2022 Holiday Gift Guide Food and Drink
(Photo: Inga Hendrickson)
2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Classy Winter Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

Add some cheer to your gift list this year

2022 Holiday Gift Guide Food and Drink
Inga Hendrickson

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Hydro Flask Serving Bowl ($55)

Hydro Flask Serving Bowl
(Photo: Courtesy Hydro Flask)

Every outdoor-cooking enthusiast needs a bowl big enough to throw together salad for four. This three-quart container includes a lid, and its double-walled construction keeps hot dishes hot.

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Golden Rule Spirits Canned Cocktails ($20 for four)

Golden Rule Spirits Canned Cocktails
(Photo: Courtesy Golden Rule Spirits)

The canned-cocktail scene is out of control, which is why we are thankful for this deliciously simple 3.4-ounce margarita and old-fashioned from Golden Rule. They slap like real cocktails, boast a high-octane alcohol-by-volume rating, and contain fewer than five ingredients.

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Kati von Lehman Rose Coffee Mug ($32)

Kati von Lehman Rose Coffee Mug
(Photo: Courtesy Kati von Lehman)

This hand-thrown mug is so bespoke that the maker can’t confirm exactly how many fluid ounces each one holds. That wonderfully imperfect handmade geometry, coupled with the matte rose finish, creates a mug as beautiful as it is comforting.

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Our Place Perfect Pot ($165)

Our Place Perfect Pot
(Photo: Courtesy Our Place)

This 10-by-5.5-inch nontoxic enameled cast-iron pot handily replaces eight single-use cooking devices (a stockpot, a Dutch oven, a saucepot, a roasting rack, a steamer, a strainer, a braiser, and a spoon rest) and does a better job than each of them. Give the best gift of all: declutter the kitchen of the chef on your list.

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uKeg GO 64 Carbonated Growler ($119)

uKeg GO 64 Carbonated Growler

Go ahead and consider yourself the most popular member of any camping, ski, or hiking trip when you show up with a GrowlerWerks 64-ounce uKeg GO topped off with carbonated goodness. Affordable, lightweight, and easy to use, the genius carbonation system automatically maintains freshness and optimal carbonation for weeks. Plus, the double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation keeps beverages refreshingly cold all day.

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Gray Whale Gin ($40)

Gray Whale Gin
(Photo: Courtesy Gray Whale)

Unexpected ingredients like kombu and almonds give this gin an umami kick. We loved this remarkably balanced drink so much on the rocks that we didn’t bother mixing it with tonic. Once empty, the bottle made an attractive impromptu vase on the kitchen sill.

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Omsom East Asian Sauce Sampler ($29 for six sauces)

Omsom East Asian Sauce Sampler
(Photo: Courtesy Omsom)

Buckle up for wildly flavorful, easy-to-nail East Asian meals. Each of the ready-made dinner-sauce packets—like Japanese yuzu miso glaze, Korean spicy bulgogi, and Chinese spicy mala—will help you bring these favorites into your repertoire.

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Aplós Hemp NA Spirits ($48)

Aplós Hemp NA Spirits
(Photo: Courtesy Aplós)

Aplós partnered with James Beard honoree and master mixologist Lynnette Marrero to create a non-alcoholic spirit that delivers nuanced flavors with yuzu, rosemary, basil, cucumber, and dandelion. Perhaps the best part is that it provides a slight head buzz that leaves you with none of the ill effects of drinking booze: Its 20 milligrams of broad-spectrum hemp delivers a light lift without the heavier high of its THC counterparts.

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Wonder Valley Olive Oil ($36)

Wonder Valley Olive Oil
(Photo: Courtesy Wonder Valley)

A beautifully thought-out meal can be quickly ruined at the last step if finished with bland olive oil. Thankfully, Wonder Valley created this peppery and herbaceous olive oil from sustainably grown young olives. It livens up everything from simple greens thrown into a bowl to a soup cooked for days.

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These Are The Days Heirloom Wheat Pancake Mix ($15)

These Are The Days Heirloom Wheat Pancake Mix
(Photo: Courtesy These Are The Days)

Pancake mix is the perfect adventure companion. It’s high in activity-fueling carbohydrates, a breeze to transport, wildly easy to make, and objectively delicious. Unfortunately, many of these mixes are an over-processed gut bomb. In contrast, all of the grains in this heirloom wheat pancake mix are 100 percent stone ground, so they retain all of their nutritional value and the mix stands out for its depth of flavor.

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Shaquanda Will Feed You Hot Pepper Sauce ($10)

Shaquanda Will Feed You Hot Pepper Sauce
(Photo: Courtesy Shaquanda Will Feed You)

We’d wager one bottle of this delicious hot pepper sauce that you won’t find a savory food its spice won’t elevate. It is a true put-on-everything sauce thanks to a completely balanced mix of ingredients: hot chili peppers, onions, ginger, lemon juice, horseradish, turmeric, mustard, and apple cider vinegar.

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CamelBak 25-ounce Wine Bottle ($30)

CamelBak 25-ounce Wine Bottle
(Photo: Courtesy CamelBak)

The slowed-down pace of camping makes it the perfect setting to enjoy your best bottles of wine. Do those bottles justice by decanting them in this vacuum-sealed 750-mil container. It will keep them at their ideal temperature, regardless of the weather, and is much less likely to fall over thanks to its grippy silicone base.

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Acid League Big League Vinegar Kit ($60)

Acid League Big League Vinegar Kit
(Photo: Courtesy Acid League)

Do you have someone you are buying a gift for that loves to cook, and already has a completely stocked kitchen? Blow their minds with the truly unique flavors—Meyer Lemon Honey, Garden Heat, Apple Cider Maple, Mango Jalapeño—in this cooking vinegar kit that can dramatically change any flavor profile.

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From November/December 2022 Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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