My dogs love every run, with no goals, measurements or expectations. I need that right now.

Reaching for a new level will leave you feeling sore and blah—until the day darkness turns to dancing

As spring rolls in, brands are again releasing flashy, limited-edition Boston Marathon versions of their speedy models

Topo’s super-foam-powered Cyclone 2 perfects the brand’s vision of combining the best qualities of natural-movement footwear and cushioned running shoes

The Rivera 3 delivers the benefits of Altra's footshaped fit and balanced, zero-drop design without feeling weird

The Wings of America Boston Pursuit program provides a life-changing opportunity for high schoolers to learn about college and experience a wider world

High-end materials and designs go mainstream, delivering smooth-rolling, versatile rides for every runner

We found the best kicks for connecting with the earth and setting your feet free

Skechers GOrun Razor 4 impresses with a smooth, lively ride and supportive, comfortable fit—at a bargain price

Good news: there’s a new generation of super shoes that are cheaper, just as fun, and might be better suited for your running

We ran in ten new supershoes and compared their feel and ride so you can narrow your search for the model that best fits your stride and preferences

Our first runs reveal that the Flow Velociti Elite coddles the foot and delivers a fast, easy-striding ride

Reebok’s Floatride Energy 4 Adventure delivers a road-shoe ride with just enough toughness for dirt

The Specter is a speedy super-foam trainer that supports your stance and lets your feet engage

Our first impressions say the new Tempus delivers on its promise to help guide and support, while losing none of its light, responsive, super-foam-powered ride

For most of their history, running shoes have been marketed and sold for their ability to reduce injury. That has changed.

Follow our 12-week, effort-based plans to achieve your half-marathon goals and have a great race experience

We’re expanding our running coverage, and PodiumRunner is moving over to Outside Online

Our trail shoemeliers pick the best off-road running models to pair with each trail surface

Improve your running by integrating these strength, mobility and balance exercises into your daily routine—so you'll be sure to do them regularly.

Advanced road racers, trail super shoes, and adaptable carbon fiber are some of the promises of the coming year

Three pro tips to restore your childlike joy of running fast and make speedwork more enjoyable and effective

After a frustrating year, Stinson is training stronger than ever. He and coach Dathan Ritzenhein share his strategy and workouts as he aims for a Boston breakthrough.

Learning from the best about how our bodies react to different stages of training and how to use that feedback.

As a new film comes out about his 1:59 marathon, Kipchoge talks about training, challenges, motivation and running until he's 100.

Escape the squish: On's redesigned Cloudswift delivers a secure fit, stable platform and responsive underfoot feel.

We put tough, dirty miles on these new customizable trail shoes that are generating buzz for their price tag — and find they deliver, with premium comfort and performance.

Emily Sisson and her coach share the training, key workouts, and race strategies that got her ready for her dominant win at the Olympic Trials 10,000m and headed to Tokyo strong and confident.

We reviewed the newest super shoes from each brand, testing 10 models to help you find the ride that works magic for you.

Abdi shares how he has prepared for the Tokyo Olympic marathon, how he keeps going strong, and how he always manages to bring his best game when it matters.

A great running stride isn’t learned by focusing on your footstrike or cadence, it develops as you improve your body’s strength and mobility.

The Brooks Trace is an affordable entry into the cushioned shoe experience: a neutral, lightweight, comfortable, no-nonsense trainer.

Riley’s training, under coach Lee Troop, is a lot like the marathon: Relentless. Here are 6 training principles and 3 key workouts that got him on the U.S. team and ready to push for the Games.

The cut-off time muddles the meaning of qualifying and jerks runners around, taking away much of what makes the experience great.

Tightened qualifying standards and an unprecedented cut-off time have brought qualifying marks close to the speeds required to toe the line during the height of the first running boom.

These plant-based and recycled-material running shoes are stylish, comfortable — and not ready to be your daily trainers.

Time hasn’t stopped, it just feels that way. Runners know better, and that knowledge of passing time can help us optimize each day and be present in each hour.

