Refreshing cocktails? Whiskey-marinated steak? Yes, please.

Monica and Vince Strawbridge and their four children hiked the PCT in 2018 and the CDT in 2020. Now the family has begun the AT.

What happens when a lifelong fraidy-cat sets out into the wilderness alone?


Whether you’re looking for an easy outing with the family or a challenging peak to bag, we’ve got you covered

Lots of people say they hike to change their lives. For some, that starts by changing their love lives.

Many hikers hope their treks will make them better at other sports. Instead, mine kept me from distance running for a year—a common side effect we don't discuss enough.

When you stop resisting the information sharing that causes crowd flocking, you can use it to create advocates who will protect the trails

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One thing Denver-based artist Latasha Dunston loves about living in Colorado is how inspiring the state’s landscapes are.

After devoting their spring to COVID-19 patients, two West Virginia brothers became the first identical twins to earn the triple crown of American hiking

'Tempo' pairs video footage of Kyle Richardson running the Flat Irons of Boulder, Colorado, to a soundtrack of his own music

The next time you hit the trails, skip the summits

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Five thought leaders working to make the outdoors more accessible and inviting to everyone

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The new TenNine Hike GTX looks unlike anything else on the trail. That’s because it performs unlike anything else on the trail.

Liz "Mercury" Anjos just completed a mid-pandemic thru-hike of the AT—with the help of a small, dialed support squad and a van named Pegasus

'A Grand Journey' follows Kira Brazinski, a pro adaptive athlete on a quest to conquer her childhood dream of climbing the Grand Teton

An off-trail adventure through perhaps the prettiest chunk of the lower 48

Follow these steps to spend less time stressing over the details and more time on the trail

After months of trespassing and hiding from rangers, two hikers completed the Appalachian Trail in June. Their sagas raise questions about what it means to be outdoors in the United States right now.

Thru-hiker traffic on this western trail is growing faster than the volunteer community's ability to handle it

Get off-trail just a couple hours' drive from Denver and the Front Range

For Warren Doyle, who has thru-hiked the trail nine times, it comes down to mental—as much as physical—preparedness

In the South, a series of hostels have welcomed hikers, defying trail closures and guidelines. They say they're acting on behalf of their communities.

Help keep trails open by not abusing them

I watched 40-plus hours of thru-hiking vlogs. These are the ones that are worth your time.

Be prepared for every obstacle, and save a ton of money by making your own equipment and learning how to fix your stuff when it breaks in the backcountry

Walking away from the adventure of a lifetime is hard, but it makes coming back to it especially rewarding. Here, five thru-hikers share their stories of failing and coming back for more.

Despite the coronavirus, you can legally thru-hike the Appalachian Trail right now. But should you?

Hostels are closing, volunteers are staying home, and trail organizations are advising hikers to cancel their plans

Trail dogs aren't for everyone, but trails are. As dog owners, we need to remember that.

Doctors told Trey Cate he'd never walk again after Iraq. Now he's organizing the most ambitious thru-hike of the decade.

The Juliana Trail takes hikers through remote villages and settlements in a 167-mile loop around the country's stunning Julian Alps

Up-to-date guidelines on the pros and cons of filters, ultraviolet light, chemicals, and other options

Hitting the trail has been a lifeline for the record-setting thru-hiker's ongoing battle with depression

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What are the best gifts for every type of adventurer? Hint: They’re not things.

Proving, once again, that kids don't have to slow you down

Completing the entire trail isn't the point

After being raped in Mongolia in 2015, she's using her trek to advocate for women's safety

Here's what the expanded regulations mean for thru-hikers next year

Most airlines have a policy for handling such matters. Here's how to avoid the same fate.

A new app that connects to your iPhone's pedometer will track your progress on the AT as if you were thru-hiking with 2,000 other people

This handheld, flavor-filled burrito will warm up the coldest campsite morning

The odds of dying from a falling tree are still small but maybe not as small as they used to be. Here's why—and what to do about it.

You can't technically finish the AT without a ride in Greg Caruso's canoe

She walks across entire continents. She has a Spidey sense for alligators and avalanches. And she is redefining what it means to be a modern-day explorer.

After becoming the first African American male to complete the triple crown of thru-hiking, Robinson is sharing his own experience to encourage more people to get outdoors

In May, Kirby Morrill was nearly murdered during a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Four months later, she climbed Maine's highest peak, the route's terminus.

America's parks are confronting the past in an effort to create more inclusive wilderness spaces

'Thru' tracks the traverse of two thru-hikers on Lions Head Ridge in Idaho, an unforgiving part of their hike

Morgan's Diner doesn't charge a dime for a gourmet meal, but it'll still cost you

It's not intimidating with just a tiny bit of poop prep.

Before there was 'A Walk in the Woods' and 'Wild,' there was 'The Lord of the Rings'

A few simple steps to follow to keep your pets from getting infected with Lyme disease

A new organization thinks eminent domain is the answer to protecting the national scenic trail system. Other advocates think that idea is counterproductive.

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The goal behind the LatinXhikers community is simple: share stories and inspire more Latinx people to go outside

Liz "Snorkel" Thomas, an Appalachian Trail record holder, created a 225-mile route through the Big Apple to help bring attention to the city's need for more playgrounds

Making the decision to start a thru-hike can be daunting, so let us show you what gear you should take

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From nifty ways to keep your beer cold to ingenious tricks to get the fire going, here are a few our favorite camp hacks

This week on Tree Huggers, Brad Einstein talks to some baby and fully engorged ticks about the dangers of Lyme disease

Philip Carcia hiked all of New Hampshire's 4,000-foot peaks every month for a year

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Because the end of the weekend can also mean new beginnings

He's the legs, and she's the eyes. Together they're bagging peaks and working to make the outdoors more widely accessible.

On-the-ground info to keep you safe in the backcountry

A proposed hydropower transmission line in Maine would impact the AT, wildlife, recreation, and tourism. Is it worth it?

The 1,300-mile Florida National Scenic Trail just might be the hardest hike you've never heard of

You know that special feeling when you meet a stranger during an adventure, form a bond, vow to keep in touch—and then the whole thing fizzles out? Don’t feel alone. As Chuck Thompson explains, firefly relationships are an outdoor rite of passage, and in their own strange way, they’re magic.

After several months and thousands of miles, Outside's Taylor Gee knows what works and what doesn't

Thinking about tackling the big thru-hike? Consider these four things first.

A Rubbermaid bin stocked with everything you need for camping is one of the best ways to organize your gear

For the trail's most venerable volunteer group, retirement means hauling heavy equipment and sleeping outside for days on end

Hikers around the world pulled on their boots and packs and not much else

Adjusting your pack seems like it should be simple, that is until you're struggling down the trail after not correctly dialing in the fit

In 'Hike the Line,' from Corey Robinson, these hikers share an experience that's unlike any other thru-hike

John and Alyson Kirk have crushed a long list of records in the mountains. This summer, they're chasing another one.

Making your way over an 800-mile trail through deserts and mountains in less than 16 days is no picnic—except for those gas-station resupply stops

This short video features countless hikers on trails across 17 countries, showcasing the diversity of our planet

Guthook Guides' maps and crowdsourced information have made hiking the PCT and AT immeasurably easier. But is that a good thing?

Unless you're hunting, it's a terrible idea to pack heat in the backcountry

'Scotland—Be a Part of It' shows how Scotland is still a place of wildness and adventure, as long as you're willing to look

Mary Davison didn't catch the thru-hiking bug until she was 60. Since then, she's completed the Appalachian, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest trails, and is now adding the 6,800-mile American Discovery Trail to her list.