These great towns are in the middle of glorious mountains with spectacular leaf-peeping, mega views, and fun things to do...and eat...and drink

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Our national forests are brilliant, underappreciated, and uncrowded compared to most national parks. Here’s the intel on where to hike in these stunning landscapes.

From a severed hand in Yosemite to missing honeymooners in the Grand Canyon, our national parks are home to some curious and strange tales

Canada is experiencing its worst wildfire season on record, but the country’s beautiful national park system has mostly escaped them

The Wrong Way River Lodge and Cabins, with 16 sweet A-frames, is an ideal base camp for exploring greater Asheville

Recent studies suggest that water at many U.S. beaches is full of feces and too dirty for safe swimming. Plus, how to know if your beach is safe.

Some of the wildest, best beaches in the country can be found in our national parks system. These are the most spectacular.

Testing a tent, chair, table, and more from Moosejaw’s new beginner friendly collection

The beautiful scenery in popular TV series like ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘The White Lotus’ has sparked a tourism trend. Here are our five favorite locations to travel to and fun adventures nearby.

The Polaris Xpedition UTV has a fully enclosed cab and is built to carry a rooftop tent far into the backcountry. But who will actually buy one?

North America will have prime viewing when the moon (mostly) obscures the sun on October 14. These are the best places to see the magical ring of fire.

We’ve done the impossible and made a list of best hikes in our national parks. Now’s a perfect time to start checking them off, from Acadia to Yosemite.

This charming North Carolina mountain town has world-class dining, excellent beer, and plenty of mountains, rivers, and trails to explore

This new propane-powered box gives you a compelling two-for-one deal in a tidy package

Our national parks are celebrating the season (aren’t we all?) with fun and immersive special events. We've mapped out our favorites, from photo classes to great music to getting dirty helping on a trail day.

The epic winter of 2022–23 is still with us, with snowmelt causing flooding concerns in some national parks and in others roads and trails are closed for repairs. Here’s what you need to know for your summer trips.

Why be stuck behind the masses at popular parks when you can wander some of the nation’s best with barely a soul in sight?

We tested the Garmin Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar and Suunto 9 Peak Pro for months to determine which is the best

It’s not just skiers who are enjoying a banner year. Thanks to all the snow, 2023 promises to be one of the best rafting seasons ever. Check out these five great trips.

These destinations are still keen to jump-start tourism after the pandemic, so they’re offering airline tickets and other freebies. Other places will actually pay you to move there. Here are the pros and cons.

These state parks offer everything you’re looking for in a national park, only fewer crowds. See our top choices for wildlife, wilderness, solitude, and more.

National parks protect our land and a wide variety of wildlife, many of them dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are the animals and reptiles to look out for and the best ways to keep you—and them—safe.

The last thing you want while looking out over Bryce Canyon contemplating the millennia is a tourist helicopter buzzing overhead. That’s why some parks, like Glacier, are working to end air tourism.

Looking for an awesome summer job? Go to work in a national park. We’ve rounded up some of the best opportunities and smartest advice on how to land a position. 

Purchase the GoWild! Pass and you'll get an unlimited number of domestic and international flights between May 2 and September 30, 2023. But is it too good to be true?

The Happier Camper HC1 Studio isn't just pretty

While California’s storms were devastating in many parts of the state, they blew epic snow and adventure opportunities into the park. Waterfall viewings are off the charts, there are fewer crowds, and conditions are primo for backcountry exploring.

Eager to visit one of America’s national parks this year? Start planning now. Here’s all the information you need to book hard-to-get reservations.

The Mountain Hardwear Kor Airshell Warm is our tester’s new favorite layer

A raging rain and wind storm is hitting Northern California hard. The state has closed regional, state, and national parks, with partial closings of 37 others, while Yosemite braces for a blizzard.

Reliable weather apps are crucial for summer adventure-planning, so we spent a month testing dozens to find the best ones

Hiking and living in a vibrant city are no longer mutually exclusive. From Los Angeles to Atlanta, you don’t have to leave the city to get dirty on these nearby trails.

The CRKT Chogan Hammer makes quick work of campfire wood and tent stakes

We binged ‘Human Playground,’ narrated by Idris Elba; ‘Aftershock: Everest and the Nepal Earthquake’; and ‘Thai Cave Rescue,’ a dramatized account of the 2018 ordeal, to figure out which ones are worth your time

Will you want one after reading this review of the Hitchfire Ledge? Probably.

From Acadia in Maine to the Everglades in Florida, this road trip hits seven national parks, covers 1,800 miles, and guides you away from the crowds 

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We put a pair of $200-plus haulers up against a ubiquitous $14 box so you don’t have to

Once thought to be annoyingly trite, pumpkin beer has come into its own in recent years. Here are eight of our favorites.

The items that got our writer through the Steamboat Gravel Black Course

How far can professional coaches and a revamped diet take an average off-the-couch gravel cyclist? Pretty far, apparently.

The Cannondale Topstone Carbon 1 RLE is a gravel bike for mountain bikers who like to ride roads

Western national parks like Yellowstone, Zion, and Joshua Tree are among our most iconic, but it’s the journeys road-tripping in between them that provide the greatest opportunities for adventure. From Montana to Southern California, here’s how to make the most of this itinerary and avoid the crowds.

The four-part Teton Gravity Research series, premiering this week, captures incredible footage of terrifying expeditions, but it succeeds because of the compelling human stories at its heart

The store isn’t just good for bulk buys or $1.50 hot dog combos. There are some great outdoor deals, too.

If you haven’t snagged a reservation to the growing list of timed-entry parks, it might seem like a trip there this summer is out of the cards. But fret not—we found some legal ways to visit.

This Central American destination is the adventure traveler’s dream, from its jungle-covered peaks to a coastline dotted with more than 450 islands stretching across the world’s second-largest barrier reef. It’s also delightfully accessible (English is the official language and the dollar a main currency), culturally diverse, and home to historically significant Maya sites, creating a particular dynamism that's unique to the region

When life started feeling a little stale for writer Graham Averill, he went out in search of a new hobby. He found it in his Toyoya 4Runner, which he’s been converting into his very own adventure vehicle.

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The ski jacket has gotten a major makeover, but don’t worry—it still comes with the same retro design and its signature kangaroo front pocket

From Lake Placid to Cordova and some select places in between, here’s our (highly subjective) list of the nation’s best mountain towns. Before telling us where we went wrong, please take a moment to acknowledge the courage and gall it takes to attempt such an impossible feat.

Can mindful running make you faster—or at least happier?

One should be a staple in your outdoor kit

At the most recently declared national park, the adventure starts and ends with the 1,000-foot-deep New River Gorge. The 73,000-acre stretch of rugged canyon in West Virginia is home to Class IV+ whitewater rafting, some of the best rock climbing on the eastern seaboard, purpose-built singletrack, and more than 100 miles of hiking trails that capture this dramatic part of the country.

I gave my 12-year-olds the Rand McNally on our 300-mile drive from Atlanta to the South Carolina coast to impart the joys of reading an old-school physical map

It has all the comfort and features you’d expect from a high-end performance shell, but at an affordable price

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From Colorado’s second-largest state park to a midwestern tribal park, there are plenty of new wild spaces to plan to visit. Plus, Outside staffers share what they think our 64th national park should be.

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Good gear doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are five favorite pieces of gear that I tested in the past year that cost less than $70.

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