Ivy Le
Ivy Le is doing more than just cracking jokes. (Photo: Riley Blanks)
Forces of Good

Forces of Good: A Comedian Faces Her Fear of Nature

Ivy Le

Ivy Le was an avid indoorswoman with severe allergies and a burning curiosity about wild places. She was obsessed with nature shows but had no relationship with the natural world. So she decided to go camping and, of course, make a podcast about her experience. The result is FOGO: Fear of Going Outside, which chronicles Le’s efforts to understand what’s so great about the outdoors. Because she’s a talented comic, her approach to the most basic questions of how and why we play in the woods is enjoyable, whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a nature newbie. But she’s doing more than just cracking jokes: her humor might actually be shifting the conversation about who belongs in wild spaces. On this episode of the Outside Podcast, we talk with Le and then listen to the debut of FOGO.

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