The Love Story That Saved 15 Million Acres in Patagonia

Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi’s new film, ‘Wild Life,’ captures the saga of Doug and Kristine Tompkins, whose devotion to conservation and each other led to the creation of extraordinary national parks in Chile and Argentina

When you're stuck under water, escaping alive requires maintaining calm and making all the right choices.

Inside a Sinking Submarine

Among the world’s harrowing marine survival stories, the strangest might be a crew’s escape from one of the earliest submarines

A figure hiking on a rocky ridge is silhouetted in front of a full, bright yellow moon in a dark purple sky.

Finding Magic in the Night Sky

You don’t have to be an astrology buff to believe that the moon and stars have a special kind of power in our lives

tornado in Oklahoma

The Storm That Changed Everything

When the largest tornado ever recorded touched down in central Oklahoma, storm chasers, meteorologists, and thrill seekers were expecting a show. What they got was a deadly lesson in the power of nature.


Why We Hold On to the Climbing Gym

How have these indoor spaces have become hubs for the outdoor community?


A Bold Rescue on a Moab Cliff

When a BASE jumper slammed into a red-rock tower and his parachute snagged on a ledge, there was only one way to save his life: go up and get him.


The Best Worst Accidents

Some experiences are unforgettable for both very bad and very good reasons


So a Comedian Walks Into the Woods ...

In her podcast, ‘FOGO: Fear of Going Outside,’ Ivy Le takes on the great outdoors—very, very reluctantly


A Foolhardy Quest for the Holy Grail of Fly-Fishing

Chasing the elusive permit fish is an exhausting endeavor for the most seasoned anglers. So why would a total newbie even try?


What We Get—and Don’t—from Adventuring Alone

Challenging solo trips can be immensely rewarding. Just ask competitive bikepackers, who ride grueling courses through the backcountry carrying everything they need to survive to the finish line.

There’s no easier way to make someone uncomfortable than sending them underwater for a long, long time.

Just Try Not to Breathe

There’s no more difficult or uncomfortable physical challenge than holding your breath underwater for an extended period


A Race to Save His Dying Friend

When Scott Pirsig’s close friend Bob Sturtz suffered a stroke deep in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, Pirsig had no choice but to leave him in the wilderness and make a desperate sprint to get help

Two people sit on a ski lift while it snows. They are seen from behind, and their faces are hidden.

What You Learn During Seven Hours on a Ski Lift

Why do we keep skiing, despite the crowds, the cost, and the unpredictable conditions? Spend an entire day on a chairlift and you’ll find out.

A person in a pink bunny suit on skis flies through the air, spread-eagled.

To Save the Soul of a Mountain Town

In Aspen, Colorado, and other alpine communities, the future depends on making sure the weirdos and oddballs are still welcome

Collinson raising the sail on Sea Bear as she departs the Cayman Islands for Panama

Why Skier Angel Collinson Quit at the Peak of Her Career

She was one of the world’s best big-mountain freeskiers—and then, suddenly, she decided she was done

Cody (a white man with long dirty-blond hair, wearing a hat, sunglasses, and ski gear) sits on snow in front of a large, snowy rock face. He flexes his left bicep.

When Cody Townsend Let Go of His Ego

For an episode of our new podcast, ‘The Daily Rally,’ the professional skier talks about learning to get out of his own way while on an expedition in Alaska

Emily (white woman with red hair, wearing hiking clothes and holding trekking poles) stands in front of Crater Lake, with mountains in the background.

A Wild Mission to Visit Every National Park in One Year

Emily Pennington wanted to see it all. But life on the road was fiercer than she ever imagined.

On the right, Jim Harris looks to the right, the sun on his face. On the left, psychedelic mushrooms are on display.

How Psychedelics Helped a Paralyzed Athlete Walk Again

After suffering a brutal accident while on a kite-skiing expedition expedition in Patagonia, Jim Harris’s painstaking recovery took a sudden leap forward when he had an experience with magic mushrooms

In an illustration, a figure with light skin and long brown hair pushes an oversized shopping cart full of raw meats.

A Vegetarian Runner’s Quest to Become a Meat Eater

Endurance athlete Mallory Arnold was struggling with extreme fatigue when her coach made an unexpected suggestion: start eating meat again

A smiling woman wearing a fur hat and gloves is immersed in icy water. She hugs a chunk of ice to her chest as an inflatable flamingo looks on.

An Exhilarating Dip in the Bone-Chilling Sea

For a community of hardy souls in Maine, there’s no better way to feel fully alive in winter than immersing yourself in the frigid Atlantic

An illustration of a white woman with long brown hair looking dejected, walking on a large red hamster wheel against a turquoise background.

