Climbing permits are up, expeditions are welcoming more women, and new technology is changing the timeline for getting to the top. These are some of the storylines we’re following during the 2023 season on Mount Everest.

After close calls in combat zones and on mountaineering expeditions, the journalist is taking a very different kind of journey

Stranded at Alta Ski Area for eight days, the author experienced record snowfall and thundering avalanches—and yeah, some pretty amazing skiing

Nanuq, a one-year-old Australian shepherd, went on an epic adventure across the Bering Sea before he was miraculously reunited with his family

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Snowpack and trail damage on the North Rim prompted the Park Service to delay opening until June 2

The gear designer thought her career was over was stricken with chronic fatigue syndrome. But a decade-plus of recovery work has resulted in her best creations yet.

Sixty-seven percent of all new vehicles will need to be electric by 2032

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Now entering a designated Dark Sky Sanctuary

With the first part of their first race day completed, we pick back up for part two of the five-part enduro. Tensions run high. Nerves are showing.

With the introductions out of the way, we welcome back viewers to the Pinkbike Academy House, located at Big White Mountain in beautiful British Columbia

The climbers were navigating the Khumbu Icefall when a serac collapsed above the glacier

In his daily conversations, diet, business practices, and play time, Jones is always working for the planet

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In Fiji and 99 other countries, the same Sawyer water filtration technology used by outdoor adventurers is helping to solve the global water crisis

Cyclists, snowboarders, and trail runners unite to discuss their journeys to climate action in this three-part series, which is playing on Outside Watch now

The disabled surfer struggled with insecurity until the waves and a friend helped him to accept his entire self

As a sponsor of the 2022 Defender Service Awards, Outside is helping to support the critical work of this nonprofit, which also gets to take home a brand-new Land Rover Defender 130

Chasing the elusive permit fish is an exhausting endeavor for the most seasoned anglers. So why would a total newbie even try?

A recent storm dumped feet of powder on Little Cottonwood Canyon, shuttering some of the state’s most iconic resorts

When it comes to advocating for adaptive athletes, the climber and National Park Service employee will never hold back

Pedaling a Softride PowerCurve reminds Eben Weiss of the era when mountain-bike technology was taking shape—and producing wacky innovations

The outdoors are for everyone. Here’s our best advice on how and where to go camping, hiking, and backpacking if you’re just getting started.

The marine biologist learned the hard way that we have to give people hope when it comes to the health of our planet

The Gwyneth Paltrow ski trial has come to an end, which means our national brain break is over

In collaboration with Backpacker, this is our guide to wild ursines

Ross Reid, under the name Nerdy About Nature, has been steadily gaining traction for his fast-paced, good-natured ecology lessons

A powerful experience in the mountains showed the Native athlete that some things will never be understood

As permits on western rivers become harder and harder to get, one reader wants to take matters into his own hands

After over a year of effort, Sharma clipped the chains on Sleeping Lion, his second 5.15c. We caught up with Sharma to hear more about his process, training, and how he’s managed to balance his family, career, and climbing goals.

Completing a winter journey on the Appalachian Trail convinced the fun-loving thru-hiker that he can accomplish whatever he dreams up

Submissions open in May 2023 for the first-ever Outside Awards, a new winter-focused competition for photographers and filmmakers, with $40,000 in prize money.

Editor Adam Roy explains why his ultralight four-legged friend is the ideal backpacking companion

By swapping out bagged potatoes for loose ones, and eggs in cardboard cartons instead of styrofoam, you’ll lighten your environmental footprint

When the love of her life died in the mountains, the pro skier learned that navigating loss meant accepting that things will be messy

Challenging solo trips can be immensely rewarding. Just ask competitive bikepackers, who ride grueling courses through the backcountry carrying everything they need to survive to the finish line.

