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Here, Wes Siler and legendary mountain climber Conrad Anker walk through the first step: registering to vote​​​​​​​

Can one truck do everything? I think this one can.

Is there such a thing as one adventuremobile that can do everything?

This is one of the most common issues dog owners face

So far, 383 companies have signed up to participate in the outdoor brand's Time to Vote program on November 3, and the organization hopes to double that number by the election

A detailed list of what you need to treat common injuries and ailments

Here are some tips to prevent your pup from suffering common trail-caused health conditions

What happens if your pup gets hurt on the trail?

Can one pair of gloves be both thin and warm? I tried virtually everything out there until I found my perfect match in a pair from Hestras.

Dogs can't tell you if they're hurt, so it's up to you find out if they are

Here's what you need to properly care for your injured pup

Analyzing cuts to the National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and Land and Water Conservation Fund

Trump administration manipulated emissions reporting from the deadliest fires in California history to promote logging

Practical steps anyone can take to minimize exposure to the next possible pandemic

Brand teases 1,000 horsepower, zero emissions truck in Super Bowl ads

As a Trump reelection looks less certain, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is accelerating work for oil and gas industries

What tires can you run if you live somewhere warm but visit someplace cold? 

The Department of Transportation might ban ESAs from air travel

Towing a trailer will allow you to transform your vehicle into one that can haul thousands of pounds of outdoor equipment

Four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, tires, ground clearance, and weight distribution. Let’s settle this debate once and for all.

Wes Siler shows you how to address a flesh wound

Scientists estimate Australia’s devastating bush fires have killed more than one billion animals. What does that mean? 

Wes Siler has some basic tips anyone can use to forecast the weather using clouds

Here, Wes Siler shows you how to buy snowshoes and how to use them. Watch this, and enjoy snowshoeing this winter. 

Do I worry about my dogs? Absolutely. Do I let that stop us from bringing them on outdoor adventures? Absolutely not.

Tents, cargo, and tools don’t belong on top of your vehicle

The 2020 Range Rover Evoque promises most of the bigger SUV's style and luxury at less than half the price

Scientists turn to high-tech solutions to protect a threatened population

Any outdoorsperson on your list is sure to love these

What to do if you've gotten yourself so stuck that you can't dig out with a shovel and traction aids

The candidate unveiled a plan for addressing climate change, pollution, and good jobs at sea

How to keep your devices safe when you park at a trailhead

Harvesting your own Christmas tree is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and a great tradition

Rumpl and Loki team up for comfort

What kind of car do you need if you're Wes Siler's fiancée? The answer is obvious: a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser.

For most drivers, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the worst possible car. But for a very small number of you, it might just be the best truck ever.

A steak so good it will blow your mind how easy it is to make if you have a good grill. Wes Siler walks us through his secret method.

Tesla’s first electric pickup is even more outlandish than we could have expected

Getting one was, by far, the most powerful personal action I could take for our planet

Robert Young Pelton's latest folder is his magnum opus

The new Ford Mustang Mach-E promises an electric SUV for the masses

You can get your crossover to go off-road without completely destroying what made you choose it in the first place

It all starts with having the right tools stashed in your vehicle

Wes Siler explains the basic skills you need to drive safely

Environmental groups prevent DOI’s efforts to restrict FOIA disclosures

A monthly payment may be scary, but, man, it feels worth it when your loved one gets into a crash

Melting snow for drinking water isn't as easy as it sounds

The GoFastCampers Platform isn't just a rooftop tent or bed topper. It'll transform your pickup into a better truck.

A combination of Santa Ana winds and climate change is almost the perfect recipe for extreme fires

Smartwool's new Intraknit range breathes as well as it insulates, thanks to a green new manufacturing technology

One rescue dog's transformation from fearful to family member

When it comes to navigation, nothing beats the reliability of an old-school paper map and a compass

The easiest way to get found is to tell somebody responsible where you're going and when you'll be back.

The NPS announced last week that it would begin allowing ATVs to drive on roads in Utah’s parks. The move is intended to bring NPS regulations in the state’s parks in line with state law.

The new Maven S.2 isn't much heavier than a pair of binoculars so you can take more magnification into the backcountry

Fall clothes that look as good as they work

More than just zero emissions, these new American-made electric trucks will out perform your SUV off-road and on

A Bundy-esque BLM leader, an office building shared with oil companies, and now a solicitor borrowed from Koch Industries…what does this all add up to?

Making your own custom map will change how you adventure.

A sharp knife is a safe knife and a useful knife. But as you use your blade, it will grow dull

By focusing on breathability, Polartec Alpha works when you’re moving, too

Never taken your pup out overnight? Wes Siler has some tips and tricks that will make the experience a little easier.

Critical habitat for the species could be destroyed

The EPA announced plans to reduce protections for 50 percent of streams and 110 million acres of wetlands

Exclusive details on the most hardcore Rover in decades

Simple, reliable, and affordable: the age of practical solar power for your adventuremobile has arrived

Dogs belong off-leash outdoors. But if you're going to take your dog off-leash, you need to be responsible.

Wes Siler on proven dog-recall training techniques

With just a few affordable additions—and an admittedly dangerous method—you can create flawless results using just a humble kettle grill

The science is clear, right? Not so fast, according to, well, science.

Fjallraven made some smart upgrades to the new Kebs. I'm pleasantly surprised to report that the result is better durability and freedom of movement.

Want to go into the woods without disturbing wildlife? The first step is to learn how to move silently.

Regulatory changes to the Endangered Species Act put many, many species at risk—but particularly the cute and cuddly ones

It's not intimidating with just a tiny bit of poop prep.

Ford Rangers, Toyota Tacomas, and the like all make great adventuremobiles—with a little help

The changes are threefold. It will now be harder to add species to the list, protections for threatened animals will be revoked, and economic concerns must be formally evaluated during the listing process.

A few simple steps to follow to keep your pets from getting infected with Lyme disease

The Trump administration is trying to remove public input from Forest Service decision-making

The blazes are releasing so much carbon that they could create a feedback loop

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