The Messy Reality of Forming New Habits

Figuring out how to get better sleep and more excise and is hard—which is why we tried out some new programs for you

A one-centimeter figurine of a ski jumper looks ready to sail off the end of a banana, against a solid blue background.

Why Cold Pizza Is (and Isn’t) the Perfect Ski Snack

If you’ve ever seen a skier pull a hot dog out of a jacket pocket while on a chairlift or devour a towering plate of nachos back at the lodge, you know that few athletes chase calories harder than skiers

Red toy car with a christmas tree tied to the roof on a snowy winters day

Holiday Adventures Gone Wrong

Escaping the craziness of the season to head into the wild can sound amazing—right up until that overnight snowstorm crushes your tent.


The Real Magic We See in the Northern Lights

Witnessing the Aurora Borealis can feel like you’re glimpsing another world. For some people, that’s exactly what’s happening.

A white ghost bike leans against a streetlight. It bears a sign that says

What Happens to Drivers Who Hit Cyclists

Talk to the victims of crashes and their families, and they’ll tell you: when a motor vehicle injures or kills a bicyclist, the American justice system lets drivers off the hook

A ski patroller in a red coat stands on a snow-covered ridge, with mountains lining the horizon behind them. They are holding their skis and poles.

Weekend Read: The Supposed Dream Life of a Ski Patroller

Racing around a mountain resort sounds like the ultimate adventure job. But with housing and other costs soaring, getting paid in fun is no longer cutting it.

Maizie and Legend in 2016

Weekend Read: The Adventures of a Pony Named Legend

He was born to a herd of wild horses on an island off Virginia and found his way into the heart of a little girl on the dusty trails of the Southwest.

US and Finnish soldiers training in Sodankylä

What it Takes to Survive a Winter War

As Ukraine prepares for months of frigid conflict with Russia, its troops might look to another nation that held its own against the Red Army in the cold: Finland.

Carr sailing in the Bahamas in 1981.

Weekend Read: An SOS from the Middle of the Ocean

Richard Carr was halfway across the Pacific, alone on a yacht, when he began sending frantic alerts that he was being kidnapped by pirates

David Quammen is an older white man with a gray mustache. He is standing in front of a snowy mountain range wearing an orange baseball cap. He has his glasses hanging from his mouth and looks pensive.

Humanity’s Most Confounding Survival Epic

The Covid-19 pandemic is a survival story—but instead of one human versus a wild animal or a snowy peak, it's all of us against one tiny virus.

Letting one rip

Weekend Read: The Obsessive Dedication of the World’s Greatest Rock Skipper

Kurt Steiner has dedicated his life to skipping stones, developing a technique to produce throws that defy the laws of physics

Bear Grylls stands in the forest wearing a dirty rain jacket, backpack, and climbing rope. He is squinting and not smiling.

Bear Grylls Wants to Talk About Your Mental Health

The exuberant king of survival TV insists that our wild adventures are about more than just chasing fun—they are the keys that get us through the struggles of our everyday lives

A black-and-white woodcut-style illustration of a bear attacking a man. The man lays face down on the ground with his hand on a sword. The bear's paw is on his back.

He Fought a Bear with a Pocketknife

Alone in the wilderness, facing a grizzly that was determined to kill him, Colin Dowler had only one option: fight for his life.

The Thunder tries to escape by charging through a perilous patch of ice fields in Antarctica's Southern Ocean.

A Perilous Chase on the Open Sea

It began in the waters off Antarctica: a crew of eco-vigilantes found the illegal fishing ship they’d been hunting. It wouldn’t end for some 10,000 miles, when one of the vessels sank.


What I Learned About Survival and Motherhood from Two Lambs

Farmers aren’t supposed to get emotionally attached to their livestock. But when you suddenly find yourself caring for two newborn sheep, these things happen.

Abigail holds the scorpion that stung her in a vial. The scorpion is less than an inch long.

Paralyzed by a Scorpion in the Grand Canyon

When a rafter was stung by a scorpion, she assumed she’d be fine. Within hours she lost her ability to see or speak clearly.

John John Florence on a sailboat.

The Unshakeable Spirit of the World’s Greatest Surfer

John John Florence has remarkable physical talents, but his greatest asset as an athlete might be his enduring positive attitude

A contestant on Alone wears a fur hat inside a structure and smiles.

Why You Can’t Stop Watching Survival TV

There’s a reason that shows like ‘Alone’ hold our attention: we can’t help but imagine that it’s us out there.

A white woman with blonde hair looks directly at the camera, crying quietly. She is wearing a white tank top.

