Andrew Bernstein’s repaired humorous

What Happens to a Cyclist's Body When It's Hit by a Car

A deeply personal story of one rider’s painful saga—and what we can all learn from it

Corona Of The Sun During A Total Solar Eclipse

A Half-Baked Climbing Trip that Ended with a Magical Eclipse

Carney traveled all over the planet, seeking out people who understand techniques that enable us to adapt our bodies and our minds to be more resilient.

The Switch in Your Brain That Turns Down Stress

Wouldn't it be great if there was a technique that would allow us to vanquish fear and beat back stress? 

American jaguar in the nature habitat of brazilian jungle

Chased by a Jaguar in the Heart of the Amazon

A crew of daring twentysomethings had a half-baked plan to canoe through the jungle. Not surprisingly, they ran into all sorts of trouble.

Swimmer Doing Handstands In The Water

Why You Desperately Want to Jump in a Lake

There's something about swimming that makes us feel very much alive—even as we enter an environment where the risk of death is all around us

Today, even with the Olympics and other major athletic events postponed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the sport of running remains upside down, with the focus still on shoes instead of on who’s wearing them.

Is the Battle Over Nike's Vaporfly Ruining Running?

Even with major races postponed, the sport remains upside down, with the focus still on shoes instead of who's wearing them

The tiny town of Longyearben is the kind of place where people go to start their lives over.

An Unsettling Crime at the Top of the World

A robbery was the last thing anyone ever expected in to the remote outpost of Longyearben, Norway

Besides tigers, people keep lions, cougars, leopards, and other big cats as pets.

When 18 Tigers Were Let Loose in Zanesville, Ohio

America's patchwork laws on big-cat ownership create all kinds of problems—like when people let their dangerous kitties go free

Discovery Channel

What It’s Really Like Being on ‘Naked and Afraid’

Adventurer Blair Braverman thought going on the reality show would be the experience of a lifetime. It was—in very unexpected ways.

New research and technologies have paved the way for an advanced class of support systems that are comfortable, look good, and fit a wider variety of bodies.

The Dawn of a New Sports-Bra Era

Advances in technologies have ushered in a new era for the world’s most important piece of sports equipment

human brain on a green field

How Nature Heals an Injured Brain

After a nasty bike accident, journalist Sarah Allely found basic activities impossible. Then she started spending more time outdoors.

As it turns out, the best way to track people who are cutting down trees is sound.

What AI Hears in the Rainforest

Computers can identify sounds much better and faster than humans. So what do we learn when we ask them to listen to everything?

For more than 50 years, the surf world has gathered on the North Shore.

A Tale of Two Dramatic Big-Wave Rescues

Winter on the legendary North Shore of Oahu brings epic rides, agonizing wipeouts, and, every so often, acts of heroism

Migrating Mural

A Long-Shot Bid to Save the Monarch Butterfly

Artist Jane Kim's massive new mural in San Francisco is an attempt to wake us up to the plight of the suffering species

Ben Greenfield stands out for actually knowing what he’s talking about.

Ben Greenfield’s Radical Fitness Strategies

The controversial author and personal trainer shares his lessons from the outer limits of self-experimentation


The Only Time It's OK to Jump Off a Chairlift

How one snowboarder found himself facing the worst possible choice

Chasing that perfect shot of the aurora gave Hugo Sanchez a new sense of purpose.

Seeking Magic and Solace in the Northern Lights

Following a tragedy, a photographer finds a new sense of purpose in the wintertime sky

Years ago, Rich Roll hit rock bottom. Now, he's the voice of one of the most popular podcasts out there.

Rich Roll Is the Oprah of Endurance Sports

The empathetic host and vegan ultra-athlete shares his long personal journey and many hard lessons learned

A ski accident with his daughter gave outdoor-industry veteran Dan Kostrzewski a new perspective on the sport.

How a Ski Accident with My Daughter Changed Everything

A painful crash helped remind one dad what really matters

Kikkan Randall crosses the finish line at the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon.

