An evolving climbing world has new standards but shouldn’t tarnish historic achievements

The long-dreaded I-70 construction has begun and is slated to continue through the winter

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Just one year in, the Montana-based upstart is earning outsized levels of ratings and high-mark reviews across all models and spanning the industry

On a winter thru-hike of the Ozark Highlands Trail, Jeff Garmire contended with snowstorms, swam a river, and bushwhacked paths overgrown with bramble—and discovered the rugged heart of one of America’s lesser-known long trails

A bizarre rescue in Michigan has eerie similarities to a 2022 incident in Washington State

The pro skier turned psychiatrist lost his four-year battle with cancer over the weekend

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From cruising through town to shredding in the mountains, North Lake Tahoe has the trail network and varied terrain that every cyclist is chasing

The new jobs program will hire 20,000 young adults to boost climate resilience and environmental justice

Veteran hikers call it the “Middle Blues.” You have already hiked an impossibly long distance, and somehow still have an impossibly long distance to go.

Chris Warner’s historic achievement was claimed “just for the fun of it”

The gear shop owner is the new president of the Prezzies

Vertical World and Perfect Descent manufacture settle with climber who sustained a 30-foot fall 

As Republican legislators fail to reach a deal with the fringe of their own party, the National Park Service and normal people who depend on it prepare to suffer

Our list includes a pair of doughnut thieves in Alaska, a selfie taker in Colorado, and the tripod of Orlando

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Watch competitors expose the roots of their outdoor passions and push to bag more points in episode three of Wildly Wyoming

Sustainability 101 says only buy what you need. But when it comes to electric cars, that rule doesn’t always apply.

The climber is in critical condition following gear-ripping fall on pitch four of The Great White Wall

Nothing says “for better or for worse” like forcing your wedding guests to trek 60 miles to a ceremony deep in the jungle

But a dedicated group of women is pushing the iconic freeride mountain-bike competition to open its doors

Climbers reported on the new crack that broke open near Royal Arches—but not before they climbed it

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The top nonprofits win a customized Land Rover Defender 130 and a pile of cash. Cast your vote starting on September 15 to help choose this year’s winners.

In Durango, Colorado, the cycling-crazed locals have rallied behind their hero and his pursuit of a landmark victory

Late season snow damaged trails and delayed start to the season, pushing hikers into hotter summer conditions

What really happens to you when you spend months trekking the Pacific Coast Trail? Getting tired and filthy is just the start of it.

“It is amazing to be above ground again,” the grateful U.S. researcher told reporters from a stretcher on Tuesday, September 12

Our hiking columnist recently suffered a painful accident while traversing the Continental Divide Trail

The live footage from Katmai National Park usually shows grizzlies. But on September 5, a man appeared on the livestream and mouthed “help.”

We caught up with Lindsey Vonn to chat about recovery, sleep, and who she’s watching this winter

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Never hit the road without these trusty adventure-ready items

Storms dumped rainfall across Utah. One hiker died and another required rescue.

The internet is flooded with clips of people making bad decisions at America’s oldest national park. Backpacker editor Adam Roy thinks the latest cringeworthy clip is the worst one to enter the oeuvre.

We tested more than 300 products to help you separate the best from the rest

Flooding at the festival brought out the best and worst in attendees. Here's an eyewitness account.

Despite overwhelming concern for his physical well-being, writer and longtime road cyclist Tom Vanderbilt wanted to see what it felt like to take to the air

The author of ‘How to Prepare for Climate Change’ shares his takeaways from summer 2023

The attack occurred during an organized bear hunt in northern Sweden

Artificial light makes it impossible for most people in North America to see the Milky Way. But we don’t have to live like this.

Dogs who stay active live longer—and there’s no better way to stay active than hiking. Keep your pooch on the trail with a lot of love and a little veterinary help.

Belgian ultrarunner Karel Sabbe just shattered the fastest known time for a supported trek along the iconic pathway

The Tour of Spain has been marred by crashes, acts of sabotage, rider protests, and plenty of controversy

The cyclone drenched Nevada’s Spring Mountains, causing flash floods, landslides, and heavy erosion. Now, recreation areas and ski resorts are closed.

