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Need Better, Bolder Marketing Communications?

WH inc. has been connecting brands to the active explorer audience since 1969


In case you weren’t paying attention, all is not as it once was in the outdoor industry. Supply chain snafus, an increasingly dire climate outlook, throngs of newly minted outdoor adventurers, flagging tradeshow attendance, and media consolidation are all rapidly changing the landscape in our space. Each of these issues impacts the calculus of who brands market to, how often they communicate (hint: always), and the means of communication.

At WH inc., our work is to figure out how these local, national, and global issues impact your business. Our services don’t take place in isolation, but rather operate according to global conditions and trends—whether that means filling editorial and design gaps with our Luminate Media Guides; producing brand experiences that integrate sales, influencers, media, and content production; or steering clients through the evolving affiliate and pay-to-play media market.  

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We’re a potent team of PR pros, marketers, creatives, social strategists, and experiential experts partnering with brands who seek to connect with active lifestyle and outdoor consumers. Based in Seattle, Washington, with the Pacific Northwest as our backyard, we believe that passion and experience in the activities our brands support gives us an unparalleled edge in our work. Ultimately, our duty is to be our clients’ most trusted resource—a liaison between brands, influencers, and the consumers who buy the gear and experiences our brands create.

We’ve worked with Helly Hansen for 21 years, grown with Elevate Outdoor Collective as they became a global powerhouse of brands, helped usher the Danner brand from Pacific Northwest logging camps to the streets of New York City, and assisted Dometic and onX Offroad as they navigated the rapid expansion of vehicle-based adventure in the overlanding category.

Our ask for those joining us on this ride is to think creatively, be bold, and take risks in presenting your brand to the world. Our ideas and expertise are only as impactful as our clients’ willingness to be courageous, whether through design, experiences, or communications.  

If you’re interested in joining us on this journey, please reach out and let’s talk 

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