This spring’s hot shoe trend is simplicity: designs that deliver smooth rides and clean lines by avoiding complexity and letting their advanced materials show off.

Brooks' new Glycerin delivers dreamy plushness for luxurious comfort, with or without stability.

Spring smells like Boston, and travel, hinting at fresh possibilities that lift the spirit.

Puma returns to speed with a new line, topped by the super-foam-cushioned and carbon-fiber-plated Deviate Nitro

Why and how runners should add indoor cycling to their training and proven workouts to build strength and speed.

As scientists continue to debate what elements create super shoe magic, what do we know, and what does that mean for how you select your next racing shoes?

Three simple strategies to keep ourselves moving forward while we wait for change.

Don’t charge straight up the mileage mountain: Why you should alternate increases with plateaus and step-backs.

How creating adaptable goals can keep us in the focus of Flow during the heat of hard running.

5 Reasons to run outside all winter — and get stronger, tougher, faster, healthier and happier.

Our running footprints can make any route special with memories of growing fitness, strength and speed.

5 Reasons trail shoes can improve your stride, strength and longevity this winter.

These four strategies will help reduce strain and impact and let you keep running as you deal with knee issues.

Brooks improves the fit of the Divide, their all-terrain crossover road/trail shoe — and leaves the versatile, no-nonsense ride alone.

Winter has a way of making every run an adventure and every setting magical — offering the chance to see the world new and fresh as we get in a great workout.

Lifelong runners often stay adaptable and motivated to run their best at any age by reseting their expectations, routines and goals.

Training at race pace only hones your current abilities. You need build the pillars of endurance and pure speed to raise your peak to new heights.

It’s time we broadened our concept of running shoe stability.

If you’re looking to sooth running aches to recover faster from workouts, research shows that topical CBD could be an effective solution. Here's how we felt about these eight CBD recovery rubs.

A few running steps remind the author how integrated and ingrained running is in his life — and body.

There’s a reason you feel tired: Not knowing where the end is. How the running mindset can help, and how living through the pandemic might make us better runners.

There's never a bad time to run, but mid-day runs are easiest and have unique pleasures — in one runner's opinion.

This replay of the original Skechers Performance running shoe evokes memories, and a desire to take them out on smooth, speedy runs.

Doctors confirm, 2020 has caused an increase in runners getting injuries. Don't be one of them.

This updated Topo Ultrafly provides an exceptional fit and a ride that blends comfort, stability and performance.

Those who persist and succeed in the sport always say they weren't that good—but they got better.

A parent’s guide to the best ways to help your cross country runner succeed and enjoy the sport.

Watch a cross country race and you'll be reminded of all that is good in the sport.

3 Keys to finding enjoyment and satisfaction in alternative activities.

3 Ways for "slow" distance runners to comfortably incorporate max speedwork into our running.

A doctor’s question reveals how completely the sport is woven into one runner’s life.

Want a quick, safe way to run faster? Increase your cadence to build efficient speed.

Want to personalize each workout to be the best one for you on that day? Ditch the recipe and learn to season to taste.

These high tech sock options will keep you cool, dry, blister-free, supported, and comfy, while staying completely out of the way.

Time-trial PRs aren’t the same as “real” PRs. Who cares?

A "best buy," the Reebok Forever Floatride Energy 2 delivers a soft-and-bouncy ride in a light package with an improved fit.

You know that pain that’s been bugging you for months? Now’s the time to get it diagnosed, get rid of it, and start solving the underlying issue.

New understanding of the importance of fit, comfort and shoe movement puts the top of the running shoe center stage.

We tried the coolest running shirts on the market to let you know how they handle the heat.

Expert tips to break out of a running rut and let your body discover a more efficient stride.

Embracing both sides of your running personality can help sustain you for a lifetime.

6 Strategies to help you stay focused, dig deep and taste success when racing alone.

To convert resolutions to reality — in running or society — requires commitment to creating new habits that lead to consistent action.

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