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Watch competitors expose the roots of their outdoor passions and push to bag more points in episode three of Wildly Wyoming

Nothing says “for better or for worse” like forcing your wedding guests to trek 60 miles to a ceremony deep in the jungle

“It is amazing to be above ground again,” the grateful U.S. researcher told reporters from a stretcher on Tuesday, September 12

The live footage from Katmai National Park usually shows grizzlies. But on September 5, a man appeared on the livestream and mouthed “help.”

The internet is flooded with clips of people making bad decisions at America’s oldest national park. Backpacker editor Adam Roy thinks the latest cringeworthy clip is the worst one to enter the oeuvre.

Flooding at the festival brought out the best and worst in attendees. Here's an eyewitness account.

Everything you need to know about your fire-making technique, including when you should use the tepee method versus a log cabin stack

The boy said he was moving out of the way of people taking photos when he lost his grip and fell

When W. Ralph Eubanks began exploring his family’s homeland, he fell in love with it—and came to understand how this troubled part of the state gave birth to the blues

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Heights, tattoos, rain, and tears. In episode two of Wildly Wyoming, the three teams of Bronco ambassadors break out of their comfort zones.

Backpacker editor Zoe Gates sets off to discover if chatbots are the solution to our trip-planning woes

There are passionate birders and then there’s Peter Kaestner, whose devotion has him traveling the globe in pursuit of the ultimate record.

The man who coined the term "microadventure" in 2011 looks back on his favorite tiny, big experiences

After years of pushing himself to go as big and far as he could, Alastair Humphreys realized that the most valuable trips we take are usually the ones right out our doors

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Meet three driven adventurers using off-road vehicles to make the most of their passion for the outdoors

Your head is pounding, your muscles are cramping, and your heart is racing. And that’s just the start of it.

The Houston-born filmmaker knows we can enjoy the benefits of nature anywhere—even in the concrete-lined bayous of his home city

If you want to know what it was like to travel this legendary trail, there’s only one way: get on a horse and follow all 2,000 miles of it

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Getting outside is easy—getting away from it all is the adventure

The bear attack happened near Bearhole Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia, where most of that country’s grizzlies live

During a particularly difficult mission, the search and rescue volunteer found resolve in her team members

When campfires are allowed, it’s important to know how to light them—and how to put them out

The actor’s flight into space in 2021 left him with an urgent desire to make us aware of the fragility of our home—a feeling that has yet to fade away.

When treacherous weather rolled in during her dream trek in the Alps, the climate advocate knew that the only way forward was through

The biologist thought that a traumatic fall to the forest floor would end her life as she knew it. Instead, it opened her up to an even more vibrant existence.

Never subject your pup to these adventure-driven hazards. Plus, boarding tips to ensure they're okay when you leave 'em behind.

The story of the deadly avalanche in October 2022 on India’s Draupadi Ka Danda II

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Over the past two years, the Defender Service Awards have recognized nonprofits on a mission to help serve their communities

A 2022 lawsuit alleges Hof’s breathing exercises caused a 17-year-old girl to drown. The Dutch health guru seeks to dismiss the charge.

Based on the knowledge of expert contacts in the submersibles field, I felt certain almost immediately that OceanGate’s deep-sea vehicle had imploded. Why did the media spend so many days pushing the fantasy that there was still a chance?

Our Outside experts examine the internet drama and nasty comments about this week’s Titan submersible catastrophe

U.S. officials located debris of the missing submersible on Thursday, and the wreckage indicated signs of a “catastrophic implosion”

The missing sub’s inventor repeatedly ignored warnings about his vessel, arguing that regulations stifled progress

Vacation season is only a few weeks old, and visitors to America’s oldest national park can’t stop approaching animals

Among the world’s harrowing marine survival stories, the strangest might be a crew’s escape from one of the earliest submarines

Adventure athletes like pro snowboarder Eric Jackson have begun to dabble in the pursuit, helping create a bridge between two previously distinct outdoor communities.

Right out of college, Leath Tonino traveled to Antarctica to experience the frozen landscape of his childhood exploration heroes. The daily routine was a bit dull—shoveling snow for the U.S. government—until a pair of skinny skis unlocked the potential of the vast snowy expanse.

The Taliban government prohibits Afghan women from entering parks or gyms, or even from leaving the house without a male guardian. Sources tell us that life under the outdoor ban is pushing many women to the brink.

