Jeff Ament at a skatepark with kids
Ament wants to give young people a place to gather and build community. (Photo: Whitney Williams)

Forces of Good: Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament Is on a Mission to Build Havens for Young Skateboarders

Jeff Ament at a skatepark with kids

In recent years, rock-star bassist Jeff Ament has dedicated himself to developing world-class skateboarding parks in the rural American West, particularly in his home state of Montana. For him, the point isn’t just to create concrete playgrounds so kids have somewhere to rip: he wants to give young people in small towns similar to the one he grew up in a place to gather and build community. This is desperately needed. America’s youth are facing a mental health crisis that was in the making long before the pandemic caused depression and anxiety to spike. What kids in small towns could use now more than ever is real-life human connection—and as Ament tells it, this happens best in a space that they can call their own.

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