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Here's what the damage looked like

The market is still going crazy. Outdoor stocks are by no means immune—but there are some reasons for hope.

As the broader market notched modest gains, publicly traded outdoor companies continued to slide last month

Publicly traded outdoor companies saw their collective shares decline 5.9 percent in February

Publicly traded outdoor-focused companies saw their shares fall 8.9 percent in January, capping a turbulent month

More outdoor companies saw their shares grow rather than decline in October, but the industry still lags behind other sectors as supply chain concerns intensify

Outdoor-focused publicly traded companies saw their collective shares sink 6.1 percent in the third quarter, signaling a return to earth after a scorching first half of 2021

The collective shares of outdoor-focused public companies posted modest gains in August, up from July’s surprising setback

For the first time since OBJ began tracking the stock performance of outdoor-focused public companies, the industry slipped. Was it a blip or does it signal the start of a trend?

The OBJ Outdoor Index for the second quarter shows that outdoor businesses continue to outperform other industries by a wide margin

The OBJ Outdoor Index moderated in May, but it still outpaced other indices, proving that publicly traded outdoor businesses remain a safe bet

Cramer, on his popular CNBC investment show, told viewers that when it comes to stocks, the “great outdoors theme has more legs than you realize.” These are the brands he shouted out.

The latest installment of the OBJ Outdoor Index measures the gains or losses of corporations’ share prices during the past month and compares the industry’s April performance with other indices

After the co-op reported a double-digit sales decline and a net loss for the year, we took a deep dive into financials across the outdoor industry to see how the retailer compared

Investors are betting big on the outdoor industry, as evidenced by recent stock performances. Our new index provides a snapshot of public companies’ financial picture and measures the health of the industry.