How Kikkan Randall Keeps Coming Back

The cross-country skiing icon was beginning a new chapter in life when a diagnosis changed everything

Nature can be barbaric, dissonant, and downright metal.

When Nature Gets Heavy Metal

Wilderness is usually associated with tranquility, but some moments call for the deployment of hard rock

One giant reason Free Solo was so special was the husband and wife directing team of Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi.

Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi’s All-In Partnership

The husband and wife directing team open up about the life and work that they’ve created together—and where it all goes from here.

Rob “Caveman” Alleva and co-host Adam Thorn get bit and stung by the nastiest insects, reptiles and fish on the planet—on purpose.

Getting Bit and Stung By the Nastiest Creatures on Earth

What two TV hosts learned from subjecting themselves to the agony-inducing defenses of insects, snakes, lizards, and fish

Even the most serious scientists get that something special happens when we engage with wild animals.

Why Connecting with Wild Animals Makes Us Happier and Healthier

The bestselling author is back with a bold book arguing that we desperately need to connect with other species

Peter Frick-Wright is still processing what happened to him. Meanwhile, the rescuers who cared for him have participated in numerous other high-stakes incidents in the wilderness.

The Hardest Part of a Rescue Comes Later

Two years after he was saved in a remote canyon, our host talks with one of his rescuers about coping with life-altering trauma

Outside Podcast host Peter Frick-Wright was canyoneering in Oregon when he jumped off a ledge and broke his leg.

When Our Podcast Host Shattered His Leg in a Canyon

It took an epic effort to get him out. Two years later, the healing for him and his rescuers continues.

Today’s adults are seemingly desperate for more playtime.

The Curious Rise of Adult Recess Leagues

Across the country, grown-ups are bounding outside after work for kickball, capture the flag, and other kid games. What's going on?

Chris McDougall and his rescue donkey Sherman

Outside Podcast: Why Christopher McDougall Runs with a Donkey

Author Christopher McDougall is back with a new book about his surprising relationship with a burro named Sherman

René Redzepi in Mexico

A Wild Odyssey with the World’s Greatest Chef

When Jeff Gordinier accepted an invite from chef René Redzepi to hunt for tacos in Mexico, he had no idea what he was getting into

Bear-human encounters are on the rise, in part because more people than ever before are heading out into bear country.

The Wrong Way to Fight Off a Bear

The year's most dramatic story of a bear attack offers potentially lifesaving lessons for anyone venturing into the wild

This episode investigates the extreme reactions we have to living alongside one of the world’s most terrifying predators.

Getting Past Our Fear of Great White Sharks

Behind the headlines about the return of great whites to Cape Cod is a story about how we're learning to live alongside a terrifying predator

What does it take to stand up against a wildfire like the Carr Fire?

How a Couple Defended Their Home from a Wildfire

Why one California couple chose to stand and fight an inferno

Epstein cites Roger Swiss tennis star Roger Federer as an example of a highly successful generalist.

Why Top Athletes Like to Dabble and Frequently Quit

In his new book, Range, author David Epstein makes a strong case against specialization in sports and life

Meet the man trying to keep faces like this one safe.

Doug Peacock on the Fight to Protect Grizzly Bears

The conservation icon talks about the surprising history of grizzlies in America and what comes next

Aleta Burchyski asks,

The Fine Art of Drinking the Right Amount of Water

Hydrating is supposed to make us healthier and more vibrant. But how much is too much?

Mirna Valerio is reshaping the ultrarunning world, one step at a time.

Mirna Valerio Is the Runner You Never Expected

When Mirna Valerio first began running ultramarathons, she immediately got a lot of attention—but not for the reasons you might expect

Some studies say sunscreen isn't worth it. Are they true?

Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?

Journalist Rowan Jacobsen discusses his controversial feature suggesting we need to reconsider our relationship with the sun and sunscreen

Awe can change our brains.

What Awe in Nature Does for Us

New research suggests that the emotion has a singular ability to lower stress and improve our overall well-being. So how do we get more of it?

This is the story of the Bundy family.

