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When college gymnast was cut from her dream sport, she was still determined to be the hardest worker in the room

On the second day of his first ultramarathon, the runner withdrew just a few miles from the finish line. But that didn’t stop him from completing the race.

The Army veteran found a way to give back in retirement, through his love of dogs

A hit-and-run left the cyclist unable to stand on his own two feet—until he decided he could

The nonprofit leader learned that the best way to handle an environmental crisis is to trust that your community will move forward together

The Houston-born filmmaker knows we can enjoy the benefits of nature anywhere—even in the concrete-lined bayous of his home city

After the dissolution of an abusive relationship, the educator turned to their family—and nature—for stability

In the grueling wake of a natural disaster, an aid worker finds the energy to keep going

During his first wilderness job, a chance encounter with a bear left the wildlife biologist with a profound respect for nature that has endured ever since

After the deaths of two loved ones, the personal coach decided to break free from the life she thought she wanted to pursue the life she knew she needed

When the photographer moved from his tight-knit Korean-American community to rural Montana to spend more time outdoors, he decided to create a new community for outdoorsy people of color

When her husband died in a diving accident, the writer refused to stop participating in the sport that had brought meaning to both of their lives

During a particularly difficult mission, the search and rescue volunteer found resolve in her team members

On an expedition to the arctic, the adventure photographer got a lesson from an orca on what happens when we really tune into nature

The lesbian lumberjack of the internet started chopping wood on TikTok as a joke. But in the process she became the role model her younger self had always wanted.

The stand-up comedian and wildlife biologist taught a kid to fish and netted his own lesson in return

When treacherous weather rolled in during her dream trek in the Alps, the climate advocate knew that the only way forward was through

The surfer’s agoraphobia was preventing him from living the life he wanted, so he reached out to his wave-riding community for help

The renowned environmentalist knows that an effective revolution requires a movement, which is why he’s recruiting even the most unlikely activists

The biologist thought that a traumatic fall to the forest floor would end her life as she knew it. Instead, it opened her up to an even more vibrant existence.

After his brother was paralyzed from the waist down, the climber was determined to make big adventures accessible for everyone

After surviving 9/11 at ground zero, the thru-hiker started walking—and never stopped

Three decades after her father died, the theater director healed her relationship with him through his favorite hobby: gardening

On an fishing adventure with other Black men, the journalist realized that sharing his experience could create opportunities for others

When the travel guide’s life turned upside down during the pandemic, he saw a chance to venture toward the kind of future he really wanted

She knew she was going to be the best triathlete in the world one day. But first she had to learn to swim.

While the adventurer was on a record-setting road trip, a message from a fan made him realize the importance of coming out

When she started her freshman year during the height of the pandemic, the college student felt trapped. Then she started running.

Retreating from a wildfire during a backpacking trip inspired the nonprofit founder to share climate change’s impacts on nature with others

Rehabbing from a shocking injury led her to swimming—and then the wild, open sea

On an epic mountain-biking adventure, the Outward Bound instructor found belonging on remote trails

The dog trainer developed disordered-eating habits in college. Sitting under the stars brought her back into her body.

After the success of ‘My Octopus Teacher,’ the film’s director was burnt out and unable to create. She found solace and renewed passion on a remote island sanctuary.

After losing a friend on a camping trip, the writer thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail to process his grief. Out there he learned that making the most of life requires fully committing to every moment.

When she broke her neck in a crash, the mountain biker was forced to face what she’d been unwilling to admit

After she quit a stable career to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist, she realized she needed a big break—and found one in the middle of the Indian Ocean

The environmentalist drag queen found the community they craved as a queer teenager at a YMCA summer camp. Now they’re determined to share that experience with as many LGBTQ+ kids as possible.

In a moment of isolation on the trail, the record-setting thru-hiker found the will to keep walking by turning to her younger self for support

The outdoor guide had lost their passion for adventure. The trip that was supposed to be their last brought it back.

