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Outdoorsy people always have the best stories about dating. Some of them are wild enough to make national headlines.

While it may not be free-soloing El Cap, comedian and skier Katie Burrell takes on a daunting challenge in her home during quarantine

If you've been thinking about adopting a pet, you've probably asked yourself: Would I like having a dog around the house, or would I rather have a grizzly bear? Here's a handy chart to help you decide.

Sometimes the best thing for a relationship is to let it go

Wade Holland teams up with pro kayaker Brad Ludden​​​​​​​ to share hilarious tips on how to train for the spring runoff—without leaving home

Staying home as much as possible is the most useful thing we can do

It's a ways down the list, obviously, compared to people doing actual lifesaving stuff

'Shred It in Place' explores how iconic, untouched routes like the Kitchen Traverse can make this time just a little more bearable

You're taking the virus seriously, but someone in your household is still grabbing beers with buddies. Here's how to handle it.

Satire: In desperate need of provisions before the coronavirus hit her area, Eva Holland set out on a journey—alone and unsupported

With 43,000 feet of elevation gain, 91 miles above 10,000 feet, and 63 summits, the route is not to be taken lightly. Brendan Leonard recounts one of his favorite adventures from the past decade.

What I learned from a bicycle crash when I was seven years old

No one can stop you from skiing in jeans. And really, doing lots of other things in jeans.

An ode to traveling slow on two wheels and burning just enough calories each day to eat a large pizza each evening

Don't let your insecurities stand in the way of what you want to do

I mean, friends are great, but are they better than things like nachos or not getting mauled by a wild animal? That's up to you.

Adventures take a lot of planning. But what if all that stress means you don't go at all?

I was an irresponsible person who was good at getting in trouble. I asked Dave for help, and he made a bet on me: his car. In order for him to keep his car, I had to change.

Sixty percent of the time, the forecast is right every time

Helpful advice, like "break your fall with your elbows, tailbone, kneecaps, or face"

A supposedly fun thing I would absolutely do again

What do you do when your parents' political views directly impact your life?

Number 4: Leave it in the car, preferably under the seat

In 'A Walk with Dad,' filmmaker Ryan O'Connor and his father walk and talk about the grief of losing their mother and wife

And what to do when it's time to break up with your climbing partner

Because going back to the work after the holidays is hard enough already

Presents you can give no matter how far apart you are

Everything is easier to understand with visuals

Spoiler: there are a lot of naps

For when buying the first round isn't quite enough

The case for giving gifts you personally swear by—even when it’s a humble stick of deodorant

The husband and wife directing team open up about the life and work that they’ve created together—and where it all goes from here.

'Let's Talk' follows tech-minimalism evangelist Chris Andrews on a journey by foot across the United States

What makes a good gift so memorable? Our editors recall their favorites.

It’s far better than the alternative

You'll be running down the road in no time

Rule one: if it ain't broke, don't fix it

Getting hurt outdoors means you're exploring your limits

"Avoid pooping your pants at all costs"

The founder of the organization Disabled Hikers is making the outdoor industry more accessible one trail guide at a time

A handy guide to a very important question

In this film from Spindrift, climber Heather Weidner​​​​​​​ attempts her fifth 5.14 sport climb in Saint George, Utah

Better to drift apart with love than to strangle a friendship by trying to make it work when it doesn’t

We hope you’ll enjoy your time here at Tequila Beach

It’s a lot of travel for little reward

How to handle the ups and downs of nomadic life

How to handle ego in its many (sometimes potentially deadly) forms

What do you do after getting turned down by a dream job? Keep getting turned down.

It's not easy, but you don't have neglect your love of being outside to have a fulfilling career (and not go broke)

Want to be an asshole with a hill to die on? Here are some tips and tricks to get you there.

What to do about a friend who's uptight about splitting expenses and a date who's uptight about bodily functions

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park, where literally everything is lethal

You can teach confidence and a love of physical activity—but it starts with keeping weight out of the conversation

And other funny shit that happens in the woods

Brendan Leonard reads an excerpt from his new book

Two climbers commiserate over the hypothetical, much worse situations they could find themselves in than the one they’re in right now

Or, the story of how I ate snacks and felt pain

How to share your passion for solo adventure without feeling judged or defensive

A short film about one woman’s experience downriver

The adventurer takes us through self-doubt, being a dad, and learning to stick with it