Sri Lanka

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The tropical paradise, once a blighted war zone, is rapidly opening up to travelers. But is the push to boost tourism coming at too high a price?

Emerging from a 27-year civil war, Sri Lanka’s jungle terrain and white-sand beaches remain largely undiscovered. But the conflict ended in 2009, meaning there are empty (and safe) waves to be found. Head to the island nation’s southernmost tip, near the village of Gandara, where 24-year-old British surfer Jack Phillips recently opened his ­Talalla Surf Camp.

Get steeped in Sri Lanka's tea country at four new lodges in the southern highlands

A virtual tour of South Asia's pearl-shaped island.

From Caribbean hurricanes to the Asian tsunami, last year was hell in paradise. A special recovery report.

Of course they do—they get to trek with camels. But you can, too! We’ve got the COOLEST TRIPS, TOP TEN TRENDS, EXPERT ADVICE, AND BEST NEW PLACES TO GET LOST IN 2003. So what are you waiting for? Giddyup! Star…