Second such incident this summer

Due to contamination concerns following Gold King mine spill

In first-person account in 'American Alpine Journal'

Will focus on competition instead of time

Race lost $2 million this year

Two-time gold medalist comes out of retirement

First expedition since earthquake

Fell trying to summit Teewinot Mountain

Plus four more of the day’s top stories

Will broadcast sailing race in 2017

The international track and field governing body

Climbers making summit pushes this fall

Ultrarunners Anna Frost and Missy Gosney finished Tuesday

Says ascent was “the biggest mistake I ever made”

Mountain biker collapses on course

Amateur cyclist ascended 95,623 feet in 48 hours

Watersports industry takes a hit, water supplies lost

Walked 210 feet, 950 feet off the ground

Spill is three times worse than originally thought

Previous record set earlier that day

Beginning from the Farallon Islands

Paddles to freedom with toy spade

EPA accidentally spills pollution from mine

Protecting more than 275,000 acres in Idaho

New study compares data on hundreds of glaciers

Following designation of 3 new national monuments

1,350-mile paddleboard journey completed in 2 months

Delta, American Airlines, and United

Carbon pollution standards for power plants

Non-pro runs 81.62 miles in 12 hours

Natalia Molchanova did not emerge from dive near Spain

Australian stuntman rides ski bike

Great whites known to roam the area

Fourth American ever with first-place finish

British team conquers Greenland route

Population dwindles to four

Following disappointing Tour de France

Race returned to Death Valley

“I got annihilated,” says Porcella

Researchers show health, visibility effects

Safety assessment finds little damage

Himex decides against Broad Peak