Miyo McGinn
But a dedicated group of women is pushing the iconic freeride mountain-bike competition to open its doors

In Durango, Colorado, the cycling-crazed locals have rallied behind their hero and his pursuit of a landmark victory

Despite overwhelming concern for his physical well-being, writer and longtime road cyclist Tom Vanderbilt wanted to see what it felt like to take to the air

The Tour of Spain has been marred by crashes, acts of sabotage, rider protests, and plenty of controversy

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In this episode of Wildly Wyoming, Micayla and Tyrhee put their Ford Bronco to work in the mountains before rendezvousing with the other teams at Popo Agie Campground

Electric and gasoline-powered scooters are changing the vibes in the Big Apple’s soaring network of bicycle lanes. And columnist Eben Weiss isn’t happy bout it.

A YouTube influencer who claims to pack heat on his rides has articles editor Frederick Dreier fearing a dystopian future for American bicyclists

Chloé Dygert’s win in the individual time trial on Thursday came after years of injuries, surgeries, freak illnesses, and personal setbacks

How Dutch phenom Mathieu van der Poel overcame an emergency mid-race bathroom break to win pro cycling’s biggest one-day race

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Fjällräven partnered with Specialized to create a line of gear that makes bikepacking easier, more comfortable, and more fun

Special Counsel Jack Smith loves endurance sports, and we have the skinny on his multisport passion

Columnist Eben Weiss explains why the bike path becomes more congested—or empty—depending on the Big Apple’s changing conditions

The biggest stage race in women’s pro cycling wrapped up over the weekend. Here’s what you need to know.

A hit-and-run left the cyclist unable to stand on his own two feet—until he decided he could

The cyclist has become a focal point for the debate about trans women in sport

A team manager’s rebuttal to doping accusations led to an even bigger kerfuffle over booze

Sometimes the Tour becomes a boxing match, and Jonas Vingegaard versus Tadej Pogacar has been a battle for the ages

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With incredible access to alpine adventures and in-town activities alike, it’s hard to beat Reno in spring and summer

A paltry few Americans race the Tour de France these days—despite the fact that junior bike racing is booming on this side of the Atlantic. A new plan aims to shift America’s Tour participation into high gear.

The sport had previously allowed trans women to compete if they maintained low testosterone levels for 24 months

Costly crashes, American close calls, and a victory salute that will make you cry—the 2023 Tour has produced plenty of memorable moments

Saturday's crash is just the latest in a long history of over-eager fans and too-close spectators causing chaos on the Tour de France.

The Slovenian superstar is injecting a heavy dose of humor and goofiness into sport that often takes things too seriously

Owen Blandy, the chef for team EF Education–EasyPost, preps and cooks for 16 hours each day to feed hungry cyclists at the world’s biggest bike race

The Tour’s current leader once worked in a Danish seafood packaging plant to make ends meet

Organizers have included hills and big mountains in the Tour’s first week. The format has made the opening stages must-see TV.

Thumbtacks on the roadway, twin brothers battling for the win, and an ‘Unchained’ Netflix storyline that continues to evolve

Want a room at the only hotel on Mount Teide in the Canary Islands? You’ll have to battle stars of the Tour de France to get one. Two British ex-pats came up with a solution to pro cycling’s battle of the bedrooms.

Only a few squads are chasing the yellow jersey—the others are pursuing stage wins or the final podium at the world’s biggest bike race

Tour de France cyclists follow a specific schedule to prepare for the big race—and it includes plenty of time at high altitude

Six U.S. riders will line up for the start of the men’s Tour de France on Saturday, July 1. The women’s Tour lineup has yet to be announced.

On an epic mountain-biking adventure, the Outward Bound instructor found belonging on remote trails

The 26-year-old cyclist fell during Stage 5 of the Tour de Suisse on Thursday

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This is your chance to win $10,000 for the trip of a lifetime

The Big Apple has changed a lot since 2009 with the introduction of bike lanes, micro-mobility gadgets, and the CitiBike program

Finding biking after her divorce put the size-inclusive cycling advocate on a course to falling in love with herself again

After suffering a traumatic brain injury in a mountain-biking accident, they found their real estate job intolerable. Taking a bold chance at a new career changed everything.

