A very serious look at the most fatal critters in the country

Sixteen-year-old Noah Graham was lying down during a late-summer camping trip when he felt jaws clamp down on the back of his head. He reached back and touched a Wolf’s face.

What’s a niche adventure photographer to do when social media and technology create the perfect environment for copycats? In the case of North Shore wave photographer Clark Little, put down the coffee, assess the mayhem, and then dive right in.

What drives Lance Armstrong? Director Alex Gibney, along with producers Frank Marshall and Matt Tolmach, offers an answer, and reexamines their role in promoting his story.

Southern pitmaster Drew Robinson shares his recipe for the world’s best sunrise-to-sunrise, fat-bubbling, beer-guzzling cooking party

The Southern Foodways Alliance searches out the best hidden food personalities in the American South, tells their stories in films and oral histories, and puts their farms and restaurants on the map. We called filmmaker Joe York to find out why he works so hard to raise the profile of out-of-the-way cooks, farmers, and ranchers.

5 stories by our editors about near-death experiences and how they survived.

On September 28, 37-year-old Jeb Corliss will attempt what he says is his most challenging jump yet. He will drop out of a helicopter and pilot his wingsuit through a crack in a roughly 900-foot-long, 870-foot high rock. We called him up to find out more, and discovered he's using a revolutionary new technology to train.

Jordan Hanssen and three friends were more than three-quarters of the way through a 3,700-nautical-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean when two rogue waves flipped their boat and left them fighting for their lives.

Narrow canyons can turn into sheer-walled death traps during heavy rain. Emerging from them safely depends on smart planning, constant awareness, and, when those don't work, a healthy dose of luck.

Photographer Todd McLellan destroyed some of his favorite old gear so he could take pictures of it. We called him up to find out why.

Photographer Chris Burkard chartered a Soviet military chopper and four-wheel-drive carrier truck, gathered six of his toughest friends, and set off on a two-week exploration of the remote, wild 780-mile-long Russian peninsula. Guess what he brought back?

By the time 51-year-old Sacramento dentist Craig Stapleton jumped out of a plane on the afternoon of March 10 he had racked up more than 7,000 jumps, competed in 14 national skydiving competitions, and won one world championship. It took just one simple miscommunication to put him face to face with a grisly death.

At age 14, Zak Noyle took his first photo at a Hawaiian shore break. By 25, he was a senior staff photographer at Surfer. We checked in with him several accolades and awards later, on his 27th birthday.

On July 1, 2012, Davey du Plessis set off on a roughly 4,000-mile source-to-sea expedition down the Amazon. Two months and a third of the way in, he was attacked and left in the jungle to die. This is his story, as told to Joe Spring.

Why is Europe dominating the United States in meteorological prognostication? Follow the money.

After Sandy, attention turned to fortifying New York City. But another location on the eastern seaboard faces a more immediate threat.

Haboobs? Volcano lightning? Keep your hat on, the sky isn't falling just yet.

Joseph Welch planned to take his six-year-old son out for some canoeing in the Florida Everglades. Before they even put a boat in the water, he was fighting an eight-foot-long alligator for control of his child.

While scouting a Costa Rican jungle for the perfect location for the new Discovery show “Naked and Afraid,” 51-year-old executive producer Steve Rankin was bitten by one of the most dangerous vipers on earth, the fer-de-lance

Just after noon on the day before Thanksgiving 2011, 25-year-old NOLS student Rob Tesar unwittingly walked into quicksand in the Utah backcountry. Half a day later, he was still stuck upright, trying to stay awake.

When welder Paul Gaylord went to help his sick cat outside of his Prineville, Oregon, home, he never thought the effort would leave him fighting for his life against the Middle Ages’ most notorious disease: the “Black Death.”

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, 2013, Joe Azougar became prey to a 316-pound black bear bent on making a meal out of him. Here’s how he survived.

A great choice for beginners who want to get their money's worth and use it for touring, surfing and longer expeditions.