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This is the unexpected vacation you didn’t know you needed

After suffering a brain injury in a freak crash, the bike racer learned that the best way to manage his challenges was to face them everyday

Bishop recently suffered catastrophic flooding, and officials are asking visitors not to travel to popular crags

During a climbing trip in Greece, the adaptive athlete saw the possibility for shared experiences that can truly change our way of thinking

Like all intense hobbyists, hikers start Instagram pages just for their adventures. Why not integrate it into the rest of your life already?

Like many winter sports, Wisconsin's American Birkebeiner cross-country ski race is facing climate change induced headwinds

A quick rundown of the court case that is dominating headlines this week

It took a powerful experience on a glacier in Iceland for the scientist to see reason for hope in a rapidly transforming world

Friends pay tribute to an icon of the Yosemite climbing scene

Fueled by fearmongering and phony rhetoric, plans to force cyclists to obtain licenses are not new—but they are ridiculous

There’s no more difficult or uncomfortable physical challenge than holding your breath underwater for an extended period

Losing her dad on 9/11 led to years of struggle. Then the skier reconnected with the happiness he’d given her by hauling ass down a mountain.

Two hikers died and more than ten required rescue after heavy rains inundated Buckskin Gulch

When the mountain guide was caught in an avalanche, he was sure it was the end. But deep inside himself he discovered the will to live.

Volunteers in Montana recently dug a migration corridor through chest-high snowdrifts. They hope the passage prevents bison from being struck by motorists.

A scientist from the University of Colorado explains why the presence of human bacteria on the South Col represents a groundbreaking discovery

The cyclist had taken pride in never having a serious accident. Then a fall showed him how to measure progress bit by bit.

When Scott Pirsig’s close friend Bob Sturtz suffered a stroke deep in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, Pirsig had no choice but to leave him in the wilderness and make a desperate sprint to get help

A proposed law would require hikers who ignored warning signs or walked on closed trails to reimburse the state for SAR

The sport’s only nonagenarian shares his story—and wisdom—from decades on the trail

Shiffrin tied and then broke Ingemar Stenmark's World Cup wins record over the weekend

Bigfoot seems to pop up in a lot of places, but he sure is elusive when it comes to having his photo taken.

SAR crews in Oregon discovered the trapped motorist after he used his ingenuity to send an SOS signal

After this mother of seven miraculously survived a violent car crash, she found a new purpose in climbing high-altitude peaks

A state-by-state guide to climate change impacts already unfolding, and how to get involved in local mitigation and resiliency projects

We can save this planet.

Our hiking columnist has spent more than a quarter of the past four years on trail. Every morning out there, without fail, he eats another perfect packet of Pop-Tarts.

The photographer and filmmaker was told his spinal injury meant no more mountain sports. But learning to play like a kid made anything possible.

How three-time Xterra world champ Lesley Paterson cowrote the new adaptation of ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

Why do we keep skiing, despite the crowds, the cost, and the unpredictable conditions? Spend an entire day on a chairlift and you’ll find out.

Rescue crews in SoCal are already warning hikers to skip the snowy San Jacinto Mountains

After a devastating accident, the mountain biker realized that getting back on the trail meant accepting discomfort and unpredictability

After the enormous earthquake in February, one group of Turkish mountaineers headed east, to help in any way they could

Some cyclists are drawn to advocacy while others remain uninterested. Eben Weiss explores biking’s political divide.

The bloodsuckers are waking up—and biting—earlier each year

There's a lot of outdoor misinformation out there, and we're on a quest to quash it

You don't always need fancy gear or expert guides to get out there and explore.

How to handle plastic bags, batteries, milk cartons, metals, and...bowling balls

“Since he’s never said anything explicitly romantic, wouldn’t it be presumptuous to tell him I’m not interested?”

While snowshoeing through the woods, the somatic counselor encountered an unexpected therapy for her own depression

In Aspen, Colorado, and other alpine communities, the future depends on making sure the weirdos and oddballs are still welcome

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Following the historical route of the Black soldiers who bikepacked across the American West in 1897, he realized how strong they were—and how strong he is

Despite rising costs, surging crowds, and shorter winters, people still flock to the mountains. What keeps us coming back?