A group of Indians claimed they reached the top of the peak, but they may not have made it past Camp III

A helicopter search spotted five bodies in avalanche debris

With varying degrees of success

The most crowded season of all time is now the fourth deadliest

When Wui Kin Chin collapsed high on the deadliest mountain in the world, he urgently needed a rescue. Instead, he sat alone at 24,000 feet for more than 40 hours.

When we say “Everest is crowded,” this is what we mean

It's the third death of the Everest climbing season

When Alex Honnold tells you the thing you're doing is a little crazy, it warrants some self-reflection

French authorities brought the man to safety after he made a 528-foot free ascent

This video recaps the Tuck Fest's deep-water solo competition at the U.S. National Whitewater Center

Eight deaths, three missing climbers, six mountains—and the real Everest summit push hasn’t even started

The Seven Summit Treks guide has reached the peak of the world's highest mountain for a 23rd time

Jorgeson's 1Climb foundation and Adidas are partnering to build 10 climbing walls across the country

Five years after he famously Facebooked his way to rescue from a Himalayan crevasse, scientist and climber John All is back on Mount Everest, looking for answers about how global warming is affecting the highest peaks on earth

If you haven’t seen the Oscar-winning film chronicling Alex Honnold’s historic rope-free ascent of El Cap, you can check it out (or see it again)

Hailing from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, four female climbers are attempting to summit Everest—three of them for the first time

Twenty percent of climbers on the world's highest peak this season are women

Two years ago, the climbing photographer known as Nathan Smith saw no way out, after struggling for years with gender-identity issues in the male-dominated outdoor industry. Then—slowly, bravely—Nikki introduced herself to the world.

The climber, photographer, and co-founder of Más wants you to know that you belong in the climbing gym

From Black Diamond, 'The Lifer' profiles legendary climber Russ Clune​​​​​​​, steward of an iconic New York climbing area

Meet the activists, community mobilizers, and athletes creating their own space in climbing

Cell phone photos show that Jess Roskelley, Hansjörg Auer, and David Lama reached the summit but died on the descent

This year, governments and guiding companies are promising to do more to keep the mountain clean, but the question of what to do with the dead bodies is becoming more urgent

They were three of the world’s best climbers. Here are the remembrances from those who knew them best.

David Lama, Jess Roskelley, and Hansjörg Auer had been attempting a difficult route up Howse Peak in the Canadian Rockies when they got hit by a massive slide earlier this week

Before his controversy-plagued doubled ascent in 2017, the Spanish ultra star deployed the latest altitude science to speed his high-altitude adaptation

A definitive list of the best climbing the United States has to offer

Three died and four were injured on Sunday when a plane veered off course

Smart ways to strengthen your mental game

In July, a group of Afghan women set out to climb 24,580-foot Mount Noshaq, their country's highest mountain. No Afghan woman had ever reached the summit, and many challenges stood in their way, from hostile Afghan men who think that women shouldn't exercise, to the terrorist attack in a district near the peak two days before the climb began. This is their story.

Are you curious about what Olympic climbing will look like in 2020? We are, too. Here's what you should know before it all begins.

As climbers reach Base Camp, at the foot of the world's highest mountain, these are the stories we're keeping an eye on

Jim Reynolds is a name you’ve likely never heard, but his free-soloing feats top those of Alex Honnold—if not in difficulty, then in length, commitment, and style

A recent World Cup in Denver blew all expectations and leads the way toward the 2026 Winter Games

From Kathmandu to the top of the world, here’s an overview of the most popular route to Everest’s summit

The bodies of Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard have been located after 14 days of searching

For some climbing rangers in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park, every ridgeline holds the memory of a rescue, every peak a body bag. It's more than they can handle alone.

Sometimes dying in the mountains is just the luck of the draw

'The Place of the Gaels' features American alpinists Fabrizio Zangrilli, Angela Vanweimeersch, and Jon Frederick climbing in Scotland.

The pros talk about their experiences guiding on rapidly deteriorating glaciers

It's the first climbing film to receive such broad mainstream acclaim

Ice climber Will Gadd visits Helmcken Falls in British Columbia to scale the 463-foot waterfall on some experimental gear

Climber David Fitzgerald is on a mission to climb two boulder problems, Bügeleisen Sit Start and Big Paw, in the film ‘Blocbuster.’