Why Outdoor Sports Make You Cry

Spoiler alert: It’s not because you’re a wuss.

A juicy hamburger and fries sit on a table with a map, compass, and pocket knife.

Why Outdoor Adventures Make You Crave a Giant, Juicy Burger

There’s a reason a strenuous outing makes you desire a greasy mound of meat: it has a lot of what your body needs

Pam and Eric at a gallery opening in 1993

Summer Read: They Chose Death over Life Apart

Eric and Pam Bealer were living in a cabin in rugged coastal Alaska when they made a dramatic decision: they would exit the world together

An illustration of a white man with a shovel standing on top of a mountain, over text that says

The Obsessives Who Hunted Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

When retired art dealer Forrest Fenn hid a chest full of a million dollars’ worth gold, rubies, and diamonds in the Rocky Mountains, he sent thousands on a journey of desperation

An illustration of an angry man with a beard on a bicycle waving a wrench above his head.

Summer Read: My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dream Job

Leading cross-country bike tours was supposed to be the ultimate escape from the monotony of normal life. Instead it was a kind of torture.

(L to R) Viggo Mortensen as Rick Stanton, Joel Edgerton as Harry Harris, Tom Bateman as Chris Jewell, Colin Farrell as John Volanthen, and Thiraphat 'Tui' Sajakul as Capt. Arnot Sureewong in THIRTEEN LIVES, directed by Ron Howard, a Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film.

How Viggo Mortensen Became a Cave-Diving Legend

To portray the hero of the Thai cave rescue in the new film ‘Thirteen Lives,’ the Hollywood star had to go deep—literally

A black and white photo of Mt. Hood. There are smaller mountains in the foreground and clouds around the base of Mt. Hood. The image looks old, faded, and ominous.

Summer Read: A Tragedy on Mount Hood

A group of high school sophomores set off on what was supposed to be a grand climb. Instead, it became one of the deadliest alpine disasters in North American history.

Trees on fire at night reflect in a placid lake.

A Frantic Escape from a Wildfire

Greg and Julie Welch were relaxing at their campsite in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters when a tiny fire in a nearby bog suddenly exploded into a massive blaze that began racing toward them

A man an a woman are on the deck of a boat. She is at the helm, he is standing. They both look faintly puzzled.

Summer Read: Testing Love on the Open Sea

Can a relationship survive a grand adventure? That was the big question hanging over two novice sailors as they set out on a voyage off the coast of New England.

An illustration of a blonde man in a forest smiling while pushing a wheelbarrow full of poop.

A Bold New Way to Poop in the Outdoors

Long-standing rules for how we do our business in the wilderness are changing in a very big way—and it’s about time

Emma Marris’s six-year-old sun, Nico, walking the Oregon woods where Sheehy got lost at the same age.

Summer Read: A Little Boy Lost in the Woods

When Cody Sheehy was six years old, he disappeared into the Oregon wilderness. More than three decades later, he insists the experience gave him an invaluable life lesson.

A wooden sign near a cabin reads

Bad Decisions, Good Stories

Presenting three delightful tales of adventures gone very, very wrong

Breaking waves

Summer Read: The Sinking of the ‘Henrietta C.’

A father and son working a crab boat in Chesapeake Bay were caught in a rising storm when they realized that something was very wrong: water was coming up through the floor

Baratunde Thurston stands on a cliff and looks out over a mountainous, forested landscape.

How I Met Your Motherland

For his new PBS show, ‘America Outdoors,’ comedian and activist Baratunde Thurston connects us to our natural environments through the most interesting of creatures: humans.

Lone tree on fire in field at night.

What It Feels Like to Fight a Wildfire

As an out-of-control blaze approached their home, a couple made what seems like a crazy choice: they ignored evacuation orders and stood their ground.

Jack Johnson looks upward in a nature background

Jack Johnson Reaches for Hope

On his first album in five years, the singer-songwriter brings us a collection of heartfelt tracks that offer warmth and comfort when we really need it

Cropped hand photographing lake through smart phone during winter

How Blockchain Technology Can Get Us Outside

Amid all the noise surrounding Web3, something fascinating is emerging: a new kind of immersive adventure storytelling

Open ocean, with no one in sight.

Swimming for Your Life in the Open Ocean

After two young pilots crashed their small plane into the water off Hawaii, they realized their best hope for survival was to make it back to land on their own.

Massimo Alpian and Brett Kennedy on the summit of Imja Tse in Nepal’s Himalayas during a four-week climbing expedition trip at 20,210 feet above sea level

How We Find Love in Wild Places

Is there something about adventure and risk that opens our hearts? Absolutely.