Bundyville: The Remnant

Why two bombings that rocked the tiny town of Panaca, Nevada, help us understand who really owns public lands in the West

What will it take to convince big health care that free medicine is the way of the future?

The Doctors Prescribing Nature

Can a grassroots movement of physicians convince big health care that free medicine is the way of the future?

OTS can afflict anyone who takes a more-is-more approach to their sport.

Sweat Science: The Mysterious Syndrome Destroying Top Athletes

A mysterious syndrome is leaving elite athletes lethargic, depressed, and unable to get out of bed

Chris Morgan during a forest bathing session at IslandWood, a learning center on Bainbridge Island.

Why a Walk in the Woods Cures the Blues

Ecologist Chris Morgan sensed that nature had healing powers. But it wasn’t until he tried forest bathing that he understood them.

Tim Friede make be able to change the course of venom science forever.

Snakebit, Part 2

A Wisconsin truck mechanic has has endured hundreds of snakebites in a quest to immunize his body. Scientists think he might have found the cure.

Time for a detox.

The Radically Simple Digital Diet We All Need

Cal Newport, author of 'Digital Minimalism,' explains how we need to reimagine our relationship with technology

It took almost dying for Kyle Dickman to look at the world in a new light.

Snakebit, Part 1

After Kyle Dickman nearly died from a rattlesnake bite in Yosemite, he began a quest to understand what venom really does to us


Buried Treasure and Duct Tape

The surprising answers to two critical questions that every adventurer has: What do you after you find buried treasure? And what can't duct tape fix?

What does Bob Ross’s art say about the natural world?

Bob Ross’s Strategies for Survival

A fascinating data analysis of the 381 painting the beloved artist did for his TV show will have you looking at him in a whole new light

Does the Keto Diet actually make athletes stronger or faster?

Sweat Science: The Keto Conundrum

The ketogenic diet is all the rage in the fitness world. But does it really make athletes healthier, stronger, or faster?

Is there any hope at all?

Bill McKibben on the End of Nature

No one has done more to sound the alarm about climate change than Bill McKibben. We asked him: is there any hope at all?

The author winning the TransRockies Run, a 52-mile stage race, in 2014

Can You Outrun Anxiety?

Katie Arnold, author of the new memoir Running Home, talks about the unique healing power of endurance sports

Steven Rinella is a proud voice in what’s often called the hook-and-bullet crowd. But he’s also a staunch conservationist.

Steven Rinella Wants Hunters and Hikers to Hold Hands

The host of the MeatEater podcast and Netflix series talks about the need for us all to unite forces and rally to protect public lands

The quicker you recuperate, the more you can train.

Recovery Takes More Than Infrared PJ’s

As wacky recovery tech goes mainstream, science writer Christie Aschwanden explains what works and what doesn’t

Mindfulness not only improves performance, it can literally change the makeup of your brain.

Talking with Mindfulness Guru Pete Kirchmer

The director of a meditation program developed by neuroscientists explains how teaching athletes mindfulness can change their brains

A rider in North Conway, New Hampshire

The Mountain Bikers Fighting New Trails

A crew of feisty veteran riders is trying to halt the development of previously illegal trails in New England.

Beginning in 2019, the World Surf League is offering equal prize money to men and women at all of its events.

Bianca Valenti Is on a Big-Wave Mission

How a quest to get women included in the Mavericks surfing contest fueled a transformation that could impact all of sports.

Goggins found strength in putting himself through hell and relying on mental toughness to find his way through.

Using Pain to Reach Your Potential

Former Navy SEAL and endurance athlete David Goggins insists that discomfort is the key to self-improvement

The whole race takes place on a single city block.

The 3,100-Mile Run Around the Block

There are a lot of tough endurance races, but the hardest one of all might take place on a single block in Queens, New York

Let's ditch the crutches.

Can We Please Kill Off Crutches?

Doctors around the world have stopped prescribing underarm crutches to injured athletes. So why do we still use them in the U.S.?

Italian cyclist Vittoria Bussi wants the hour record for herself. For her father’s memory. For history.

