Bikes today perform better than ever, but many are too sophisticated for home mechanics. What’s being lost?

Whatever your reason for considering an EV—your wallet, the environment, or practicality—adding an e-bike is a far better choice than replacing your current car

I’m a Denver Broncos fan. I’m also an environmentalist, outdoorsman, and bike rider who lives in a world that seems increasingly choked with oversized adventure vehicles. Can I really be both?

All helmets sold in the U.S. are subject to the same standards, so why should you pay more?

Whether you’re mountain biking or just commuting around town, a few key parts will keep you riding, regardless of the elements

Reserve’s Fillmore is a modest innovation with big potential to make life easier for cyclists

Gains in aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness come at the cost of some rider choice and equipment resilience

Some of the biggest brands will work together to pay for consumer battery recycling

The long-low-slack trend has produced bikes that handle fantastically, but versatility and fit have suffered

As road frames evolve to become more capable on various surfaces, many roadies may find a sweet spot for their riding that’s short of a full-on gravel bike

Riding kit is expensive. Here’s how to keep it looking, smelling, and performing its best.

The Australian WorldTour pro bikepacked the route from Brest to Paris

When it comes to summer spins, a light, breathable kit can make all the difference

Five clever field repairs that can salvage your day out on the trails

Studies suggest that sole stiffness doesn’t matter as much as we thought. Fit and comfort matter more.

Thankfully, at least two congressmen agree, which is why your next e-bike could be as much as $1,500 cheaper

Tourism and marquee events may face a boycott unless the cycling establishment can find an effective way to respond

A technical kit is worth the investment—but you don’t have to spend a boatload

It’s going to be another crazy year for bike shops. Get ahead of it to ensure your ride is ready to go.

Everyone says modern lids are better than ever. But because of outmoded testing and unreliable information, it's never been harder to figure out whether that's true.

Activity and sales data suggest that there are still more cyclists than ever before

Sometimes spending more money gets you measurable value. But there's a point where that stops.

Concept products push the limits of our creativity but are only helpful when they're grounded in reality

The pandemic has led to an unexpected positive—people reclaiming streets in ways that have made urban America more bikeable, walkable, and enjoyable. Preserving that will take work, but it’s worth it.

Hot wax isn't just for skis. Using it can result in a cleaner, longer-lasting drivetrain with less maintenance.

Outdoor brands are creating face coverings designed for exercise and outdoor activities like biking and running. Do you need them, and do they work? We break it down.

Compact townie e-bikes are finally gaining popularity across the U.S. Here's where they've been, where they're going, and how to get in on the rise of electric yourself.

There's a way to do it that won't end in mess and frustration

Last month the fitness giant tightened its paywall and announced it was recommitting to core users. Here's what has to happen for that to work.

Well, sort of. There's no racing on the roads yet, but pro teams are flocking to a digital version that will be broadcast to fans.

This task might seem daunting, but it's actually quick, simple, and cheap to do at home

Cleaner air, quieter streets, more people riding—there's an opportunity here for cities and cycling advocates willing to grasp it

Rugged, high-clearance, all-wheel-drive vehicles are great for getting out there—but at what cost to cyclists and pedestrians?

There are hundreds of options and a wide range of prices. Here's how to narrow it down.

Last week a paper suggested that runners and cyclists need much more than six feet. The report went viral, and backlash ensued. But there was some legitimate science behind the claims.

Increasing my visibility profile on the bike seems like a great way to improve safety. But does it matter?

Allegations of abuse have surfaced at a Bangladeshi factory whose multinational owner manufactures for some of the most popular outdoor brands we love. Here's why that should surprise no one.

Nothing (well, except powder skiing) beats staying warm on a snowy trail

Even if you're not into groad, the trend is probably improving your cycling experience

A growing body of research shows that electric-assist bikes may have profoundly positive health impacts—and not just for the people who ride them but for society

The online-cycling game has some big goals, and with the announcement of a UCI e-sports world championship, it just notched an important milestone

This weekend's Road World Championships may be your last shot for a while to see Chloé Dygert Owen and Mathieu van der Poel animate the peloton. Don't miss it.