Meet the daredevils who crossed from the Santa Elena Canyon to Big Bend National Park to make a point about unity and trust

In 'Uruca II,' climbing partners Lipe and Hugo find themselves on an alpine ascent when things get a little sketchy

‘Slave Rock’ features David McKenzie Grant​​​​​​​ as he and his team attempt to set a new route in the Faroe Islands

After three years of sold-out events for women-identified and non-binary people, Flash Foxy introduces an extension where men are welcome, too

This short video from David Lama features footage of the mountaineer on the first ascent of Lunag Ri, a 22,660-foot peak in the Himalayas

Some of the world's most passionate athletes are high pointers, climbers who will do anything to reach the tallest point in every state, county, or whatever other designation they can dream up. A lot of those peaks aren't so tall—like Delaware's 447.85-foot Ebright Azimuth—but there's plenty of challenge in this quest. Just ask John Mitchler, who had knocked off everything on his dream list except the tallest spot in a remote U.S. territory: Agrihan.

Sender Films shares some of the strategies it used to push the limits of what’s possible in big-wall filmmaking

We know that cognitive function is impaired at high altitude, but it’s not entirely clear why

Charlie Finlayson was on the ultimate climbing adventure with his dad, David, when a loose boulder forced him to make a daunting rescue

This video from education platform MasterClass features director Jimmy Chin shooting photos near Grand Teton National Park

Tim Klein and Jason Wells were weekend warriors. They were also two of the best climbers to ever ply their trade on Yosemite's most iconic wall. So the climbing world was stunned when they died on some of its easiest terrain.

‘Expensive Membership,’ from editor Nick Garnham Wright, is a parody of Alex Honnold’s latest film, ‘Free Solo’ 

Connor Herson makes sixth all-free ascent of the world's most famous big wall

In 'The Dawn Wall,' from Red Bull Media House, climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson free climb one of El Cap’s most famous routes

The North Face sent six of its climbers to the Wolf’s Jaw massif in the Queen Maud Land territory in search of first ascents

Finally, the Czech climber shows us that he might be human after all

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Wondering what the future of rock climbing looks like? Search no further than Ashima Shiraishi, the Olympics-bound, New York City prodigy.

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The Detroit native is one of the most well-rounded climbers of his generation. But that’s just part of his story.

A passionate, sometimes uncomfortable ode to the meatiest paws in the world (other people's words, not ours)

Has being the subject of arguably the best climbing film ever made changed him? Absolutely.

Parisi tackled three of the Seven Summits this year, and now she's a few steps closer to likely becoming the first publicly transgender person to complete the famous challenge

From Arc'teryx, The World Above showcases three big wall climbers making the first ascent of Ruby Supernova - 5.12C.

In Lowe's final interview with a journalist, the legendary climber reflected on risk and what a climb was really worth

In episode three, Sasha spends the morning climbing in Boulder before catching a flight to San Francisco for a photoshoot.

Welcome to 10 a.m. on Tuesday, a behind-the-scenes mini-series that takes a look at an "average" weekday with pro climber Sasha DiGiulian.

Climbing skills are in high demand to service sky-high turbines. Eric Ruderman has made it his career.

We dig into the finances of an Alpine Ascents International guide

Falls put 3,000 climbers a year in hospital, costing more than $20 million, according to a new study

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And it has nothing to do with how hard you climb. It’s about creating a fun and inclusive environment that’s welcoming to everybody

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Climber and Flash Foxy founder Shelma Jun shares her story as part of the Garmin Women of Adventure campaign. 

The pro climber just made history on three big, big walls near Banff

Reckless Abandon, from filmmaker Ben Neilson, profiles Condie's return to climbing after struggling with scoliosis.

Searching for Christmas Tree follows ice climber and professor He Chuan as he makes the first ascent of ‘Merry Christmas’

Exposure to extreme environments can change our DNA. Everest climbers—and their twins—are the perfect study subjects.

The Californian pioneered many of the most famous routes in Yosemite during the Valley's Golden Age

Despite nearby Taliban attacks, the 24-year-old reached the top of 24,580-foot Mount Noshaq—the first woman from her country ever to do so