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In this episode of Wildly Wyoming, Micayla and Tyrhee put their Ford Bronco to work in the mountains before rendezvousing with the other teams

Nearly half a million listeners download ‘Tooth and Claw’ each month. Can the show also help save the animals it profiles?

They’ve long been blamed for ruining cycling for everyone else, but they’re the only ones still pedaling for pedaling’s sake

As a woman in a male-dominated sport, knowing your worth as a ski shop employee is essential

A new documentary, ‘Walking Two Worlds,’ chronicles Quannah’s rise in fashion alongside her activism on behalf of the climate and her Indigenous community in Alaska

Whether you’re looking for a breezy podcast to keep you company on the trail or a hefty novel to pack on your next big trip, you’ll want to move these new releases to the top of your queue

Max Lowe made a big splash in 2021 with ‘Torn,’ a documentary about the death of his famous father, alpinist Alex Lowe, and how it shook and shaped his family. These days, he’s forging ahead with ambitious projects—including a new film about the restorative power of climbing—in the next stage of his career.

We may have botched the relationship reveal, but I care deeply about my friend and don’t want to lose him

Outside’s ethics columnist weighs in

A podcast exploring solutions to the Colorado River crisis, a film about a leading advocate of Title IX, and more

I want my two-year-old to grow up loving the outdoors, but I also want him to be safe. ‘Scouts Honor,’ a powerful new Netflix documentary about the horrific history of child sex abuse in the Boy Scouts of America, left me feeling angry, sickened, and permanently doubtful that the organization should be part of his life.

In an adaptation from his new book, ‘Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything is Changing—Including You,’ Outside contributor Brad Stulberg outlines a path for longevity and persistence in sport

Our Semi-Rad columnist recently entered fatherhood, a transition that has him wondering if his two personalities—alpine athlete and regular dad—can peacefully coexist

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Planning a trip to the Great Lakes? We tapped sustainable travel enthusiast Emily Kay for her tips on how to create an eco-minded itinerary for your next visit to Michigan.

How hiking with my canine companion gave me a new perspective on adventures.

We first connected over a love of riding bikes—is it possible for us to find a compromise here?

Three life lessons from a teenage make-out over a bonfire

When your most cherished childhood experience becomes impossible for your own kids, there’s only one choice: recreate it for them yourself

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A Sugarbush ski and bike patroller shares his blueprint for living well in Vermont's Mad River Valley

I’m an experienced solo backpacker, but she’s a marathoner and a natural athlete

Do I like planks any more than I did at the start of this challenge? Ehhh...

Yes, we saw the Barbie movie. But we also got caught up on other recent film releases, enjoyed some summer tunes, and knocked a few books off of our reading lists.

Outside’s ethics columnist weighs in on the great cairn debate

When college gymnast was cut from her dream sport, she was still determined to be the hardest worker in the room

The history of freeride mountain biking takes center stage in the new feature documentary from Outside Studios and Freeride Entertainment

The Army veteran found a way to give back in retirement, through his love of dogs

Even a familiar place can deliver a dose of the unexpected

Sometimes a quick brush with danger can feel almost transcendent

DiGiulian just wrote her memoir while running her own business, making movies, and chasing tough climbs. Here's how she balances it all.

Microadventures are short, sweet, simple, and above all, accessible. Build more of them into your life this year.

In the grueling wake of a natural disaster, an aid worker finds the energy to keep going

During his first wilderness job, a chance encounter with a bear left the wildlife biologist with a profound respect for nature that has endured ever since

She’s always asking me to volunteer in our community. I wish I could help, but I have a busy job and two young kids. 

Feeling out of shape? Maybe you should run up and down a mountain three times.

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Yes, you can visit your bucket-list outdoor destinations without breaking the bank

The new documentary on freediving is gorgeous and thrilling. But it won’t transform you into a freediver, writes our articles editor.

Having a child doesn’t mean the end of exploration outdoors. These women writers modeled that for me—and taught me new ways of thinking about risk and reward.  

