No commands, rules, or directives here. Just a gentle nudge towards something truly lovely.

Maybe you should start writing a little something about your run, too

Sure, maybe you get a leg cramp. But you could also get struck by an asteroid.

An argument in favor of catching sunrises, running errands, and talking with your friends face-to-face

We let dogs out to run. We should do the same for ourselves.

Is it insomnia, or is it a tireless love for being awake?

Or: what to do when arguing with strangers

“I have shin splints,” “All of my running socks are dirty,” “I just ate a full rack of ribs and drank six Budweisers”

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Anyone can show symptoms of Male Answer Syndrome, but let’s face it—it’s an affliction commonly found in dudes

A squeeze of honey, a squirt of ketchup, and other non-solids you can toss down your gullet if you so choose

I am pretty sure no runner who has consistently won races approaches their training in this way

Missoula, Montana’s M Trail is many things. But mostly it’s just steep.

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In the words of Brendan Leonard: “I did perhaps underestimate it a tiny bit”

Doesn’t your dog deserve the best?

“Is it your interpretation that I am taking you for your walk, or would you say that you are taking me for my walk?”

Can I cut switchbacks? What about smoking on the trail? And what do I do with all those rocks?

There you are, at the bottom of a hill, on foot, or on your bike, or on skis, ready to start up. But are you really ready? Here are a few strategies you might consider. 1. Choosing More Pain for Less Time by Going Faster over Less Pain for More…

Do you jog around the block at the end of a run so your mileage equals a nice round number?

The weather is perfect. You get to do everything on your list. No one gets food poisoning or giardia or blisters.

Seven reasons from Brendan Leonard’s new book ‘I Hate Running and You Can Too’

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In praise of sand in your eyeballs, no cell service, and pooping in a box

"The time is always right to do what is right"

Zion was either going to relight my fire or be my last big rock adventure for a while. I didn’t know which.

If you've been thinking about adopting a pet, you've probably asked yourself: Would I like having a dog around the house, or would I rather have a grizzly bear? Here's a handy chart to help you decide.

The joy of being a masochistic oddball

A handful of classic reads whose titles might capture some of your feelings of these past few weeks

It's a ways down the list, obviously, compared to people doing actual lifesaving stuff

With 43,000 feet of elevation gain, 91 miles above 10,000 feet, and 63 summits, the route is not to be taken lightly. Brendan Leonard recounts one of his favorite adventures from the past decade.

What I learned from a bicycle crash when I was seven years old

No one can stop you from skiing in jeans. And really, doing lots of other things in jeans.

An ode to traveling slow on two wheels and burning just enough calories each day to eat a large pizza each evening

I mean, friends are great, but are they better than things like nachos or not getting mauled by a wild animal? That's up to you.

I was an irresponsible person who was good at getting in trouble. I asked Dave for help, and he made a bet on me: his car. In order for him to keep his car, I had to change.

Sixty percent of the time, the forecast is right every time

Helpful advice, like "break your fall with your elbows, tailbone, kneecaps, or face"