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First impressions from Christina Chappetta and Jason Lucas

Competitive cycling—even at the amateur level—can teach you a lot about bikes, yourself, and life

Facing the loss of a close friend, the Kenyan cyclist and road-safety advocate found refuge in his community

A disagreement at the Vuelta Femenina has thrust the unwritten rules governing bathroom breaks into the spotlight

The Talking Heads frontman wheeled up the runway on a titanium commuter bike

The ’burbs get a bad rap—sometimes justifiably—for sprawling streets and car culture run amok. But city life presents biking challenges that are just as unnerving.

With the first part of their first race day completed, we pick back up for part two of the five-part enduro. Tensions run high. Nerves are showing.

With the introductions out of the way, we welcome back viewers to the Pinkbike Academy House, located at Big White Mountain in beautiful British Columbia

Pedaling a Softride PowerCurve reminds Eben Weiss of the era when mountain-bike technology was taking shape—and producing wacky innovations

Challenging solo trips can be immensely rewarding. Just ask competitive bikepackers, who ride grueling courses through the backcountry carrying everything they need to survive to the finish line.

After suffering a brain injury in a freak crash, the bike racer learned that the best way to manage his challenges was to face them everyday

Fueled by fearmongering and phony rhetoric, plans to force cyclists to obtain licenses are not new—but they are ridiculous

The cyclist had taken pride in never having a serious accident. Then a fall showed him how to measure progress bit by bit.

How three-time Xterra world champ Lesley Paterson cowrote the new adaptation of ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

After a devastating accident, the mountain biker realized that getting back on the trail meant accepting discomfort and unpredictability

Some cyclists are drawn to advocacy while others remain uninterested. Eben Weiss explores biking’s political divide.

Following the historical route of the Black soldiers who bikepacked across the American West in 1897, he realized how strong they were—and how strong he is

In 2020, my wife contracted COVID and never fully recovered, but when she learned about the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, it became a source of hope

The Finnish driver traces his cycling passion back to a misadventure on two wheels

Monique Parmalee—best known as “Pua Mata” on the U.S. mountain-bike scene—was also a mother of two. She was struck and killed by a motorcyclist on Wednesday.

How did one of the best young bike racers in the country wind up dead in an Austin apartment? Our writer unravels the tangled story of a crime that shocked the world.

Max Nerurkar, mountain biker and artist, shows the similarities between his town passions in ‘Making Marks’

The king of the Tour de France’s green jersey may be at a crossroads in his career

Ten of the world’s best amateur riders battle it out for a pro contract from Orbea Bikes and a $30,000 prize purse

A new bike advocacy group is asking cyclists to deflate the tires on SUVs. Eben Weiss believes there’s a better way to push for safe streets.

Ten of the world’s best amateur riders battle it out for a pro contract from Orbea Bikes and a $30,000 prize purse

Van Vleuten dominated the 2022 pro cycling season, which culminated with her victory at the inaugural Tour de France Femmes

Ten of the world’s best amateur riders battle it out for a pro contract from Orbea Bikes and a $30,000 prize purse

According to Italian newspaper ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport,’ the Tour is swapping Paris for the French Riviera due to the race’s overlap with another major sporting event

Talk to the victims of crashes and their families, and they’ll tell you: when a motor vehicle injures or kills a bicyclist, the American justice system lets drivers off the hook

Ten of the world’s best amateur riders battle it out for a pro contract from Orbea Bikes and a $30,000 prize purse

Ben Soja’s amazing ride from 2018 still stands alone in the record books

Ten of the world’s best amateur riders battle it out for a pro contract from Orbea Bikes and a $30,000 prize purse

Ten of the world’s best amateur riders battle it out for a pro contract from Orbea Bikes and a $30,000 prize purse

The off-road pro completed the 55-mile route—which has 8,000 feet of climbing—in 5:50:38

In a pre-trial hearing, a Texas judge struck down her attorney’s attempt to toss evidence gathered by police

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These unsuspecting riders got a taste of trailhead tailgating with no drawbacks (and loved it)

Columnist Eben Weiss wonders if bike advocates are too focused on vehicle size, when it’s the actions of the driver that are most important

Ten of the world’s best amateur riders battle it out for a pro contract from Orbea Bikes and a $30,000 prize purse

A longtime cycling advocate offers advice on how to assist your local off-road stewardship program

An ultra trail runner and a big-mountain skier find a new home on the bike, which helped them heal mentally and physically