Put your adventure-doco arsenal in your pocket.
Put your adventure-doco arsenal in your pocket. (Inga Hendrickson)

7 Ways to Outfit Your Smartphone

That device in your pocket has the potential to become a full-on action cam

Put your adventure-doco arsenal in your pocket.
Inga Hendrickson
Michael Frank

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It's never been easier to stash your adventure-doco arsenal in your daypack. These seven accessories will ensure you—and your biggest fans—don't miss a thing. 

Hitcase Pro iPhone case ($100)


The Pro is waterproof down to 33 feet—handy should you plunge your device into the drink. It’ll also survive a six-foot drop onto pavement or rock. The bundled StickR mount lets you capture action-cam footage. For iPhone 6

DeLorme Earthmate app ($30)


Earthmate lets you download USGS topo maps and aerial imagery, so you can use your phone’s GPS in the backcountry. Cloud storage saves your data once you’re back in range. Android and iOS

Moment Macro lens ($100)


With superior glass and a diffuser hood that evens out light, this 25-millimeter lens reduces the distortion that plagues up-close phone pics. We used it to snap a maple tree reflected in a single drop of water. For Galaxy, iPhone, and Nexus

PolarPro PowerGrip pole ($140)


The mount fits most phones, and a battery in the handle is good for about three charges, which is helpful when shooting ski footie in power-sapping temps. 

Shure Motiv MV 88 Digital Stereo Condenser microphone ($149)


This Ping-Pong-ball-size mic collects pro-quality audio, the key to nailing any action clip. Tweak the sensitivity based on distance. For iPhone

Seek CompactXR thermal camera ($299)

(Seek Thermal)

Infrared isn’t exactly a necessity, but picking out the heat from animal tracks has its moments. For select Android and iOS devices

Manfrotto Compact Action tripod and Universal Smartphone clamp ($75 and $10) 


The tripod’s grip ensures smooth -panning on video shoots and let us deftly capture a friend buzzing across a ladder bridge on a mountain bike. The clamp kept things steady throughout. 

From Outside Magazine, April 2016 Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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