Clark Little jumped back into the waves of Oahu's North Shore hoping to capture the kinds of images not many get to see. Now he gets tumbled by shorebreaks full time, all for the sake of a good photo.

This week, the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards will crown the mightiest rides and nastiest wipeouts of 2013. We called surf journalist Chris Dixon, who will help pick the winners, to check in on the state of big wave surfing.

Parties meet at Base Camp after fight broke out

Sherpas and Moro team clash

Embraced dynamite and snow making

Boston Marathon wheelchair winner victorius

Activist will hold big event on Earth Day

Plan angers original supporters

Slides strike hikers in Washington

Bode Miller's brother found in a van

Wake of USADA effort spreads

Offers livestream coverage

Herd found slaughtered in Chad

Chef Riccardo Ullio, of Sotto Sotto in Atlanta, Georgia, returned to his roots and found that the most familiar thing can sometimes be the most delicious

Street View adds four of Seven Summits

The chef of McCrady’s and Husk in Charleston, South Carolina, shares an appetizer recipe that highlights some of his favorite southern ingredients

The chef of McCrady’s and Husk in Charleston, South Carolina, shares his take on one of Nashville’s favorite dishes

A Biscuits 101 class with the chef of McCrady’s and Husk

In 2010, James Beard “Best Chef Southeast” winner Sean Brock started a new restaurant to protect the legacy of a lost cuisine. He ended up sowing a revolution.

First U.S. trail race with testing

Bartender Nick Detrich, of Cure in New Orleans, mixes up a variation on a Harvard cocktail

Bartender Nick Detrich, of Cure in New Orleans, mixes up a new island drink

Bartender Nick Detrich, of Cure in New Orleans, mixes up a refreshing new drink

In the famous Crook’s Corner restaurant, Chapel Hill chef Bill Smith has mashed Eastern North Carolina maritime dishes remembered from his childhood, French cooking techniques he learned in adulthood, and just about everything else he gathered in between—which is a lot

The Chapel Hill chef shares the recipe for a dessert inspired by childhood outings on the Eastern North Carolina Coast

The Chapel Hill chef shares the recipe for his Louisiana-inspired dessert

Defeats 2012 ASP champ Joel Parkinson

Outside Adventure Grant winner paddles into Key West

Skier wins discipline a fourth time

Have not returned to Camp IV

Argues statute of limitations

Trial on worst offshore spill in U.S. history

Athlete "not a flight risk"

The science of barefoot running form hit the ground somewhat simply at first. In a January, 2010, Nature article, “Foot Strike Patterns and Collision Forces in Habitually Barefoot Versus Shod Runners,” Harvard evolutionary biologist…

Scientists previously thought that the smooth, hairless surfaces of fingers and toes wrinkled up like raisins after they got wet because water passed into the outermost layer of skin, causing it to swell. But recent studies have shown that the wrinkling is not a result of osmosis, but rather an…

The year’s biggest expeditions, events, and feats, from the deadly avalanche on Manaslu, to a whitewater first, to Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile fall

What happens when you turn the world’s deadliest sport into a competition? Welcome to the World Wingsuit League.

Shaun Martin, a Navajo cross-country coach from Chinle, Arizona, uses running as a powerful motivator for high school students who yearn for opportunities beyond the reservation. But make no mistake: these kids race to win, and they usually do.

After surfer Greg Long caught the biggest wave of his life, an undocumented 70-to 80-foot monster that formed at Cortes Bank in 2008, he shook, vomited, and cried.

This past Wednesday, a video went live on YouTube showing 90-year-old Dr. William Bell setting a world record in his age group in the pole vault. Bell cleared a height of 7 feet 2 inches to set the mark for 90 to 94 year…

In September of 2009, I interviewed photographer Chris Burkard about his photo book, The California Surf Project. Burkard set off on a 50-day road trip to capture the California surf scene with…

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