of the toughest bouldering problems in the state.

Jeff Long led a world-class team to climb the uncharted west face of Makalu. The attempt failed, and he was held responsible for an illegal act by an ousted member.

Several years ago, writer Astra Lincoln and her partner were testing their climbing skills in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona when, high up Baboquivari Peak, they encountered a migrant simply trying to survive.

The tragedy is a reminder to be careful when using camping stoves in enclosed areas

Barrett was charged following an investigation by the U.S. Park Service

Check out this video of the 24-year-old American climbing “Alphane” outside Chironico

When mountaineer Nirmal “Nims” Purja climbed K2 this year, he and his fellow climbers stumbled onto rancid food, tattered tents, and piles of human waste

Contributor Megan Starich discovered that her outdoor passion wasn't the key to recovery. Slow, uncomfortable, and often nonlinear healing was.

Guides and rescue personnel are trying to understand the disasters that occurred on the volcanic peaks of Carihuairazo, Cayambe, and Illiniza Sur over the weekend

New Zealand student Anna Parsons broke nearly every major bone in her body in a fall in Yosemite National Park

The 36-year-old Norwegian is already ahead of Nims Purja’s schedule on the 14 peaks. She tells us her mission is to prove that high-altitude expeditions aren’t just a man’s game.

In the third episode, climbers Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger ascend Kyrgyzstan’s Pik Slesova. The publicity around the expedition has shed light on the complexities of reporting big-wall attempts.

Americans Josh Wharton and Vince Anderson completed the first integral ascent and first free ascent of the Italian route “Suerte” on 20,100-foot Peruvian peak Jirishanca

Communication can be the difference between life and death in mountaineering. Climbers Scott Lehmann and Shayna Unger know that as well as anyone.

Sean Allen, 38, went missing in mid-July after hiking alone. Friends remember him as driven and “very calm in the mountains.”

These climbers paddled down the drought-stricken waterway looking for big walls and challenging ascents. They found both.

When lifelong climber Jeff Jackson failed to send a punishing project, he contemplated quitting the sport. Here’s what brought him back.

Washington Commanders guard Wes Schweitzer says climbing has made him a better football player, but that’s not why he does it. He’s developed a passion for the sport, and plans to keep sending well after his playing days are over.

A 53-year-old Colorado man recently became the fastest person to push a peanut up the 14,115-foot mountain with his nose. You read that right.

A massive slide on Italy’s Marmolada glacier sent rocks and ice tumbling down on multiple groups of climbers

The new film ‘Elevated,’ about Wilson’s work, is entirely nonverbal

Are you ready to walk the high line?

Several recent email submissions describing real-life blunders from the world of rock have left us extremely worried about some of you. No sharp objects near climbing ropes, please!