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Oahu’s Juan Oliphant and Ocean Ramsey dive with sharks almost every day. Yes, it’s their job. And, yes, they have all their limbs. Dedicated researchers, Ramsey and Oliphant operate One Ocean Diving on the island’s North Shore. Through their business, they offer visitors a chance to swim—cage free—with large pelagic animals. This occupation requires a special skill set and a few indispensable pieces of gear.

Every year, an elite group of racers gathers in the small Northern California town of Arcata. They’re not runners. They’re not cyclists. They’re not drivers. They’re much stranger than that. Their competition: the Kinetic Grand Championship, a grueling three-day, 42-mile schlep over sand, water, mud, and pavement. Their steeds: bizarre amphibious human-powered vehicles. So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the wild, crazy ride.

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