The author winning the TransRockies Run, a 52-mile stage race, in 2014
The author winning the TransRockies Run, a 52-mile stage race, in 2014 (Photo: Courtesy Raven Eye Photography)

Can You Outrun Anxiety?

The author winning the TransRockies Run, a 52-mile stage race, in 2014

In 2008, Katie Arnold was hiking a trail near her home in Santa Fe with her baby daughter strapped to her chest when a man attacked her with a rock. Two years later, Arnold’s father died shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. Overwhelmed with grief and anxiety, she tried many remedies but the only one that worked was running. Eventually she began racing ultras and became an elite competitor, winning the iconic Leadville 100. In this conversation with Sarah Bowen Shea, the host of Another Mother Runner podcast, and professional endurance athlete Yuri Hauswald, Arnold talks about her new memoir, Running Home, and the unique healing power of endurance sports.

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Peter Frick-Wright (host): If you've ever dreamed of writing books or long form magazine articles, Katie Arnold's life is the stuff of fairy tales. She started outside as an intern, worked her way onto a staff job, and then kept moving up -- all the way up, way up, keep going -- to become the managing editor. Then, as can happen with editors, she left to focus on writing and in March published her first book, the memoir Running Home. Katie had always been a runner but was never too serious about it; but after she turned 40 she began racing ultras and did really well. In fact, she started landing sponsors and then last August she won the Leadville 100, an iconic event in Colorado that takes runners up to 12,600 feet. But her memoir isn't entirely about running fast. It's also about how running has helped her through the grief of her father's death and the depression she faced after the birth of her first daughter, and the anxiety she battled after being attacked on a trail near her home in Santa Fe.

Recently Katie sat down for a talk with a couple of people who know a lot about the way endurance sports can change our lives. Sarah Bowen Shea is the host of the Another Mother Runner podcast and Yuri Hauswald is an endurance mountain biker and travel writer. The conversation took place in Berkeley, California, at the headquarters of GU Energy Labs two days after the Marin Ultra Challenge, a race that Katie happened to win. But what Sarah and Yuri wanted to hear first was the crazy story of how Katie came to run her first marathon while writing a profile of ultramarathon of Dean Karnazes. Here's Katie.

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Frick-Wright: That’s Katie Arnold. Her book is Running Home and it's available now. Sarah Bowen Shea is the host of Another Mother Runner, a comprehensive resource for all female runners. Find it at Thanks to the whole AMR team for sharing this interview with us. About half of you listening to this are women and the rest of you likely know some. So go subscribe to their podcast. It's chatty and fun. You'll learn something.

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