Our businesses know they have a polybag problem. Here, we take a closer look at the issue—and a better way forward.

The Italian ski boot company hopes to recycle 30,000 pairs of used boots by the end of 2025

Clay and Meredith Diers are fitting right into the Crested Butte community and keeping the spirit of the store alive

The footwear brand has greatly expanded its KEEN Corps program, which rewards customers for volunteering and donating to charities

After 25 years of foreign ownership, the renowned compass maker is returning to its roots with the new acquisition

Planet+Purpose Solutions creates action plans for brands seeking to make sustainability a priority

Inkwell Media, a creative marketing agency, and ROAM Media, a company specializing in online education, joined the Outside family this week

The retailer is dedicating $30 million to two initiatives that will aid BIPOC entrepreneurs in scaling their outdoor businesses

The Recreate Responsibly Coalition is asking artists to put greater emphasis on responsible media creation in the outdoors

Stio’s new circular commerce program, Second Turn, works to further reduce the brand’s carbon footprint

Granite Gear co-owner and general manager Rob Coughlin hosts the 15-minute segments on Instagram Live a few afternoons a month, covering topics from DEI and conservation to the hit TV show “Naked and Afraid”

The Utah-based company is bringing steel cans to the plastic-dominated supplement industry

We’re pleased to announce several recognitions of OBJ and its contributors at this year’s Folio Awards

Kara Richardson Whitely, the author of "Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds," says the untapped plus-size market is poised for growth

WhitePaws RunMitts, based in Baltimore, scored a major retail deal this year

Snow Peak, primarily known as a gear maker in the U.S., is leaning on its Japanese traditions and community-oriented spirit to change the way we experience the outdoors

The retailer is taking over the Journeyman Lodge in Whistler, along with the lodge’s parent company, Callaghan Country Wilderness Adventures

The space race between billionaires Bezos and Musk appears to be a target in YETI’s new tongue-in-cheek advertisement in Austin, Texas

The inaugural Confluence Program will award four multi-year grants to groups led by Asian, Black, Brown, Indigenous, Latinx, and other People of Color working to protect natural places