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We may have botched the relationship reveal, but I care deeply about my friend and don’t want to lose him

Our Semi-Rad columnist recently entered fatherhood, a transition that has him wondering if his two personalities—alpine athlete and regular dad—can peacefully coexist

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Planning a trip to the Great Lakes? We tapped sustainable travel enthusiast Emily Kay for her tips on how to create an eco-minded itinerary for your next visit to Michigan.

We first connected over a love of riding bikes—is it possible for us to find a compromise here?

Three life lessons from a teenage make-out over a bonfire

I’m an experienced solo backpacker, but she’s a marathoner and a natural athlete

Do I like planks any more than I did at the start of this challenge? Ehhh...

She’s always asking me to volunteer in our community. I wish I could help, but I have a busy job and two young kids. 

Feeling out of shape? Maybe you should run up and down a mountain three times.

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We posed your top questions to our resident outdoor nudist funhog

The lesbian lumberjack of the internet started chopping wood on TikTok as a joke. But in the process she became the role model her younger self had always wanted.

These humble blue straps may have been designed for rafting, but their utility is (almost) as limitless as your imagination

There are two types of mountain athletes in the world

Plus, what to do if your off-leash dog is making someone anxious

We have lots of fun when things go smoothly, but he gets in terrible moods if they don’t

Lots of people struggle to find new friends for outdoor activities. But taking initiative (and acknowledging your awkwardness) goes a long way.

We bet you've never heard of some of these dog breeds

No commands, rules, or directives here. Just a gentle nudge towards something truly lovely.

Maybe you should start writing a little something about your run, too

The controversial late fashion designer will be honored at the 2023 Met Gala tonight

Whether they’re for yourself or for someone else, here are some tips for taking NSFW photos in nature

Some experiences are unforgettable for both very bad and very good reasons

In her podcast, ‘FOGO: Fear of Going Outside,’ Ivy Le takes on the great outdoors—very, very reluctantly

My sport is a huge part of my identity, but I’m not as good as I hoped I’d be. What if this is my peak? 

An argument in favor of catching sunrises, running errands, and talking with your friends face-to-face

5 tips to help you feel less critical and embrace your body

We let dogs out to run. We should do the same for ourselves.

He’s a big fan of survival shows, and I have a hunch he’s trying to recreate one on our trips

I used to be the life of the party, but now I’m having trouble meeting people

Is it insomnia, or is it a tireless love for being awake?

Our difference in perspective is causing tension as we plan the next big adventure

When Leo Babler was born with a rare and deadly genetic disorder, his parents reshaped their lives, moving to the mountains, building out an adventure van, and making sure their son experienced the most beautiful wild places in the country during the time they had

What do you do when the mind wants to heal but the body has other ideas?

I want to add a storage unit, but he says it will sully the view

Consider these our anti–New Year’s resolutions 

In that low moment when he realized his far-flung journey wasn’t going to be what he imagined, there was only one thing to do: let out the gas

I know he means well, but I hate to see him waste money on something I'm not that into

My friend is building a yurt and asked me to live with him, but I’ve always thought there might be something more between us

Or: what to do when arguing with strangers

Traveling with a mix of people can lead to tension. Here’s how to defuse a tough situation.

“Midnights” is about self-loathing, revenge, falling in love, and falling apart—all elements of the outdoor lifestyle

The Tour de Elon (gasp) would mean more than just “minor changes” to the world’s most famous bike race

He likes to cozy up to animals and take their pictures. I prefer to keep my distance.

I think she may be in it for appearances. Plus, I really miss paper towels.

Major League’s postseason is about to start. If you’re into the sport like I am, you know that, whichever team you pull for, following this game is a workout.

There are those moments when you think: maybe I’m no smarter than a trash panda. This is one of them.

“I have shin splints,” “All of my running socks are dirty,” “I just ate a full rack of ribs and drank six Budweisers”

When it feels like each choice leads you down a different path, it can be challenging to choose one at all

How much could you get done in a day if you were also trying to cram in a one mile run every hour on the hour?

We worked seasonal jobs to make enough money to spend the rest of our time traveling and feared a white-picket-fence life. But now they've all put down roots, and I still have the same lifestyle.

“Cooler hunting” may be Alaskans’ new favorite sport

She wants to show me the ropes. I want to cheer her on from the sidelines. What should I do?

You’ll need an ATV, throwing hatchets, strong lungs, a chainsaw, a snow machine, beer, a water gun, and neighbors who just can’t stop pissing you off

Oh, your Tinder date climbed the world’s highest peak? I’m unimpressed.

Trying to wrap your head around the depth of the rapidly expanding pit in South America? We’ve broken it down in terms our readers understand—like fly rods, climbing ropes, and breakfast burritos.

Is one person’s way of having fun inherently better?

Can a relationship survive a grand adventure? That was the big question hanging over two novice sailors as they set out on a voyage off the coast of New England.

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Spot moose and wolves, wander old-growth spruce forest, and choose from more than 3,700 miles of hiking trails throughout the province

And what to do when your girlfriend won't hike with you but plans to hit the trails with her friend

In his inaugural column for Outside, the ‘Parks & Recreation’ star sounds off on Henry David Thoreau, emasculation, and bullying in the outdoors

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Enjoy the best of Texas nature, wildlife, and parks on a luxury escape brought to you by H-E-B Field & Future products

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Dogs have always been man’s best friend, but these pups and their humans are taking it up a notch

Relationship dynamics in the outdoors are hard; getting out with friends can help

You've spent ages preparing for a trip, but now it's right around the corner and you're having second thoughts

The loss of a big toenail sent Outside columnist Brendan Leonard into an existential crisis—but maybe not for the reason you think

For 38 months, Rowlf brought love, slow meandering walks, and dog ice cream cones into writer Brendan Leonard's life. And now Rowlf is gone.

Weight-loss discussion in outdoor forums can inadvertently reinforce the idea that there's a "correct" kind of outdoors body. What should you post about where?

Is there something about adventure and risk that opens our hearts? Absolutely.

From paddling a river during a forest fire to improvising a 62-mile trail run after a race cancellation, here are the most hilarious, heartwarming, and jaw-dropping outdoor meet-cutes gone right

“I went into this relationship happy to share my experience with someone new to the sport, but lately I just feel like an unpaid guide when what I want is a partner”