Learning to Love the Pain

Setting cycling's hour record hurts so much that it's been called death without dying. So what does it take to get past the discomfort?

How do you design something when the end-user can't give you feedback other than incessant tale wagging?

What Dogs Really Think About Dog Gear

How do you design something for a user whose only feedback is incessant tail wagging?

There’s no easier way to make someone uncomfortable than sending them underwater for a long, long time.

Don't Waste Your Breath

To become an Air Force pararescue specialist, you have to get through a brutal training course and stay underwater for a long, long time

This episode reveals the surprising ways we can find comfort in wilderness.

Can Nature Heal Our Deepest Wounds?

It takes a unique form of wilderness therapy to help people suffering from emotional trauma

Over the summer, both John Orth and Andrew Shapiro set their sights on 10,000 pull-ups.

The Pull-Up Artists

There's only one way to do 10,000 pull-ups in under 24 hours: Reset the limits of the human body

A fork is all about the details, apparently.

One Fork to Rule Them All

A designer's quest to make the world's greatest piece of cutlery tells us a lot about the tireless creators of our favorite things

Alex Honnold holds all of his climbing gear atop the summit of El Capitan.

Alex Honnold on 'Free Solo'

Has being the subject of arguably the best climbing film ever made changed him? Absolutely.

Bigfoot: implausible, but not necessarily impossible.

Wild Thing

There's a reason that some form of the Bigfoot legend persists all over the world

A single catastrophic blaze is neither the start or end of anyone's troubles.


Losing your home to a wildfire is often just the start of your troubles

Is there anything we can do about wildfires in the West?

The Future of Fire

Is it even possible to reduce the number of massive blazes that are now commonplace in the American West?

Thanks to climate change, the whole world is a tinderbox.

Fighting Fire with Fire

How do you protect yourself from wildfire on a warming planet? You burn everything on purpose.

Most wildfires quietly burn out, and we never hear about them. The Pagami Creek Wildfire was supposed to be like that.

Science of Survival: The Sky Is Burning

A rare convergence of events turned a wildfire in the Boundary Waters into a massive burn. Two campers were right in its path.


The Hidden Graves of Kuku Island

Carina Hoang fled the Vietnam War on a boat that was supposed to take her to a refugee camp. Instead it took her to a deserted island.

“You become a bag of shattered glass, really.”

Struck by Lightning (Replay)

If you live through a strike, the recovery can be a confounding, bizarre journey that never really ends

Why do some athletes flame out in their 30s and 40s, while others are still going as senior citizens?

The Simple Secrets to Athletic Longevity

Why do some of us flame out in our thirties while others are still racing in their sixties? And how can we reverse the effects of getting older?

As a friend told Jun, you can’t fall very far if you’re attached to a rope.

Shelma Jun Can Flash Foxy

The founder of the Women's Climbing Festival talks about the influence female athletes are having on a sport long dominated by men

Knox Robinson was never defined by running. He's more of a renaissance man.

Knox Robinson Crafts Running Culture

The eclectic founder of the Black Roses NYC running collective on using athletics to create community in urban environments.

Ayesha McGowan is aiming to be the first African American female cyclist on the pro tour, and gets closer to that goal every day.

Ayesha McGowan Wants to Be First

A violinist describes her bold quest to become the first female African American cyclist on the pro tour

Martin’s group, Brothers of Climbing, is tackling diversity in rock climbing.

Mikhail Martin Is a Brother of Climbing

The athlete-activist is on a mission to get more people of color into the sport he loves

The Bundys are making a habit of taking on the federal government and winning.


What the Bundy family's battle with the federal government really means for the future of public lands in the American West

In just a few years, Kellee Edwards went from working as a bank teller to hosting the Travel Channel show Mysterious Islands.

Kellee Edwards's Story Is a Trip

How a former bank teller became the first African American woman to host a regular-season show on the Travel Channel.

We spoke with Pappas about her many interests, her athletic drive, and her support systems.

Alexi Pappas Dreams Like a Crazy and Runs Like One, Too

The Olympian and filmmaker connects with people in ways that other athletes can't. We asked her why.