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A painful crash helped remind one dad what really matters

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort​​​​​​​ created this video to celebrate the women of its ski-patrol team

'Too Much?' profiles filmmaker Anne Cleary reflecting on a series of decisions that led her to the mountains

'Another Way' follows skier Ian Compton's return to Vermont to set up a small homestead

The 'Send and Return' series highlights the importance of snow safety while exploring Montana's backcountry ski lines

The snowboard pioneer passed away after a battle with cancer. He was 65.

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Eight pioneering adventurers on why they call Jackson Hole home

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Synchronized snowboarding, secret shrine meet-ups, and tailgating karaoke parties? Whoever your people are, you can find them with your Ikon Pass.

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The North Face athletes Angel Collinson, Nick McNutt, and Griffin Post push their limits in Alaska

Need a break from your nine-to-five? Let your mind drift to a world of endless powder.

'Vision Quest' features skier Dylan Siggers​​​​​​​ on a backcountry trip in the powder haven of Golden, British Columbia

The trapper John Colter is credited with the modern-day exploration of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem

Salomon TV is known for dropping amazing ski segments throughout the winter season to keep us stoked on the simple act of sliding on snow

Deep snow surrounding the Mica heli-skiing lodge proves just too much for Cody Townsend, and Elyse Saugstad is left to shred without him

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How the pro snowboarder and Burton team rider balances motherhood and sending it

John Clendenin, hailed as the greatest instructor in the U.S., has some unexpected advice for skiers: forget style, practice a four-word mantra, and get to know your feet

Skier Dash Longe proves that the key to being close to great snow is moving to Salt Lake City

One of this year’s Teton Gravity Research film premieres, 'Winterland' honors the simple joy of sliding on snow

The reclusive Slovenian made two first descents of 8,000-meter peaks, including the only full descent of Everest. He died in a forestry accident earlier this week.

Our guide for which mega ski pass is the best one for you

Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, and Bryan Iguchi​​​​​​​ search for new snowboard lines in Bridger-Teton National Forest

Authorities are searching for a vandal who wrecked a popular tourist destination in Squamish, B.C.

Coaches told him he was lazy, unconventional, and his DNF records were something to marvel at, yet he repeatedly found the top of the podium

The entire chair fell from one gust of wind, which makes us feel totally safe and not at all concerned

The 'Out of Bounds' crew makes a stop at Jeremy Jones’s beautiful home mountain in Lake Tahoe, California

Forty skiers, 12 hours, more than 1,000 jumps on the first day of summer

When not in faraway, exotic winter locales, Jeremy Jones calls California's Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows his home mountain resort

A promise of sustainability helped the bid from Cortina-Milan beat out Stockholm for the right to host the Games

'Out of Bounds' co-executive producer Jeff Cutler goes dogsledding

The two hit Jones's local resort, Squaw Alpine in Lake Tahoe

A behind-the-scenes look at a documentary that follows snowboarder Torah Bright along her mountain journey from Antarctica to Alaska

Nothing completely prepares a rookie for mushing a thousand miles across Alaska in the dead of winter. But when it comes together—thanks to your dogs, your friends, and your own hard work—it's magic.

From media appearances to World Cup championships, she manages it all—with a little help from her mom

The political dispute between Russia and Ukraine combined with weather to close down the Barneo ice camp

The experienced skier fell into a deep crevasse on Monday afternoon

This segment of 'The Swiss Knife' features Fredi Kalbermatten splitboarding the backcountry around his home zone in Switzerland

Big-mountain skier Greg Hill has committed to skiing 100 summits using only his electric vehicle to get there

'The Ride,' from filmmaker Erik Peterson, follows skijorer Ebbie Hanson on her winter circuit with her horse, Zeke 

The massive waves of Nazaré, Portugal are famous for surfing—but one group of athletes has embraced a new way to engage with these waters

In the upcoming film 'Voices of Fear,' from Montage Productions, adventure athletes reflect on their own relationships with this emotion

The recent additions to the Epic Pass highlight, again, the massive consolidation occurring across the ski industry, which is driving up rents and turning mountain towns into company towns

‘My Girls’ features a group of four women on their annual ski weekend, celebrating a bond that formed in the mountains.

Photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Chapman spent time this winter chronicling a family of veteran mushers in Minnesota who have devoted their lives to the sport and their dogs

Four zones have been ranked as extreme on the five-point scale

‘Troll Wall,’ from Salomon TV, documents Kilian Jornet’s first ski descent of the Fiva route in Norway’s Romsdalen Valley

Here's where the pioneering skier sends it when she's not shredding the backcountry

Among other things, my 14 sled dogs will need 12,000 calories a day—bagged and cached along the race’s entire route—and 1,000 very adorable paw booties. This team is ready to roll.

Professional skiers Greg Hill and Chris Rubens fly, drive, and snowmobile to remote ski lines all over the globe.

‘White Dream’ profiles Thibaut Branquart leading up to the legendary dog-sledding event, the Femundlopet

Sensationalized forecasts from news anchors who appear to hate winter and have zero idea how to dress for it are keeping an increasingly inert population inside

According to a recent story in Bloomberg, celebrities and gallons of champagne are all in a day's work at Aspen. But for the rest of us, it’s not so glamorous.

Stop paying the shop for a simple task that you can do at home

The RIDE app takes aim at single occupancy cars headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon

She took home her fourth World Championships gold medal in slalom Saturday

‘A Tele Tale’ features a group of telemark skiers traveling to the powder havens of Japan, Utah, and Wyoming

‘Wallmapu’ follows skiers Piers Solomon and Rodrigo Guzman as they explore the sacred slopes of Chile.

The Spaniard posted an absurd 78,274 feet

‘Frozen Mind’ features big-mountain snowboarder Victor de Le Rue​​​​​​​ riding the epic terrain of Chamonix

‘Snowfarmers’ features a small ski hill called Plattekill in New York where snowmaking is the lifeblood of its success

According to skier McKenna Peterson, the snow spigot turned on over Montana last year, and many of her big-line objectives beckoned

‘Being Sherry McConkey’ profiles its namesake character in her pursuits as the founder of a nonprofit

We all know what the dogs do—they run—but the person driving the sled has to get ready for a brutal challenge, too. The labor required to manage and train a team is like CrossFit on ice.

Saying goodbye to the best skier the U.S. has ever seen

The latest film from Patagonia and filmmaker Jordan Manley, ‘Treeline’ explores an integral part of the skiing landscape—trees

And much of the sport’s innovation is thanks to Jeff Scott, a snowboarder turned pioneer of sit skiing

Mountain biker Pete Costain has a thirst for adventure. So it's only natural that his affinity for the outdoors was passed on to his kids.

Two men died in one of the worst inbounds avalanches in decades. What happens now?

‘The Fire That Saved Sun Valley’ features a backcountry ski guide​​ as he makes peace with a natural disaster

Cody Townsend announced that he’ll attempt to ski all the lines laid out in ‘Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America’

After decades of film skiing, he caught the ski mountaineering bug

In this installment of Salomon’s ‘Freeski Dream Trip,’ skier Michael Zaretzke travels to Georgia with Stan Rey and Josh Daiek.

A slide off Kachina Peak—steep, rowdy terrain at the New Mexico ski resort—buried two men on Thursday

Everything you need to know about the international big-mountain competition

From the Road West Traveled, ‘Abandoned’ highlights the diminishing amount of ski resorts in Colorado

Film to be based on the book about Doug Coombs written by Massachusetts author Rob Cocuzzo

‘Closer,’ from rider Antti Autti and director Iisakki Kennila, is an ode to endless freeride pow laps

This film from the BRASS Foundation​​​​​​​ provides some really helpful avalanche advice

Kelsey Malin and a friend were chasing powder at Colorado’s Monarch Mountain resort when a wrong turn sent them into the wild for 52 frigid hours

We asked. They told. In-the-know locals divulge their secret powder lines, après breweries, and hidden hot springs.