High-end electric roadies are cool, but they won't reverse cycling's decline. What will? Affordable, urban-oriented models.

Overhead cameras accidentally caught a marijuana grow operation on a rooftop in Igualada, Spain

After two deaths and a shift in the conversation in Colorado, advocates are cautiously optimistic that change is coming

Cycling's international governing body is busy going through the motions of looking for cheating riders, but what if it just looked for the motors?

For the third year in a row, tempers boiled over at cycling's biggest race, causing two disqualifications. This time it might affect who wins.

You've heard of Ineos’s Egan Bernal, a possible Tour winner, but don't miss these other fantastic talents—both men and women

Evidence is mounting that designing cities with bikes in mind has a profound effect on everyone—not just cyclists

The company is growing fast, adding roughly a million users a month, and it has lofty goals to expand far beyond its old identity as a platform for logging rides and runs. Can it succeed?

The collaboration could answer some crucial questions about what happens to helmets during a crash and points the way forward for better testing and certification

A broken femur and other injuries forecast a long and uncertain recovery

The largest promoter in road-bike racing is backing away from what may be the sport's future

These utility bikes might just be a viable option for replacing our cars (at least some of the time)

What the media gets wrong, and why, says a lot about how our society views vulnerable road users

A secretive launch signaled that the new team isn’t going to be a softer, cuddlier version of its controversial predecessor

Oregon representative Earl Blumenauer recently introduced the Bicycle Commuter Act, which would provide a pretax benefit for riding to work. Here's what to know about the potential law.

The peer-to-peer sporting-goods rental service now wants to blend mobile and traditional bike rentals

The big-box retailer is trying to cater to cycling enthusiasts with a line of three new carbon rides. Will people buy them?

Is the new construction as effective as Trek claims? Right now, it’s impossible to say.

There are valid arguments for both wearing and not wearing a helmet. But shaming people for their choices is useless.

News that the team will keep its massive budget all but ensures its dominance at the Tour de France

Last year’s options to watch races like the spring classics and the Tour de France were good. This year’s are even better.

With bike pants this good, you’ll never ride in tights again

I witnessed history, of a sort, from my desk, watching a free livestream of the first-ever virtual race for pro cyclists

Stress-corrosion cracking associated with the Future Shock system puts riders at risk, says the bike maker, which issued a full recall of certain models last week

Probably. The good news is the culture of the sport—lauded for its grassroots, oddball vibe—will be defined by its community.

The only way to stop gear scammers is to stop clicking their links

The UCI's decision in the Brit's case may have far-reaching implications for international drug testing

In his debut novel, Joe Mungo Reed captures truths about the Tour de France, doping, and cyclists' obsessive natures. Cycling nerds, however, may notice a few discrepancies.

No more VPNs or sketchy pirate feeds. Here’s how to get almost every race in every discipline, all year, for less than $200.

In March, Under Armour announced that the accounts of more than 150 million MyFitnessPal users had been compromised. What does that mean for the rest of the workout app industry?

The enthusiastic backer of bike racing saw highs and lows of the sport

Yet as much as the boycott’s flaws undermine its likelihood of success, they also suggest a viable roadmap for the outdoor industry's future as a political force

News that the FBI is involved could be a major game-changer

Bike sharing was launched in the United States seven years ago, and it's about time we considered whether the systems are actually benefiting cities and their residents

Engineers futz with things for a ­reason: that’s how breakthroughs happen. And as these 29 products demonstrate, there’s never been a better time to mess around.

Eight weird (and legal) performance-enhancing substances that Olympic athletes have used to gain an advantage

The problem isn’t technical, it’s psychological. And we’re to blame.

An abysmal fourth quarter plunges the stock to its lowest price ever amid questions about the company's future

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