Writer Amy McCulloch starts writing the idea for Breathless while still on Manaslu

A Thriller from the Death Zone

Amy McCulloch went to the Himalayas looking for adventure. She came back with an idea for an epic novel.

The author with Sunny in Flagstaff, AZ in 2019

The Many Ways Dogs Can Heal Us

Our furry friends are the best of adventure playmates. But they can also provide pure, unconditional love that gets us through the darkest times.

Mushrooms cooking in a pan

What It Feels Like When You Eat a Deadly Mushroom

There’s a distinct pleasure to eating wild foods that you forage yourself—unless you pick the wrong thing

A batch of Appalachian Truffles

The Sometimes Shady, Always Weird World of Truffle Hunters

In forests across the planet, secretive hunters are searching for that rare and insanely expensive wild delicacy: the truffle.


One Woman’s Wholesome Mission to Get Naked Outside

To become one of those people who joyfully hikes, bikes, and skis in the nude, she’d have to train for it

Woman in headphones listening music in nature

Learning to Listen to Wild Sounds

When we open our ears to the marvels of natural soundscapes, we experience the energies of the world in a unique way—and begin to understand the mysteries behind them

Monet Izabeth

Is TikTok Motivating People to Get Outdoors?

Something surprising is happening on the video app best known for silly dance moves: users are finding inspiration for adventure


Cheryl Strayed’s ‘Wild’ Decade

In the ten years since she published her memoir about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, her life has changed dramatically—and so has the trail itself

The whole race takes place on a single city block.

An Agonizing Endurance Race Around a City Block in Queens

What motivates someone to run more than 3,000 miles around a block in Queens, New York? Transcendence.

Joey Santore examines an Asclepias prostrata flower.

How a Vigilante Botanist Became a Cult Icon

Joey Santore is a tattooed ex-punk who is self-taught in the sciences. Which might explain why he’s getting so many people to care about plants.

Drew Petersen

A Professional Athlete’s Battle with Mental Illness

Drew Petersen seemed like just another free-spirited mountain dude. But the pain he was hiding nearly destroyed him.

Nature heartbreak illustration

Can Nature Heal Heartbreak?

Science shows that spending time outdoors can help with all kinds of serious ailments. So why not a broken heart?

Markus Eder skiing a dream ice cave in Zermatt, Switzerland on April 28, 2021.

When Athletes Dare to Dream Like Artists

Professional skier Markus Eder had a fantasy of an impossible descent. Then he got creative.

Alex (right) and Max (left, age 3) in December 1991 in Zion National Park, Utah.

A Father’s Death in the Mountains—and What Came After

Filmmaker Max Lowe on what it’s been like to tell his family’s story in his new documentary, Torn, and what he hopes we can all learn from it

Mikaela Shiffrin celebrates on the podium during the medal ceremony after competing in the first and second run of the Women's Slalom on February 20, 2021 at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships

Olympics Special: The Doubts that Power Mikaela Shiffrin

The most dominant ski racer on the planet is constantly questioning her talents—which may be the secret of her greatness

avalanche comes from a big mountain

What Surviving an Avalanche Can Teach You About Risk

Over two decades of ambitious adventures, elite skier and climber Zahan Billimoria has had some very close calls in the mountains

A surfer at Sunset Beach, north shore, Oahu, Hawaii.

To Save a Life on the North Shore

What it feels like to rescue a surfer from the massive winter waves that crash into the Hawaiian island

Smiley face drawn over condensated glass

A Man, a Plan, a Steam Room

He needed something—anything—to cure his winter COVID blues. Science led him to a mildewy steam room and a very cold shower.

Two Women Dressed In Ski Wear

Who Killed the Ski Bum?

You can blame the usual suspects: the crazy cost of mountain-town housing, the corporatization of the ski industry, the Man. Or dare to believe that our hero lives on.

Pattie Gonia poses with a pride flag

Forces of Good: So a Drag Queen Walks into a Mountain Town…

What makes a queer person choose to live in an outdoorsy hot spot instead of an urban gayborhood?

Jeff Ament at a skatepark with kids

Forces of Good: Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament Is on a Mission to Build Havens for Young Skateboarders

America’s youth are in desperate need of real-life human connection. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame bassist says there’s no better place to provide that than a skate park.


Forces of Good: Hiking 48,000 Miles to Create Community

Lo Phong La Kiatoukaysy, a.k.a. Lil’ Buddha, started thru-hiking America’s trails after 9/11. He hasn’t stopped yet.

Lawlor Coe

Forces of Good: Running in the Name of Love

After Lawlor Coe lost his brother Hunter to tragedy, he did everything he could to avoid his pain. Then he began to run.