Our existence and mission depend on these open spaces, and rarely have they come under such threat.

Your Outdoors, Your Vote

The future of the wild places we love could very well be decided on November 6. Presenting our guide to the politicians, ideas, and news you should know—before filling out your ballot.

The Issues

It's up to Republicans to bring it back to life and make it better than ever

Five bills approved by the House Committee on Natural Resources during a chaotic news cycle could weaken the historically popular environmental law

Jeremy Miller

We sent a writer to check out the alleged uptick in damage to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument post President Trump's decision to shrink it


Last December, when the Trump administration announced its decision to shrink Bears Ears National Monument, a crack team of Native American attorneys armed themselves with a lawsuit that ensured tribal voices will lead the legal battle to overturn it. Abe Streep reports on a historic case that will reverberate for generations.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will offer up nearly 4 million acres of public lands for lease this year, much of it for dirt cheap

Now that the mines have closed, the small towns of Emery County, Utah, are dreaming up an ambitious plan: A veritable outdoor playground with a new monument and more than half a million acres of designated wilderness. Can this scheme convince other towns to transition from extraction to recreation?


Proposition 68 aims to fund parks and outdoor spaces where it'll make the most difference—in urban areas. Will voters buy it?

The Secretary of the Interior's idea to support public lands with oil and mining leases isn't just wrongheaded—the numbers don't add up.


Now that the House Natural Resources Committee has fallen under Democrat control, it could mean real oversight for the Department of Interior, says Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva

The People

Leah Sottile

A new bill would strip the president of designating new monuments in the state—an idea that has already come to fruition in Alaska and Wyoming


Salt Lake City’s Jackie Biskupski faces one of the most conservative congressional delegations in the country, but that’s not stopping her from trying to push her city into a future of clean air, renewable energy, and (hopefully) deep snow


The conservative Utah Congressman wants to fully fund our national parks and our public lands. Huh?


Nominee Raymond David Vela seems to care about making our national parks more accessible

What You Can Do


Non-partisan midterm elections guidance from key environmental organizations

They don't vote. Why are the people most concerned about climate change some of the least likely to show up in November?

While political and legal battles rage over the future of our national monuments, one of the most important things you can do is go see them—and then share your experiences widely. Here are some of our favorite adventures. 


Newly created state offices are promoting outdoor recreation as a major contributor to local economies and the public good, but they need a lot more support to be successful


America's proudest tradition should never be used as an excuse for anti-American politics

Alex Honnold

The pro climber and free soloist extraordinaire went to D.C. to tell politicians we want to preserve the wild places we grew up with—and not turn them into radioactive tailings ponds