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In this episode of Wildly Wyoming, Micayla and Tyrhee put their Ford Bronco to work in the mountains before rendezvousing with the other teams at Popo Agie Campground

An sudden and powerful wind gust caused the freak accident

Electric and gasoline-powered scooters are changing the vibes in the Big Apple’s soaring network of bicycle lanes. And columnist Eben Weiss isn’t happy bout it.

The official explanation for the fee increase is rather macabre

Over eight million acres of public lands are gridlocked by private property. When a group of hunters jumped from one plot of federal land to another, they ignited a debate around just how much a landowner can control.

Hawaii’s climate and ecology have changed in the last few decades, bringing fire to a landscape that hasn’t evolved to withstand it

Why even bag it if you’re not going to carry it out?

A YouTube influencer who claims to pack heat on his rides has articles editor Frederick Dreier fearing a dystopian future for American bicyclists

A climber dealing with severe mental health issues finds solace in a rescue dog—who has terrible manners at the crag

You say yes, of course. But what about those other wild opportunities that you’re not so sure about?

It’s not all doom and gloom. There’s good news about climate, too.

Officials in Savoie recently warned hikers to stop harvesting protected species of flowering plants from the hillsides

Heat-related deaths are on the rise across the Southwest, with multiple tragedies occurring in U.S. national parks

America’s most classic hiking route is generally a safe place for an adventure. But not always.

The Sourdough and Blue Lake Fires shut down the only road through the park, and crews are working to protect populated areas from the blazes

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Competitors expose the roots of their outdoor passions and push to bag more points in episode three of Wildly Wyoming

Everything you need to know about your fire-making technique, including when you should use the tepee method versus a log cabin stack

As extreme temperatures blaze across the nation, parks are taking extra measures to keep visitors safe

After wildfires devastated the town of Lahaina, mutual aid and community support have proven to be more robust than governmental aid

A 37-hour rescue mission ended on Tuesday after officials in Indonesia located six of the missing seven people. The search continues for an Indonesian sailor who disappeared.

Here's what to consider when hiking with a four-legged friend

A team of four recently crossed all 2,350 miles of the Mississippi in 16 days 20 hours and 16 minutes

The ruling says the state has an obligation to provide residents with “a clean and healthful environment”

The boy said he was moving out of the way of people taking photos when he lost his grip and fell

The delinquent black bear—who is actually a female—was finally trapped by officials near South Lake Tahoe

Call him crazy, but our hiking columnist loves climbing hills. A fifth of the way into the epic Continental Divide Trail, he’s got some ways to improve your form, function, and mental performance on the ascents.

When W. Ralph Eubanks began exploring his family’s homeland, he fell in love with it—and came to understand how this troubled part of the state gave birth to the blues

A quick, easy-to-understand summary of how hunting animals for their hides, horns, and antlers benefits wildlife conservation

Chloé Dygert’s win in the individual time trial on Thursday came after years of injuries, surgeries, freak illnesses, and personal setbacks

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Heights, tattoos, rain, and tears. In episode two of Wildly Wyoming, the three teams of Bronco ambassadors break out of their comfort zones.

A proposed price increase for backcountry access in Zion could raise fees by as much as 400 percent for some groups

There’s been a series of encounters in recent weeks. Research suggests that killing bruins isn’t the best way to prevent attacks.

How Dutch phenom Mathieu van der Poel overcame an emergency mid-race bathroom break to win pro cycling’s biggest one-day race

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With an abundant coastline, green initiatives guiding change on both peninsulas, and trail-filled forests that cover more than half the state, Michigan is made for eco-minded travelers

Backpacker editor Zoe Gates sets off to discover if chatbots are the solution to our trip-planning woes

The Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon monument will protect thousands of square miles from uranium mining

Will Peterson overcame downpours, flooding, and his own hectic schedule to smash the unsupported FKT on America’s oldest thru-hike