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Stephanie Maez, managing director of Outdoor Foundation knows first-hand how nature heals. After her teenage son was wrongfully accused of murder and sent to jail, she sought comfort and healing in the outdoors.

Five outdoor enthusiasts joined Pocket Outdoor Media and Outdoor Industry Association for a candid conversation about if and when it's okay to use the N-word

How climate emissions programs from OIA and SIA might dilute—or amplify—each other’s goals

This week, OBJ editor Andrew Weaver took a hike with Aangeenbrug to talk about the future of OIA and how the industry has adapted to the pandemic

This week, Outdoor Industry Association hosted a call to examine the implications of the election results. Here's what went down.

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis released its annual report that lays out the importance of the outdoor recreation economy in hard data

The coronavirus crisis has strained the outdoor industry's supply chains in a major way. Here's how some brands have managed the challenge.

We all know outdoor companies are way too white. But the numbers don’t lie: Data shows that by diversifying leadership and workforce, they stand to become more profitable

In response to the murder of George Floyd, outdoor leaders have released statements condemning racial injustice and institutional violence against the Black community in the United States. Here's a running list

Her first month as OIA's executive director has tested her leadership in ways no one could have anticipated. But Lise Aangeenbrug is rising to the challenge

The nation's largest outdoor trade show, previously scheduled for June 23-25 in Denver, has been called off

On Sunday, the CDC recommended cancelling or postponing events of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks

OIA has delayed Capitol Summit in Washington, D.C., amid growing coronavirus fears

Lise Aangeenbrug will transition from ED of Outdoor Foundation to Outdoor Industry Association

In what many hope is a new chapter for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoor industry, four leading organizations unite with a public statement and commitment to do better

Outdoor Industry Association Board Chair Nora Stowell asks people to show up at Outdoor Retailer

Plus, total tariffs paid by American outdoor businesses on imports from China exceeded $1 billion for the first time ever in one month

New Mexico establishes an outdoor recreation division and equity fund for diversity outdoors

Where do we go from here on the journey toward DEI in the outdoor industry?

Industry veteran, Maro LaBlance, says the dollars we spend on booths and exhibition fees is not only crazy, it’s hypocritical, and might ultimately be counter-productive to the greater good of the industry

The Pledge, announced to a packed house at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, was intended to bring the industry together, but ignited a wave of skepticism and criticism instead

When several high-end brands joined—and then quickly defected from—Walmart’s Premium Outdoor Store, they resurrected the question “Who is the outdoors for?”

The brand has significant stakes in Montana and Nevada—too many to stay silent

As vanlife and overlanding surge, serving an overlapping consumer has brought the outdoor and RV industries into increasingly similar territory

Collaboration is key as brands and organizations think outside the box for more creative and sustainable packaging options for its products

One thing seems clear. Hikers and hunters are in this together

Utah State and other colleges offer students the chance to get a step ahead in the outdoor industry

These companies keep women front and center, whether their leaders are making comfy clothes for the trail or empowering the next generation of girls

It will sell through remaining inventory and asks fans to support some of its favorite causes

Official Outdoor Recreation Industry Offices are blooming across the U.S. How can you—and your state—become part of the movement?