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Staying On Track: Techy Fitness Helpers

Fitness tech to measure your effort, keep you motivated, and let you know when to go hard and when to back off.

Maridav via Shutterstock

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BEST FOR: Overall Health Boost

Totally Wired

How to avoid drowining in the fitness data stream

Jawbone UP: Wear the wristband to monitor activity and sleep. Use the software—or sync with apps like RunKeeper—to parse the data and spur a healthier lifestyle. ($130)

Fitbit Flex: The wristband logs distance, calories burned, and hours slept, among others. Upload the data to your PC or smartphone to chart activity over time. ($100)

BEST FOR: Fueling Your Competitive Fire
Under Armour Armour39: A chest strap measures heart rate, calories burned, and movement to calculate a “willpower” score. Compare your efforts over time and post them online. ($150)

Adidas MiCoach Speed Cell: Attach the device to your shoe to collect pace, distance, and acceleration data, then compare with friends and online leaderboards. ($70)

BEST FOR: Maximizing Your Training
Omegawave: The device tracks seven physiological markers, and the app uses a proprietary formula to assess readiness for various intensities of exercise. ($100)

Moodscope: It sounds low-tech—a virtual card game measures your moods—but this online app is an effective way of figuring out when to push and when to rest.

From Outside Magazine, Jul 2013 Lead Photo: Maridav via Shutterstock