The 23-year-old inventor on upgradable smart jackets, Zero UI, and why the Apple Watch isn’t the future of wearables

A handful of smart wearables promise to detect heat-related illnesses before they become dangerous. Trouble is, they're vastly over-promising on their abilities.

ARTCRANK, which sells limited-edition cycling posters from local artists, is hosting an event in Breckenridge this week to coincide with the USA Pro Challenge rolling through town

Telescoping front forks and articulating rear frame triangles that absorb bumps and shocks.

A rapid sequence of radical innovations, such as appeared in cycling between 1984 and 1987, the sport’s Age of Enlightenment.

The Alberto Salazar-coached runner isn’t accused of wrongdoing, but as we’ve learned from cycling, he might as well be

It's nothing like a cycling power meter and it aims to change not only runners' physiology but their form. Which, in the end, matters much more.

It wasn't because the part was defective. And the issue may affect other bike manufacturers.

Five years ago, former pro cyclist Floyd Landis filed a whistleblower suit against Lance Armstrong. Here's what you need to know about the complicated case.

Recent stock market activity may be a warning of future problems for the action-cam giant.

Cycling is finally grappling with its dark past. But until today’s pros speak out about practices within the peloton, nobody will know how far the sport has really come.

By doing so, the sport's international governing body is sending a clear message to the pro teams: You can't expect to get away with doping anymore.

An intelligent electric hub lets you go farther

The UCI claimed it had no legal choice but to approve Astana’s WorldTour license—despite the team's five recent doping positives. The result? They're sending a troubling message that long-term change is not sustainable.

After seven years of scandal, it's time for cycling's most recidivist team to exit the sport.

Bikes, boats, and boards have started coming off a printer rather than an assembly line. And that could mean better, less expensive gear for you.

With such advanced timing technology, there’s no excuse not to have a winner.

We all know Floyd Landis is a liar. But is he telling the truth this time?

The only technical layer that should be worn around the office? Nature's original fleece.

Tired of the green-product spin? Here are 11 industry leaders doing their part.

“Carbon neutral” was the New Oxford American Dictionary‘s 2006 Word of the Year. But can you define it? The mostly unregulated practice of offsetting can put do-gooders at the mercy oflatter-day Charles Ponzis focusing on another kind of green. So, a quick rundown: Carbon offsets are reductions in one place…

The first couple of mountain biking set their sights on a Beijing honeymoon

After beatiing cancer and winning the Tour de France seven times, Lance Armstrong is vowing to fight one more battle. In the face of persistent allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs, Lance says he's had enough - and over the coming months he will confront his shadowy accusers in courtrooms and legal proceedings in the U.S., England, and France. W

Have mountain-bike designers finally solved the riddle of the perfect ride?