The transgender athlete found his strength in an unlikely place: on the reality competition show ‘The Climb’

Finding biking after her divorce put the size-inclusive cycling advocate on a course to falling in love with herself again

After an accident paralyzed her right arm, the motocross racer branched out—and achieved more than she ever dreamed

When the schoolteacher had a stroke, her doctor told her to stop running. Instead she embraced the sport with a newfound joy.

The writer learned to have patience with himself after a catastrophic first day as an amateur sheepherder

After suffering from anxiety and depression for years, the wellness practitioner had a profound psychedelic experience that set her on a path to healing

After suffering a traumatic brain injury in a mountain-biking accident, they found their real estate job intolerable. Taking a bold chance at a new career changed everything.

When the mixed media artist feels alone, there’s one place that always offers her the comfort and support she needs: the wilderness

The adaptive athlete was missing the thrill-seeking activities that used to define his life—until an experience on an icy pier showed him that he could find fulfillment just about anywhere

After being hit by a car, the entrepreneur was afraid to cross the street. Training for a marathon helped her take back her life.

The marine biologist and mother was struggling to find time to nourish herself. Then she found a community of wave-riding moms.

Losing a close friend taught the fitness instructor that embracing your emotions is a sign of strength and growth

A traumatic childhood experience left the journalist deathly afraid of the water. But by drawing on the resilience of her ancestors, she found the courage to dive in.

The outdoor-recreation professional thought he could get through cancer on his own. A week of surfing and climbing with new friends showed him otherwise.

After losing a leg in a car accident, the clothing designer discovered grace in scuba diving

After the bestselling novelist’s marriage fell apart, she decided to take a long walk in the wild. It set her up for a life of adventure.

Fearing racial violence, the Colorado trail runner turned to her network of athletes. Their support helped her move forward with pride.

Getting through a harrowing motorcycle adventure across Africa convinced the journalist that she can survive just about anything

At five feet tall, she was the smallest wildland firefighter in her crew and worried she couldn’t keep up. But on her very first blaze, she discovered her strength.

Facing the loss of a close friend, the Kenyan cyclist and road-safety advocate found refuge in his community

The hairstylist had abandoned religion as a teen. Then a profound experience in a forest in the Middle East set her on the path to be a chaplain.

When the young athlete was given the chance to lead her outrigger canoe team at the state championships, it opened her up to taking all kinds of chances

The competitive endurance athlete chose not to complete a grueling marathon. That's when she realized: you don't have to finish everything you start.

When the commercial crabber faced racism and bullying on the Chesapeake Bay, it fueled his willingness to take even bigger risks

As a high-school student, she signed up for an ambitious adventure—and learned the hard way to be upfront about what doesn’t know

After finding himself in the middle of a disaster on Mount Everest, the mountaineer wanted to be the strongest version of himself

The professional skier found his life’s work in the joy of others

The artist was lost in her own life until a walk in the forest spurred her to take charge of her journey

It took a terrifying experience in the ocean for the educator to embrace the idea that going for it isn’t always the right choice

Despite being an accomplished mountain athlete, she struggled with her body image. But by imagining how younger girls would see her story, she found the strength to accept herself.

She was a very unhappy lawyer until she took a scuba trip to the Galapagos that convinced her to give up her career and become an explorer

Losing his lower legs to disease in childhood caused him to hide himself for decades. Then a long, hot hike across the Grand Canyon showed him a new way forward.

An encounter with sharks taught the open-water swimmer that getting through fear leads to beauty

When the thru-hiker’s dream trip was cut short, she learned that failure is just a chance to reset your goals to match your reality

After close calls in combat zones and on mountaineering expeditions, the journalist is taking a very different kind of journey

More than 50 years ago, this 20-year-old became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, even while organizers tried to pull her off the course. She finished—and started a movement.

The gear designer thought her career was over was stricken with chronic fatigue syndrome. But a decade-plus of recovery work has resulted in her best creations yet.

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