Skier Francis Zuber narrates the dramatic video clip of his heroic rescue that generated thousands of views online

Sharing a habitat with bears, wolves, lions, and other big wild animals can be complicated, and not always safe or predictable. Here’s what I know.

When a BASE jumper slammed into a red-rock tower and his parachute snagged on a ledge, there was only one way to save his life: go up and get him.

It took a terrifying experience in the ocean for the educator to embrace the idea that going for it isn’t always the right choice

After close calls in combat zones and on mountaineering expeditions, the journalist is taking a very different kind of journey

Nanuq, a one-year-old Australian shepherd, went on an epic adventure across the Bering Sea before he was miraculously reunited with his family

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Now entering a designated Dark Sky Sanctuary

There’s no more difficult or uncomfortable physical challenge than holding your breath underwater for an extended period

When the mountain guide was caught in an avalanche, he was sure it was the end. But deep inside himself he discovered the will to live.

When Scott Pirsig’s close friend Bob Sturtz suffered a stroke deep in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, Pirsig had no choice but to leave him in the wilderness and make a desperate sprint to get help

The sport’s only nonagenarian shares his story—and wisdom—from decades on the trail

Bigfoot seems to pop up in a lot of places, but he sure is elusive when it comes to having his photo taken.

SAR crews in Oregon discovered the trapped motorist after he used his ingenuity to send an SOS signal

After the enormous earthquake in February, one group of Turkish mountaineers headed east, to help in any way they could

The multidisciplinary artist was struggling with alcoholism when they joined a trail crew in the mountains on a whim. Out there, they found a new community—and reclaimed their life.

When the polar explorer was at his lowest moment, he learned his most valuable lesson: kindness matters

The intrepid traveler was trapped overseas, with no end to her misadventure in sight. Taking it one day at a time changed everything.

A ride on a wild stallion teaches the adventurer that the best reason to take a chance is not knowing how it will turn out

We all know that leaving dog feces on the trail is bad form. One editor argues that leaving turd bags behind is worse.

Data of Sasquatch sightings in a new preprint finds a strong correlation with bear population density

The man plunged into a residential neighborhood in Oceanside, California, on Friday, and escaped with non-life-threatening injuries

Hikers in New Hampshire can already be charged for lifesaving, and a proposed law would punish those who refuse to pay. Editor Adam Roy thinks it’s a terrible and dangerous policy.

After suffering a brutal accident while on a kite-skiing expedition expedition in Patagonia, Jim Harris’s painstaking recovery took a sudden leap forward when he had an experience with magic mushrooms

Why people keep running into trouble on the highest peak in Los Angeles County

In 1976, Nanda Devi Unsoeld, the daughter of legendary alpinist Willi Unsoeld, died while climbing the massive Indian peak for which she was named. Decades later, friends, family, and surviving expedition members offer insights into what went wrong during this controversial adventure, shedding light on an enigmatic young woman who lived without limits.

We are often quick to criticize those who perish outdoors. The author believes we should approach these tragedies with more compassion.

Two stranded hikers survived a night in the wilderness after illicit explosives grounded a helicopter

A new state law boost the budget for lifesaving crews and grants legal protections to volunteer rescuers

A man was rappelling by himself when he fell 30 feet. Officials believe he could have been saved if lifesaving crews had reached him sooner.

An experienced 59-year-old hiker died after falling from 2,865-foot Mount Willard

Cautionary tales from the official journal of the Wilderness Medical Society

Escaping the craziness of the season to head into the wild can sound amazing—right up until that overnight snowstorm crushes your tent.

Buyers snapped up 476 items found in Fenn’s chest in an online auction

The group of scientists and adventurers gained valuable knowledge about climate change’s impact on ice in the Weddell Sea, and did additional research on weather, navigation, and marine engineering

Witnessing the Aurora Borealis can feel like you’re glimpsing another world. For some people, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Injured in the SoCal backcountry, a man got a break when two campers heard him screaming for help

As Ukraine prepares for months of frigid conflict with Russia, its troops might look to another nation that held its own against the Red Army in the cold: Finland.

A storm rolled into Riverside County on October 22, stranding the duo high on a famed rock climbing route

Among the items for sale is a glass jar that apparently contains Fenn’s 20,000-word autobiography

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From selecting a site to securing your tent, here's how to set up your winter camp.