After an alarming encounter on a trail, getting a dog helped me enjoy running again

Should a reader feel guilty about booking a short-term rental in a town beset by the housing crisis? Outside’s ethics columnist weighs in.

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We posed your top questions to our resident outdoor nudist funhog

The lesbian lumberjack of the internet started chopping wood on TikTok as a joke. But in the process she became the role model her younger self had always wanted.

The massive cleanup clears tons of garbage from Oregon’s public lands

A documentary about a historically Black summer camp, the new podcast from Serial Productions, essential books about pirates, Netflix specials featuring Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Viola Davis, and more

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Hitting the road with your family offers plenty of good times in the moment—plus important takeaways for the future

Am I being overprotective, or dismissive of something my wife finds meaningful?

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It turns out everyone loves riding in a Defender—even black bears

These humble blue straps may have been designed for rafting, but their utility is (almost) as limitless as your imagination

There are two types of mountain athletes in the world

Three decades after her father died, the theater director healed her relationship with him through his favorite hobby: gardening

There’s a reason the acclaimed author wrote his latest book in the voice of a stray dog: it enabled him to run free all over an imagined seaside park

Plus, what to do if your off-leash dog is making someone anxious

We talked to one of America’s best young writers about race and culture. The subject was an essay that helped fundamentally change our understanding of the challenges that historically marginalized people face in the outdoors.

Dogs explore the world with their mouths. That can be dangerous on the trail.

The environmentalist drag queen found the community they craved as a queer teenager at a YMCA summer camp. Now they’re determined to share that experience with as many LGBTQ+ kids as possible.

The executive producer of Netflix’s new cycling docuseries explains how hard it was to film at the Tour, and whether or not women will appear in future seasons

A Black southerner who grew up during the dying years of Jim Crow journeyed north as a young man to pursue life as a writer and scholar. Fate brought him back, and he fell in love with a troubled part of the state known around the world as the birthplace of the blues.

The new Netflix series is road cycling’s best opportunity in decades to expand its audience

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Chasing whitewater around the country has taught this couple how to maximize joy on the road to adventure

A collection of essays about agriculture and water pollution, the latest survival reality show, a podcast about clothing, the new ’Legend of Zelda’ game, and more

We have lots of fun when things go smoothly, but he gets in terrible moods if they don’t

The brand’s new campaign, featuring drag queen Pattie Gonia, struck a nerve with conservatives. The company’s continued support of the LGBTQ+ community despite the backlash has real impact.

In his new book ‘The Swine Republic,’ environmental scientist Chris Jones tells hard truths about Iowa’s agricultural industry and how its farming practices contaminate water thousands of miles away

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Head to South Dakota for an outdoor-centric road trip the kids will be telling stories about for years to come

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Follow this meandering point-to-point tour through Southeast Montana’s most otherworldly and storied landscapes

Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi’s new film, ‘Wild Life,’ captures the saga of Doug and Kristine Tompkins, whose devotion to conservation and each other led to the creation of extraordinary national parks in Chile and Argentina

At the end of my mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, I realized I needed to handle my sorrow the same way I approached athletic training

These odd scraps of property tell us more about ourselves than we realize.

Our beloved pups have caused countless accidents, moments of horror, and sleepless nights

Virginia Sole-Smith’s new book, ‘Fat Talk: Parenting in the Age of Diet Culture,’ takes an unflinching look at fatphobia and how it affects our collective ideas about health

When the mixed media artist feels alone, there’s one place that always offers her the comfort and support she needs: the wilderness

The iconic film festival is celebrating its 45th year this weekend. Here are the documentaries we’re most excited to watch.

Lots of people struggle to find new friends for outdoor activities. But taking initiative (and acknowledging your awkwardness) goes a long way.

Nature and nurture both contribute to a dog’s lifespan. Bobi, the world’s oldest dog, is a perfect example.

Barking and lunging outbursts can put a damper on life with your pup, but there’s hope for calming your canine

Chinese Crested dogs are speedy, high-energy, always ready for adventure, and… well… naked

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Adventure dad Jacob Moon shares his advice on the most important part of parenting—spending time together outdoors