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Last week, I flew down to Chile to spend a week at Ski Portillo, arguably South America’s most iconic ski area. Surrounded by tall Andean peaks, sitting next to the much-photographed Laguna del Inca, and home to the iconic Super C Couloir, it’s a bucket-list spot for many of us in North America who are not-so-patiently awaiting the return of winter.

It’s wildfire season in the West, and we’ve seen a lot of terrifying and dismaying scorched-earth photos, but none that are quite as stunning as Stuart Palley’s. The 28-year-old photographer, based in Newport Beach, California, has spent much of the summer chasing that state’s drought-fed blazes and shooting hard-working hotshot crews, gut-wrenching property destruction, and night shots that are just as eerie as they are beautiful. To find out more about how Palley works, we caught up with him late last week while he was coming back from the Blue Cut Fire near his home.

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Like any other sport, skiing has its legends and current all-stars—those people who set the bar when it comes to what’s possible on skis. We ran into several of these icons last week at the annual SnowSports Industries America tradeshow in Denver.

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