In business for 44 years along the Chattahoochee River, this shop merges surf and mountain culture in a southern state with more than ten million people

Without diluting its kayaking focus, this shop located in an historic fishing village has gradually and naturally added to its offerings over 20-plus years

The board and Stritzke agree that relationship with another outdoor industry leader is "perceived conflict of interest"

Located in the home of HomoClimbtastic, this store invites everyone to join their wacky scene—and help preserve one of the world's most epic playgrounds

This shop’s history dates back to when the owner was a kid, and since he and his wife bought it, they’ve resurrected it as a town center

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Nikwax makes it easy for retailers to carry, sell, and explain the importance of gear care and maintenance

To celebrate 50 years, this retailer sent hundreds of its customers outside as part of a six-sport contest

A few specialty outdoor retailers share why they decided to make selling hand-me-downs and offering rentals part of their store

This shop offers the best gear with the best instruction, and welcomes you to chill with the kings and queens of the backcountry (even if you’re not on their shred level yet)

5 tips to make your paddlesports department a family adventure hub

From the grand vision to the nitty-gritty details, from local jaunts to global trots, Indianapolis' Rusted Moon Outfitters will find a way to make it happen for you (and charm your pants off along the way)

Trail Creek Outfitters boasts about its brands, rewards customers with sweet perks, and raises thousands of dollars in donations for the community

Owner Jim Franks shares his secret to luring customers inside and the best places to recreate in the state

Outdoor store meets yoga studio meets art gallery at this Alaska hot spot

Half-priced, used gear helps this old school retailer fight internet discounts

Superfeet’s FitStation automates the fitting process, for better or for worse

Don't let the slight square footage of this Southern California outdoor shop fool you. It  likely carries all you need.

This hunting and gear shop caters to all of Iowa’s hikers, hunters, and fishermen

This Tucson shop invests time, dollars, and space into the brands and employees keeping it running

Gun control debate prompts REI to hold orders, MEC to sever ties with Vista Outdoor

Christine Iksic and Chris Kaminski's Pittsburgh specialty outdoor shop will open its doors officially for the first time this spring. But it's not exactly their first rodeo. They've been outfitting outdoorspeople in the 'Burgh for several years in unconventional ways

Forget cash and credit cards. This outdoor retailer accepts cryptocurrency in exchange for guided fly fishing trips and a special line of SUPs

Specialty retail isn’t the Hunger Games: everyone benefits when retailers stop viewing each other as the enemy and start working together

Simply sell gear, and equip customers for a day. Build a community around your shopping experience, though, and you’ll equip them for a lifetime

Whether you need a new tent, a solar-powered radio, a stun gun, or even a tattoo, this quirky Florida outdoor retailer has you covered

Try to be all things to all people, and end up pleasing none. The opportunity for both retailers and vendors lies in careful curation instead.

This uber-sustainable, pet-friendly, and musically-inclined retail shop is perennially on the leading edge of specialty outdoor retail

From making movies to giving conservation grants, learn how this specialty outdoor retailer has evolved into so much more than a gear shop

The brand new Bozeman outdoor retailer, Crazy Mountain Outdoor Company, was founded by an Alabama kid with deep roots in the outdoor industry

Successful online-to-offline referrals depend on accurate dealer listings. It's simple: stop giving online customers the wrong information

A host of unique charitable events and services make this three-location shop a pillar of the Maine community

Located in a remote town with only 850 year-round residents, The Mountaineer in Keene Valley, New York, reveals how it has stayed in business for more than 40 years

Brendan Madigan took a chance when his first hire at Alpenglow Sports was a 21-year-old college kid who was a regular customer. And it paid off

This family-owned, family-operated business has one mission: Get everyone outdoors. Even glampers

Often called the “Boulder of the plains,” this Kansas college town boasts a community equally psyched about the outdoors

Frugal Backpacker is helping adventurers spend less and play more

Is it possible to get a better customer experience on a website than in a shop? says yes

Technology is front and center for Terry Lee’s Amazon-focused retailer

At the gates of Yellowstone, this retailer has learned to embrace the non-local traveler, alongside the hometown expert

Dave Polivy is using big-brand marketing to boost his small shop and get around an Amazon-induced downturn

Events, customer confidence, and beer foster a tight-knit community around this local retailer

Boutique Hors Circuits, in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada, has doubled sales for its sister adventure company since it opened two years ago

The newest member of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, Maine Sports Outfitters is one part specialty retailer and one part guide service. It’s a winning combination

Onion River, in Montpelier, Vermont, capitalized on a bad winter by selling fat bikes

College entrepreneurs turned ski moguls blend web and in-store sales to give customers the best of both worlds

Backcountry Experience’s deep commitment to hardgoods and custom fitting sets them apart in retail-heavy Durango

It's the scrappiest of start-up stories: three twenty-something backpackers launched this Ohio shop seven years ago with big dreams, true grit, and 13 credit cards

We visited Taos Mountain Outfitters to see how its new owners have turned the store around

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Because nothing’s better than a cold beer after a mountain bike ride

Tom Barney shares ten “aha” moments from his first week working the sales floor at Backcountry Experience as part of The Retail Immersion Project

Your store doesn't have to close or falter when you retire. OBJ asked buyers, sellers, and financial experts for tips on passing the torch successfully

Bridging the gap between brands and shops by embedding C-level executives onto the sales floor, The Retail Immersion Project kicks off with Tom Barney and Durango, Colorado-based Backcountry Experience

OBJ takes an in-depth look at the growing business with its effect on retail, the latest strategies, and how brands are attempting to walk the fine line between vendor and competitor